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Inundations, Profanations & Vatican II

Will the Chastisement be a General Flooding?

To the Editor of Tradition in Action,

I am intrigued and concerned by the letter posted on November 6, 2012 entitled "Three Signs 10 Days Apart. The letter shows three pictures of Our Lady in three different locations around the world overlooking flooded areas. These events all took place within 10 days of each other in late October 2012. The letter's author published pictures of Our Lady and suggested that these events are signs that she is our refuge from disaster, as her images indicate to us as she stands unscathed above the inundations.

Might I suggest that another possible meaning these signs may represent is a warning of the impending mega-floods hinted at by Pope John Paul II when he visited Fulda, Germany in November 1981. (See Mr. Guimaraes' article, "The Secrets Do Not Match" published on June 15, 2002.) At Fulda, the Pope suggested that the Third Secret of Fatima foretold among other things "that oceans will flood whole continents, that millions of men will die very suddenly in a few minutes". The Three Signs of Our Lady in flooded areas brought back to mind these words of the Pope and caused me to wonder, are they forewarnings of this dire event spoken of by the Pope in 1981?

I sincerely hope not, but I believe it is unwise to shrug off as a mere a coincidence the three flood-related signs that happened during the final days of October 2012. From what I have read about other warnings in the past, such as when Roman troops briefly surrounded the City of Jerusalem before they came back to destroy the temple a year later in 70 A.D., warnings from heaven seem to be given about a year or so before the horrible events transpire. This time lag allows those who understand and heed the warnings to convert, flee or otherwise prepare themselves for the calamities.

I am not saying that mine is a correct interpretation of the Three Signs of Our Lady, but I feel bound to mention it so that others may judge for themselves.


Consequences of Lay Ministers

Hello dear friends,

On a recent visit to my friend who is 91 years of age and almost blind, she asked me to join her in the Rosary. When we were finished her daughter came into the room and asked me if I wanted Communion. Then she took a small plastic container from her handbag and said to her mother, "I will give you communion now," and she gave her a small bit, as she called it, put the rest back in plastic container and put it in a drawer in the room where we were.

Can you give me any help what I should or shouldn’t do in this case?

I avoid the new mass and funerals like the plague. Now I can’t visit my friends either.

     God Bless,


TIA responds:

Hello K.B.,

What you reported is a sad reality whose occurrence multiplies as Bishops and priests establish as many Eucharist Ministers as they wish. These ministers have a very superficial formation, if any, on what they are really doing. The consequence is that each one treats the Holy Host the way he/she considers adequate and distributes Holy Communion to whomever he or she chooses.

What we should do, in our opinion, is to make a conditional act of reparation each time we are present at one of this situations. We say conditional in the sense that we actually cannot know for sure whether or not that Host was duly consecrated.

When we are not present at one of these scenes, we should also make reparation generically for all the desecrations of the Holy Eucharist taking place, especially those caused by the negligence or lack of faith of priests and Bishops.

In our opinion, one should not receive Communion in situations like the one you described.

Regarding your visits to your friend, we believe you should not stop them. Your visits can be an opportunity to bring a good priest to hear her confession and prepare her well for death.

We hope this answer will assist you.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Enemy Is within the Walls


All in all... looking back over the last fifty years and making an intelligent observation based on people places and events known to everyone... nothing really hidden... it is an obvious conclusion that the wolves in sheep clothing finally came together during the Vatican Council to infiltrate and take over control of the Roman Catholic Church.

The enemies of Christ are within the walls of the Vatican corrupting Catholic Dogma, Doctrine and most of Roman Catholic Traditions. Why so few see this can only be due to diabolic camouflage and sadly a lot of self inflicted delusion .


All Saints Day / Mason at the Vatican

Hi Atila,

I just wanted to thank you for the posting for All Saints Day. Unfortunately, I didn't read it until today, but after reading about the Pope's selection for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, it served as a humbling reminder of our need to remain steadfast in the fight; moreover, to give homage and reverence in thanksgiving to all of those who gave their lives for the Catholic cause.

It is sometimes difficult to remember that it is darkest just before dawn, and most certainly, this was the case for those who saw the end of their earthly lives during battle... But what glory came to those courageous Catholics who gave everything! May we be so fortunate as to receive what they received from Our Lady.

     Keep fighting the good fight!


Beautiful Litany


Here is a beautiful movie with the Litany for All Saints Day

Gary Morella

Valtorta & Aparecida

Dear Marian,

This news on Bishop Williamson’s approval of the poem of the Man-God is terrible news, because it lowers my respect for Bishop Williamson's judgment.

The phrase "Man-God" is such an obvious inversion of Catholic truth. Everyone I know has always thought so.

I dismissed that anti-Catholic, naturalistic, syncretistic, fawning to the "children-of-this-world" poem many years ago.

Your article about the poem was excellent!

I always pray that you are in the best of health.

     In Maria,


P.S. I wonder how TFP feels about the abomination reported below. I know what Professor Plinio would think..:

This video, taken October 5, 2012, shows the "entry of the Bible" at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil. Apparently, this basilica "enjoys the greatest Marian pilgrimage in the world." The man who presided over this circus was "Bishop" Edson Taschetto Damian of the diocese of São Gabriel da Cachoeira. Needless to say, Bishop Damian is "in full communion" with Rome.


Valtorta's Books to the Trash

Dear TIA,

Thank you for reviewing the writings of Maria Valtorta. I immediately threw away the three volumes I had.

Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany (author of Liberalism is a Sin) said that one can know a book is bad if one sees that the Liberal Catholics extol it.

     Your truly,


The Grasmeier-Abbott Attack

Salve Maria, Mr. Atila,


A thousand bravos for your impressive retort to "The 'anathemas' of John Grasmeier." Well done!

     Best to all. In Domina,

     Lyle J. Arnold


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 8, 2012

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