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Hypocrisy, Prophecies & La Salette

Joan Galvin, ‘Gianna’ - Requiescat in Pace

To TIA readers,

Joan Galvin, "Gianna"
We recently learned of the death of our good friend and supporter Gianna Galvin, at right.

We lost contact with her at Christmas when she was hospitalized, and were informed last week that she passed away on January 2, 2013. She lived in Scottsville, New York, and died at age 72.

We ask our readers to pray for the eternal rest of her soul.

May Our Lady help Gianna to be with her soon.

     TIA correspondence desk


Glorification of Dishonor

Dear Atila,

Re: The Hypocritical Glorification of Dishonor

I thank God for your constant wisdom and erudition!

Captain Edward Smith went down with the Titanic. Benedict XVI, who is responsible for the infinitely more important Barque of Peter, has not only jumped ship but has endeavored to sink it for many years now.

What could we expect, ever since Paul VI chose the Cult of Man over the Cult of God? The abandonment of God is not only blasphemous and heretical, but a betrayal of the Faithful who follow blindly the Cult of Man, and consequently will suffer the ultimate anguish over the loss of Eternal Salvation.

The faithless spend entire lives in avoiding Truth, as they gamble with Life Everlasting. Billions of words have been written and spoken in defense of Vatican II, but they all say the same thing: "I will not serve".

     God bless you and keep you,

     Joseph Shaara

Nothing to do with His Health


When the Pope declared he was going to resign it just didn't feel right. I thoroughly agree with your article. This is just another step to destroy the monarchy of the Church by making the Pope 'just another job'. The first step was reducing the papacy to something more like what the orthodox have.

I just started to read Malachi Martin's The Last Conclave. In the beginning (the non-fiction part) I came upon this:

"Rumors of Pope Paul's resignation fill the air by 1970. As early as 1966, visiting the grave of Pope Celestine 5 - one of the last pops to resign, (in 1294) - Paul spoke of abdication".

This pope was one of the movers and shakers at Vatican II. I feel that this is why this pope is resigning. Nothing to do with his health or the scandals.


Confusion & Foreboding

Good evening Atila,

I just finished reading the article posted tonight.

Thank you for hitting the nail right on the head, once again!

We must say prayers in this time of great confusion and foreboding!


Books on Prophecy

Dear TIA,

With Pope Benedict's announcement of his resignation, talks about St. Malachy's prophecy and those of the end times have become rife among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Please allow me to recommend the following books on Catholic prophecy to your readers. I hope that by reading these books, they will be able to gain a better understanding of what lies ahead and, thus, be better prepared for them.

Many of those prophecies concerning future chastisements are conditional and can be, more or less, mitigated by our cooperation with God's grace. They also often call for prayer, penance and victim souls who would be willing to suffer and make reparation to God.

1. The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life by Fr. Charles Arminjon This book is highly endorsed by the greatest saint of modern times, St. Therese of Lisieux, and has so impressed her that she wrote in her autobiography, "The impression I received from it is too intimate and too sweet for me to express. All the great truths of religion, the mysteries of eternity, plunged into my soul a happiness not of this earth." An earlier English translation of this book can be read online here.

2. Trial, Tribulation and Triumph: Before, During and After Antichrist by Desmond Birch This 712-page book from Queenship Publishing Company was 23 years in the making. The author draws heavily from Scripture, the Church Fathers, Tradition and Church-approved private revelations. He presents a credible timeline of events leading up to the Last Judgment, thus dispelling false beliefs about the end times that have been circulating among today's neopagans and Catholics.

I hope, that after reading these books, my fellow faithful will be inspired with a firm hope in the certainty of the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart and spur them to work harder for its advent, especially during this Lenten season.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

     In Jesus and Mary,

     I.G.R., Philippines

New Chapel in Linz, Austria


Below is a photo of the new chapel of the pastoral centre in the Diocese of Linz, Austria. It was opened by the Bishop in 2011. The picture says it all, I do not need to add any comment.

Best regards,

     Mark Stabinski

cubist interior of a chapel in Linz, Austria


St. Germaine Cousin


Thank you for your most excellent page on Saint Germaine Cousin. I recently came across a movie trailer about her life. It was apparently made into a 28 minute movie short a few years ago. I had never heard about it. Anyway, it is called. GERMAINE: Requiem of a Soul. I believe it was produced by Our Lady's Tears Productions. They have the trailer in their trailer section, here.

I purchased a copy and used it in my confirmation-1 class. It is short enough that there is time in a 75 minute class to discuss her story

     Thank you again


Question on the Messages of La Salette


I was doing some research on Our Lady of La Salette to refute a faithless individual. I read your two articles on this from your site [here and here] and they don't mention the controversy that is mentioned in the Catholic Encyclopedia at newadvent.com:

As said above, the Blessed Virgin confided to each of the two children a special secret. These two secrets, which neither Mélanie or Maximin ever made known to each other, were sent by them in 1851 to Pius IX on the advice of Mgr. de Bruillard. It is unknown what impressions these mysterious revelations made on the Pope, for on this point there were two versions diametrically opposed to each other. Maximin's secret is not known, for it was never published. Mélanie's was inserted in its entirety in a brochure which she herself had printed in 1879 at Lecce, Italy, with the approval of the Bishop of that town.

A lively controversy followed as to whether the secret published in 1879 was identical with that communicated to Pius IX in 1851, or in its second form it was not merely a work of the imagination. The latter was the opinion of wise and prudent persons, who were persuaded that a distinction must be made between the two Mélanies, between the innocent and simple voyante of 1846 and the visionary of 1879, whose mind had been disturbed by reading apocalyptic books and the lives of Iluminati. As Rome uttered no decision, the strife was prolonged between the disputants. Most of the defenders of the text of 1879 suffered censure from their bishops.

Can you help me make sense of this or point me to a source that explains it in more detail. I was not all that impressed with this encyclopedia entry.

Notice how it says at the end "or in its second form it was not merely a work of the imagination. The latter was the opinion of wise and prudent persons...". Who are these wise and prudent persons?

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Hello J.S.,

We do not have the leisure right now to make a careful study on whether or not the seers of La Salette were faithful in their messages to what Our Lady actually told them.

What we know is that many persons contest the authenticity of the last message of Melanie, who - they say - would have added her own ideas to it, as it is affirmed in the text quoted above from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

The difficulty in distinguishing between the authentic words of Our Lady and the additions of Melanie would be one of the reasons why the Holy See allowed the faithful to read these prophecies, but forbade them to comment on it. This is also the main argument of many Bishops against La Salette.

We hope this will help you “to make sense” about the rather messily redacted text of the Catholic Encyclopedia.

We do not know of a particular person who could help you to explain it in more detail.

Since there is a Congregation of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette in France, you may check whether they are progressivists or not and can help you. Its site is here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 26, 2013

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