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German Theologians, Fr. Bonozzi &
I-Phone Confessions

Benedict & German Theologians
People Commenting

Regarding your informative article on the German Bishops Petition, John Allen (from the National Catholic Reporter – although there is nothing Catholic about it) points out that the most “striking element of the story” is the “the reaction of the German bishops, which may say something about the temper of the times.”

He continues: “Instead of issuing a swift condemnation, a spokesperson for the bishops actually welcomed the document as a contribution to an 'ongoing reform discussion' in the wake of the sexual abuse crisis that hit Germany last year. To be sure, Jesuit Fr. Hans Langendoerfer, on behalf of the bishops, warned that on some issues 'the memorandum is in conflict with theological convictions and church regulations that are highly binding,' but said that on other fronts it’s a good starting point for discussion.”

BIG CHANGE from the reaction to the Cologne Declaration you mentioned. Instead of protests, a clear signal to dialogue… This is more fruit of Vatican II.

I am waiting to see what reaction will come from the German Pope. I believe he hasn’t changed since Vatican II, and there will be no correction coming for the theologians. Maybe a few words of “warning” to satisfy the conservatives, but let’s face it - he promotes the progressivist agenda.

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March 25 Is Near
People Commenting
Greetings TIA,

Please be mindful of this date: Friday, March 25.

According to Blessed Mary of Agreda in her work The Mystical City of God [on the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary], she states that Our Lord was crucified on Friday, March 25th.

This year March 25 does fall on a Friday.

Keep watch - as it is possible that something major could happen.

     In Our Lady,

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Fr. Bonozzi
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

This has reference to your story appearing in the section "Church Revolution in Pictures" in connection with that shameful Capuchin priest, Fr. Cezare Bonozzi, and his imbecile-diabolical version of Christianity of Heavy Metal garbage. Great piece of investigation from all of you at the TIA; you deserve our fervent commendations from all of us Catholic traditionalists the world over.

Really can't understand why this man opted for the priesthood ages ago. Really can't understand what this imbecile priest is communicating to his equally imbecile audience. To me his heavy metal rhythm is simply a derivative of African voodoo music and hence smacks of diabolical and the depraved senses at work. What is even more disturbing is the silence of his superiors at this outright mockery of Christ and His Church. Cannot understand why his superiors hadn't sacked this perverted reprobate from the priesthood. I cannot believe that this priest’s spiritual orientation took a nose dive after just three years of his ordination to the priesthood; it seems pretty obvious that this man had a hidden agenda, prior to his ordination, to stultify Catholicism much in parallel with his superiors.

Also, what was the Bishop of his diocese doing while this man performed his crack pot theatrics on stage? Was he twiddling his thumbs like Pope Pius XI in the Vatican while our brave and beloved Cristeros were slaughtered by the Masons in Mexico? Only this time the slaughter is theologically doctrinal and insidiously infectious. In regard to his three fingered gesture, my opinion is that this priest does not intend to signify I love you but on the other hand I love Satan.

On second thoughts, maybe it’s us, the sane and the statuesque who are the crack pot spectators instead of the bouncing Bonozzi and his loony sidekicks. Like the cute yet sleepy panda bears (forever in a daze) we yawn and doodle away at such pathetic episodes attributing this to new age entertainments for the young and the energetic without the least suspicion that this is a blatant commentary on the idiocy of our times and forerunner to the New World Un-Catholic Order that will shortly parallel the French and Russian Revolution. When blood flows in the streets of Europe then and only then will bouncing Bonozzi and his crack pot cronies run with their tails between their legs, in the mean time many will have been slaughtered.

Keep drilling Catholic sense and morals into the thick skulled and sleepy eyed pandas of the new age, TIA. Just keep drilling. Be assured some will heed your warnings, though most will not but you will have saved a good many. Just keep drilling!!!

     R.F., India
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"Mary Distorts"
People Commenting

In an address on February 9 to the general synod of the Church of England, Auxiliary Bishop George Stack of Westminster [A CATHOLIC] said that the “development of a theology which places [the Blessed Virgin Mary] as an intercessor by the side of her Son” is a theological “distortion.”

Nothing surprising here, but I thought it might be a light to people who need to realize what's going on in the Church. (Read the story here)

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Not Worshipping Buddha
People Commenting
To whom it may concern


I'm a Catholic college student and I wanted to tell you that I find your site extremely useful and informative. The points about large hosts are particularly important, and I want to take the time to thank you for pointing out the egregious problem that the employment of large hosts presents.

I also wanted to make you aware that there is a page on your website that says something which, with all due respect, I found a little odd. There is a photograph of Bl. Mother Teresa in prayer captioned, Mother Teresa worships Buddha. I just wanted to let you know that it says this in case you were not aware, because someone as saintly as Mother Teresa could be praying alongside Buddhists, but she would be praying to the Judeo-Christian God that we do.


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TIA responds:

Hello C.M.,

Thank you for your amiable words regarding our website. We are glad to acknowledge that we share the same position on the use of large hosts.

We have received similar objections affirming Mother Teresa was not praying to Buddha on that occasion or to Gandhi in another circumstance. Please read our answers here and here. They may be of some assistance to you.


     TIA correspondence desk

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I-Phone Confession Raises Indignation
People Commenting
iPhone Owners Get Walked through Confessional - Hot on the heavenly heels of Pope Benedict XVI's recent invitation to young people to "embrace digital communication"* comes the iPhone "Confession: A Roman Catholic app" – designed to shepherd sinners through the sacramental process towards divine forgiveness.
The Indiana developers of the app – Little iApps – say they "took the Pope's words to heart" and brought on board several priests to guide them on the path to electronic righteousness.

The company's Patrick Leinen described the result as "new media at the service of the Word" offering "an examination of conscience for each user, password protected profiles, and a step-by-step guide to the sacrament".

The app was launched in December, but has now been endorsed by Bishop Kevin C Rhodes of the Diocese of Fort Wayne, which the app's developers reckon makes it the first such application to receive an imprimatur – that is, to be approved by the Roman Catholic Church as being free of doctrinal or moral error. (Check the original here)

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Dear TIA,

I am especially thrilled that the iPhone wants to assist me in the dense forest of reconciliation. Now I can confess without guilt that I feel anger toward the beatification of JPII; anger toward Fr. Josef Ratzinger's German-Philosopher-Historical-Revisionist-Heretic-Apostate; anger toward everything concerning married priests. And then there is my anger concerning the general direction of the Nervous Disorder and the anti-Catholic and heretical Novus Ordites and their irresponsible Heresiarchs.

All that I have to do is tell that outrageous app that I am born again, and voila! I am healed! I have wanted to be slain in the spirit for quite some time now. I am sure that Benedict XVI will encourage me in this.

After all, he knows so much more than Saint Teresa of Avila and so many other close-minded-and-medieval people throughout the centuries. Unfortunately, I have this nagging desire to be as ignorant and as uneducated as Saints Francis and Bernadette.

I hope that this iPhone absolution makes me feel better about myself. La Nouvelle theologie assures me that all of this is absolutely valid.

     In Maria,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 3, 2011

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