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JPII Relics & Biological Chastisement

Fatima & Lourdes

Hail TIA!

I read your website daily and am grateful that somebody has the guts concerning the disastrous state of the Church to "tell it like it really is."

After looking at the pictures of the 2 Sister Lucys, I am reasonably convinced it is not the same person! However I do wonder what happened to the real saint, & if this is one big cover up... How did they manage to get the fake one/the whole convent to go along with this charade?[see this article]

Also... the flooding at Lourdes to me us clearly a sign of Our Lady's displeasure with the veneration of Pope John Paul II's relic. He may have been a "nice man" but he was a showman who was a TERRIBLE pope. He did nothing to preserve/restore the faith! (I never thought that my family would be de-catholicized by the Catholic Church... but thanks to Vatican II they have been!) His circus-like behaviors and almost total lack of dignity were astounding!

As far as I am concerned, Lourdes can remain flooded rather than have any more desecrations taking place. I'll wait in line at the Museum of History to see dinosaur bones before I wait in line for his reliquary!

Our Lady of Fatima.... please begin to crush the head of Satan in the Church!

     Keep up the good fight!


Lourdes Floods

Dear TIA,

Thank the Blessed Mother for the floods in Lourdes as John Paul II's relic was revealed on October 20.

May TIA and its followers remain in the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Her Immaculate Heart.


Biological Chastisement

Dear Moderator at Tradition in Action,

I have read many pages of your blogspot, and find the information very interesting...

I am a Catholic Priest who has studied a lot of things about Fatima and the 3rd Secret, and listened to the interviews done with Fr. Malachi Martin (here & here) many times over, trying to take in what I can, and draw conclusions from the words and phrases he uses to point to certain things in the Fatima 3rd Secret... I am only telling you that I am a Priest because it is a fact, not because I am trying to lend any extra insight or credibility of my thoughts from my past reading and research.

There are excerpts from the interviews that I came to put together into a line of narration that made me wonder about what the nature of at least one of the chastisements of the 3rd Secret might be. I list the phrases in a sequence below that may not be "word-for-word": but I hope they capture the essence.

Regarding the Secret of Fatima:
  • "There are several chastisements spoken of regarding the Fatima Secret." (Fr. Martin)
  • (What I'm proposing and speculating on is my personal thought on what one of these may be - Fr. Johnson)
  • "There is a sign that will become apparent to all on earth." "Apparent to ALL, without exception." (Fr. Martin)
  • "... what a cold darkness will descend upon the earth - such a LACK OF LOVE" (Fr. Martin)
  • ... not rapture-like, as according to certain evangelical theories, but quite literally the end of the world..." (Fr. Martin)
  • "
I, Fr. Johnson, am asking: Could this maybe point to some kind of action taken with a biological weapon that spreads some sort of virus world-wide that will sterilize every inhabitant on earth?

It would certainly become apparent to ALL, without exception, as we all realize there are absolutely no babies being conceived and born...

It would certainly be like a cold darkness and one of the worst un-loving acts that could ever be carried against human beings as a species....

It would certainly signal, quite literally, the "end of the world" - as human life on the planet would come to an end, certainly... the end of the human world.

That is all I have to share... Have you ever even heard such a thing as this hinted at, in any way, anywhere in your Fatima research?

     Thank you.

     Fr. Timothy Johnson

Masonic Masses


This situation is so revolting I can hardly think straight, especially after the disgusting Al Smith Dinner and the Smiling face of Cardinal Dolan.

How long before Our Lord let’s the human race get a small taste of his justice? I don’t fear for myself but I am sad for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

     Randy Engel

Conservative or Muslim Clothing?


I’ve read your interesting and thought-provoking essay on what clothing should or should not be worn on an expressly Roman Catholic pilgrimage (here & here) to a holy shrine, whatever it is. Let me digress.

Whenever I see the word “Traditionalist” the word “schism” comes to my mind because of all the recent ecclesial hubbub in the past 50 years and the sorrowful loss to the Church of people who no longer attach themselves to the present Vicar of Jesus, Benedict XVI.

To continue with proper attire. Clothing fashions come and go, and for many of them, thank God they go. One fashion that I think is perfectly correct for women is the Muslim burka, which I believe expresses her devotion to her husband and her family. I loved the teaching nuns’ clothing of my childhood that closely resembled the burka except for the face covering. When I used to visit a Discalced Carmelite nun, I still couldn’t see her face because of the grill between us.

To say “C’mon, get real, no one is advocating that women dress that way,” is to realize that change has occurred, sometimes immorally, sometimes morally. I like the burka idea, not only for married women, but to a modified degree, for all females, of whatever age. Am I nuts? I don’t think so, just admiring a fashion. My mother never wore shorts or T shirts, and even on a beach, in a bathing suit, she had a robe on when she wasn’t in the water. My dad wore boxer-type bathing suits; he also always went to Mass, or any liturgical gathering, wearing a suit and a tie. I still do this, but with a different motivation: I teach public HS and men are required to wear a shirt and a tie in my district. Mass and the Sacraments are no less solemn, so I wear a suit and tie.

I wish that some of my women colleagues would wear burka-type attire. Some of them come to school in what looks like PJs. Lots of other modern expressions bug the life out of me. When I look at paintings of people who lived long ago, I like those styles, especially female clothing, and the utilitarian clothing of the men, soldiers and citizens. I’d like to see a return of some of those fashions. Many of the paintings of Jesus and His Apostles (and His Mother) show the respect for the body which reflected their Jewish heritage. I grew up in the NYC area and was always intrigued by the Hasidim’s clothing and hair styles.

When I teach “The Chosen”, I have an opportunity to discuss morality with my students, who in the main, are 21st century American teens. My pastor always has a blurb in the Sunday bulletin about proper attire at Mass, but for many, they still wear jeans, T shirts, running shoes, string tops (girls) etc. In public, he always wears his black suit and roman collar (not the little insert type); in fact, I have never seen him in anything other than his clericals, even when he was a deacon. He’s been ordained about fifteen years.

After reading your essay and article, I believe that somewhere in their training, priests should have a training seminar or course on “Proper Clothing at Church for Parishoners.” Thank you for your essay. It provoked a lot of ideas in me. I pray that I didn’t bore you with my ramblings.

     Thanks again,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 30, 2012

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