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Benedictines, Abortion & Lamma Sabacthani

A Benedictine Monastery?

Dear TIA,

I cannot imagine what the saints who started so many monasteries and convents long ago must be thinking about the state of affairs in so many of them down here on Earth.

My nephew has been discerning for several months entrance into a local Benedictine Monastery located in a fairly remote part of our mostly rural State. After having learned a bit about St. Benedict, and how work and prayer were central to the rule of life at the monastery, my nephew made several visits to the Abbey, some of which were more than several days in length.

He grew to love Gregorian chant and praying with the brothers (I believe there are less than a dozen of them at the Abbey). Anyway, after several months, he came to conclude that it was not the place for him. He learned that the brothers don't raise so much as a small garden, a single chicken, have no more cattle (I believe they had cows several years ago), don't make the wine they used to make, and don't even cook their own food. They hire someone to do it for them.

In addition, one of the things that drew my nephew away was that they have much free time during the day. Can you imagine? I guess it only follows that they would have all kinds of free time with all that they DON'T do - where's the work part of the rule??

I cannot help but wonder how much worse the destruction will get and how much longer it will go on …


Museum of Poor Souls

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria! These articles [on the Museum of the Poor Souls in Purgatory, here & here] are so wonderful and so great a work of charity for the Poor Souls.

I love the Poor Souls in Purgatory and am glad to see their dear cause promoted! Thank you very much for these articles.

     In Maria,


Women Dying from Abortions


Report: Number of Women Dying From Legal Abortions Doubles

The Centers for Disease Control released new national abortion figures this week and the mainstream media has essentially ignored the fact that the number of women dying from legal abortions has doubled.

You may read the news here

     Dr. Frank Joseph

Official Head

Dear Sir,

I am interested in learning who is the nominal head of your organization; one to whom I may write. This information does not appear on your website.

Thank you for your consideration.


TIA responds:

Dear J.M.,

The Board of Directors of TIA is composed by the following members:

President: Dr. Marian T. Horvat;
1st Vice-President: Mrs. Ellyn Miller;
2nd Vice-President: Mr. Lyle J. Arnold;
Secretary: Mr. Patrick Odou;
Treasurer: Mrs. Mary Francis Horvat;
General Counselor: Mr. Atila S. Guimarães.

The editor of TIA website is Mr. Guimarães, as stated in the portal of our website.

The address for written correspondence is:

PO Box 23135 - Los Angeles - CA - 90023

You may write to any of these persons with the certainty that your comments will be welcomed.


     TIA correspondence desk


Looks Like We Made It

Perhaps you and your readers will enjoy this clip.



Eli, Eli Lama Sabacthani

I was told back in the summer that another volume of Mr. Guimarães exposition on Vatican II would be available in October. Is it ready now, if not will it be finished by the end of the year?

Many, many thanks for all the good work you've done at TIA.

     Mary Mother of Divine Grace, pray for us.


TIA responds:


We are pleased to inform you that the new volume of the Collection Eli, Eli, lamma sabacthani? went to press last week. The publishing house plans to deliver it by December 13. There is a small chance it could be here before that date. As soon as we receive it, we will advertise it on TIA website.

This book’s title is Destructio Dei - The Destruction of God. It studies how, in the wake of Vatican II, Progressivism is proposing a new concept of God that is completely different from the God taught by the Catholic Church. The latter is an Absolute, Transcendent and Personal God; the God preached by Progressivism is Relative, Immanent and Impersonal.

The theologians who defend such theses are the same ones who inspired the main documents of the Council, and afterwards became mentors of the concilar Popes.

It is a must-read for those who are concerned about the crisis in the Church and want to know how deep it goes.

You may check our Latest Updates and Spotlight pages to know when this Volume VII is released. As soon as we receive the book from the press, a banner will be posted on top of these pages.


     TIA correspondence desk




You have completely misunderstood the spirit of Vatican II. It was a liberation, an awakening, an epiphany; a readiness to talk and discuss, to pray with non-Catholics in their churches, to write without fear, to seek God in all things.

Who is to say that one person is closer to God than another?

Who are you to make these judgments?



Dear Sirs,

I read about the third secret of Fatima within the past hour and I think I know why the Popes kept it secret for 40 years:

I think that Sr. Lucy made a very specific prediction that did not come to pass, and could not have been “spun.” So what they presented in 2000 was her letter minus the prediction. So it seems bland. The Popes would lose face if her prediction didn’t happen, so they waited to see if it would. And since it didn’t they “edited” her “third secret.”

LOGIC: either:

A. the vision was true, or
B. the vision was fake, or
C. Sr. Lucy was fake (it is Lucy’s pattern of predicting things after they happen, that makes me go with C. If the vision was fake, Lucy would have willingly told everything the day it happened.)



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 27, 2012

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