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Ecumenism, Magdalene Laundries & Wiccans

Ecumenical Week of Prayer
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{On the Ecumenical Week of Prayer}

There is infallible definition of Christians in The Holy Scripture, Acts 11:26: "disciples (note: of Christ)".

Protestants and Easterns are heretics, and heretics and schismatics aren't disciples (of Christ) because Jesus Christ has never taught heresy or schism. The statement "Heretics / Protestants / Easterns / schismatics are Christians" is equal to the statement that "non disciples (of Christ) are Christians," which is direct contradiction of the revealed truth: "Disciples (of Christ) are Christians," and thus it is formally a heresy.

Equal to heresy is only a heresy. Thus the statement "Heretics / Protestants / Easterns / schismatics are Christians" is necessarily a heresy.

This is for the week of prayer for Christian-non-Christian (heretical & schismatical) unity currently going on and for you who claim that statement that the "Heretic / Protestant / Eastern / schismatic is a Christian" isn't a heresy.

Because there are many baptized heretics and baptized schismatics who are all non-Christians, it is clear that it is not just baptism or desire of baptism that makes men disciples of Christ (Christians), as it has been heretically claimed. But before everything else, it is the one and only Christian i.e. Catholic faith.

"Ask a man, 'Are you a Christian?' He answers, 'No,' if he is a pagan or a Jew. But if he says 'Yes,' ask him again, 'Are you a catechumen or one of the faithful?'" (St. Augustine, Tractate 44 on the Gospel of John, no. 2).


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Magdalene Laundries
People Commenting
Reverend and dear Father,

Would you be so good as to give, or suggest, comments for defense of Holy Mother Church and her pre-Vatican II conduct of Magdalene Asylums and other institutions?

These wonderful institutions, often founded and run by traditional nuns prior to the Revolution in society and the Church, provided a place for fallen women to do penance, often lifelong, through manual labor in laundries and life in a religious and highly disciplined environment, intended to humble, exact penance, and teach a much-needed lesson to society of the incredible, almost unpardonable malice of the sin these wretched creatures had committed.

To me, and I think to any traditional Catholic, this is a profoundly Catholic and Counter-Revolutionary approach. Modernity spurns penance, or at best thinks it should be temporary and the person restored to normal society; Catholicity knows and teaches that even a lifetime of penance, even enforced penance, is not enough, and "once fallen, always fallen" (though the guilt of the sin have been absolved in confession) hence the laundries.

All sorts of lies and treachery are being committed against the Church, accusing her of abusing the women, and other nonsense, which would never have happened, or if it did, was surely deserved by these unhappy women as penance. I can quite happily believe that since Vatican II "priests" and "nuns" routinely abuse people by the thousand, but I CANNOT believe it of the Traditional Church. Similar lies are told of the once glorious Sisters of Mercy, and other orders and their orphanages.

Please give guidelines to defend the Church's traditional institutions from such filthy lies!



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TIA responds:


You can find a defense of this laudable institution here.

About the sophism being spread about the supposed abuse by nuns and priests, which confuses the necessary discipline applied by educators for the good formation of youth with sexual abuse, you may read here.

We believe these distinctions can give you some arguments to defend the Magdalene Laundries and Sisters.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Mother Serafini
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

[In your posting on Luther's Face] You mention a Maria Serafini who was beatified in May 2011. I could not find anything on her on the internet. Do you know somewhere I could read about her?


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TIA responds:

Dear J.L.F.,

Her full name was Maria Serafina del Sacro Cuore [of the Sacred Heart], in the world Clotilde Micheli.

You can find a short biography here.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Image Enquiry
People Commenting
Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing from the editorial department of Yale University Press where I am gathering pictures for a forthcoming book.

I have found a picture on your website which I'd like to try and track down. It depicts medieval noble women being welcomed into a convent, and captioned as being from the Livre de Lancelot du Lac . As there are numerous extant versions of this, I was wondering if you did know any further details about which it might be from?

I'd be very grateful for any help you could provide.

     With thanks and best wishes


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TIA responds:

Dear R.L.,

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we are unable to help you. We took that image from the public domain on the Internet and have no further information.


     TIA correspondence desk

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People Commenting
Tradition in Action,

Above all I wish you good health and well-being.

Thank you for positing the Exorcism.

Please, pray the complete Exorcism everyday. It's very powerful to do so in our satanic time.


     In Jesu Christo Domino noster, Amen.

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Novus Ordo Wedding?
People Commenting

I thought you'd like this photo. It looks like one for your Revolution in Pictures section that might be titled "Hippy style Novus Ordo wedding ceremony."

A Wiccan wedding ceremony
There is the table, a kind of chalice on it, and what looks like two white plates for hosts. The participants are all wearing white robes, the kind you see on innovative church altars today.

But no, this is not a Mass. It is a pagan Wiccan wedding. No one would have believed 50 years ago you could ever even possibly mix up a Mass with a witch coven ceremony.

The Wiccans don't say "until death do us part" in their ceremony, but "as long as our love endures." Unfortunately, with the dramatic rise of annulments after Vatican II, that's what many of the Catholic young people marrying today seem to think the marriage vow amounts to.

Also, the Wiccans stress so-called perfect equality of women and men. Again, not much different from the modern Vatican II church marriage, with the liberated woman of our days. Not much said about obedience of the wife or the husband as head nowadays.

The point? It sure looks like the Church is becoming pagan, instead of the Church converting the pagans. Strange turnaround, isn't it? That's what happens when the Church stops fighting the Modern World and joins it.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 2, 2012

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