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Luther in Hell & Valid Bishops

Luther's Face
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At left below, you see a reconstitution of Martin Luther's face, taking as base his mortuary mask. The picture is being sold today as a post card in Germany. His horrible face fits with that described by a nun beatified early this year (2011) reported about him. She said she saw the heretic monk in the deepest place in Hell receiving his deserved torment.

Sister Maria Serafini, below right, beatified in May 2011, saw Luther in Hell. One day she went to pray in a church but mistakenly entered a Protestant temple. Her Guardian Angel showed her the error. At that moment she saw Luther in the deepest place in Hell. He was on his knees surrounded by huge number of devils with hammers driving large iron nails into his skull.

     A.F.G., Brazil

The face of Luther contrasted with the face of Sister Maria Serafini

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Valid Ordinations
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Dear TIA,

I have been a fan of your site for quite awhile and truly appreciate the perspective you provide for us regarding the events in our Church. I would like your opinion on a subject that concerns me deeply.

On other traditional sites, they claim that the ordination of priests and bishops are invalid and have been since the 1960's. Do you agree with that assessment? If so, please explain. Also, if true, it means we no longer have any validly ordained priests and bishops. Hence, the church is defeated.

Doesn't that go against our Lord's direct words that the gates of hell shall not prevail? If it is true, what are we, as Catholics, supposed to do?

Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

     Sincerely in Christ,


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TIA responds:

Dear G.A.,

Thank you for being a supporter of our work. It means a lot to us.

We do not agree with those traditionalist sites you mention. We believe that, as a rule, the consecrations of Bishops and ordinations of priests are valid in the post-Conciliar Church.

You may find our position explained with more details here, here and here.

Knowing that we live in extremely difficult times when Progressivism influences everything in the Church, Catholics should not fear to analyze the actions of priests, Bishops and even higher ranking Prelates in the Church to see whether they are going astray from the previous Magisterium. This does not mean to simplistically and irresponsibly say that all the Novus Ordo Bishops and priests are invalid.

We hope this answer will help you.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Should I Re-Marry?
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Dear TIA:

My question is about the Novus Ordo Sacraments since I read in one your books about "Our Lady of Good Success" mentioning that in the future, all the Holy Sacraments would be violated. My wife and I received Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation under the Latin Rite. But we were married 34 years ago under the Novus Ordo rite and Civil Law. In order to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, would we have to re-marry under the Latin Rite?

My cousin was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She also received the sacraments under the Latin Rite with the exception of Matrimony, which was under the Novus Ordo Rite over 38 years ago. She had two children and then divorced her husband. She went on to have a child with an individual with whom she was co-habiting and still is. I was very concerned, and I still am, about her spiritual well-being so I talked to the independent Priest who says Latin Mass exclusively but lives at a Novus Ordo rectory. He advised me that it would be up to the local Parishes to attend to her spiritual needs.

I then called the Institute of Christ the King, who are located about 3 miles away from the hospital where she is at. The priest went over on the day of her surgery and talked to her and did not give her communion. I understand why, probably because of her living arrangements. She told me that they had a cordial conversation. He advised her to get an annulment through the Church. He prayed with her and left, stating if she needed anything to call. My question is in her last hour would she be eligible to receive her last rites?

I have found that in certain Northern California hospitals, priests will no longer make rounds. This saddens me because I feel many people pass without ever seeing a priest. They more than likely do not receive their last rites. Protestants, Eucharistic Ministers and others carrying Bibles now wander the hospital halls. At my cousin's entrance to her room there was a Buddhists saying. Although it was comforting to see a crucifix of Our Lord on the wall facing her inside the room.

I prayed the Rosary with relatives and friends and wrapped a scapular around her wrist (scapulars are not permitted to be worn around the body). Before I left, I told her to pray at least one Hail Mary and, if she had a chance, to pray the Rosary. Any information you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

     Thank you and God bless


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TIA responds:

Dear M.R.,

Let us try to answer your questions:

1. Validity of marriage - We believe you and your wife were validly married 34 years ago. You do not need to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony again to be validly married. On the general assumption of validity regarding the Sacraments administered by Bishops and priest after Vatican II, please read the previous question/answer and visit the links recommended there.

2. Eligibility for last rites - Any Catholic is eligible to receive the last rites. The Sacraments of Confession and Extreme Unction do not require that person be in the state of grace and, therefore, are available for all Catholics.

3. General appraisal - When you described the sad spiritual situation of your cousin and what you are doing to help her improve, you seemed to be asking us if you are doing the right thing. We believe you are, and we encourage you to continue struggling to save her soul. The priest from the Institute of Christ the King seems to be looking for a way to make her situation regular. He cannot absolve her before she stops living in a public situation of scandal.

Additionally, we would suggest that you give her a small Miraculous Medal and tell her to keep it with her all the time. Tell her to ask Our Lady for whatever she needs. We have seen less pious persons have good deaths just because they agreed to keep the Miraculous Medal with them.

We hope these few lines will be of some assistance.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 29, 2011

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