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Abortion, Bikinis & Curé d’Ars

Abortion in Ireland

Dear Dr. Marian,

With reference to the latest updates, "Doors Open Wide for Abortion in the World's Largest Catholic Country"; the Irish people have been subjected to the very same fate. Only the great chastisement as predicted by our Blessed Mother will restore society and the Catholic Church.

Thank you for your wonderful work for Almighty God.

     God bless you all from Ireland.


World Youth Week & Bikinis


When Mother Mariana of Jesus (Quito) was given a vision of the scandalous attire of modern times which produced a death-like shock to her system, I wouldn't be surprised if her vision was a glimpse of the beach attire being worn during Pope Francis' Papal Liturgy in Brazil (here & here).


Vatican’s Exaggeration

Hello TIA,

We were told by the media that there were more than 3.5 million people attending the Pope’s Mass at the WYD closing event in Rio. This datum was passed on to the media by the Vatican. It seems that to reach this total the conciliar Church exaggerated reality to a point inadmissible by any credible institution. According to the news report below, the progressivists added about 130% more than the number of people that was really there.

This is a good example of how little care for the truth the progressivist Church has.

Keep informing us about the revolution in the Church. Without watch groups like TIA, we would be fooled by the lies the progressivists spread.

     In Christ Jesus,


Church inflated size of crowd at Pope Francis Mass in Rio

The Associated Press - Friday, August 2, 2013

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Brazilian researchers say the Roman Catholic Church's estimate of the crowd that turned out to see Pope Francis celebrate Mass on Copacabana beach is inflated, if still impressive.

The Vatican says 3.7 million people turned out last Sunday to see the pope in Rio de Janeiro.

But one of Brazil's top polling and research firms says it would be physically impossible to cram that many people into the area where the crowd was gathered, an area it calculated before the event using satellite images.

Alessandro Janoni is the director of research for the independent Datafolha group. He estimates the crowd at the Mass was at most 1.5 million people, which he called a generous estimate.

Read more here.


Love Your Website


I am from Leeds, England, and love your website and all that it stands for. I am getting very interested in the SSPX as the Catholic Church in Leeds seems to have lost its way.

Best and good wishes


Rosary Movie


I have been meaning to send you this link to a good movie about the Life of Christ (4 hours 30 minutes). It also covers all the Mysteries of the Rosary.

I thought it would be good to post on your website for the edification of your readers.


Myth of Overpopulation

Dear TIA,

I was inspired by RG (Lourdes speaks, the letter K…, in What People are Commenting) and his mathematical arguments against the Myth of Overpopulation. The promoters of the Overpopulation Myth tell us that, “the world population of 6 billion is causing overcrowding, shortages, and strangling the planet.” RG argues that everyone in the world could fit in the State of Nebraska. He said to “do the math” so, being the skeptic that I am, I did. He is correct.

There are 27,878,400 square feet in 1 square mile. There are 77,358 square miles in Nebraska. Therefore, there are 2,156,617,267,200 square feet in Nebraska. Divide that by 6,000,000,000 people and you have about 359 square feet per person (a 20ft by 18ft living room), all living on the flat plains of the State of Nebraska. If we all lived in a 6 story apartment structure, the world population would fit in an area 1/6 that size - like the little State of Maryland. The rest of the world, including the abundant oceans, would be there for man’s needs.

Therefore, I categorically state that all this talk of Overpopulation is a maneuver by Revolutionary forces to promote Socialism, and more of what you adroitly call “Miserablism.” It’s a ploy, a scare-tactic used to destroy any refined remnants of Christian Civilization, and to justify the Revolution’s changing what we think, what we do, and the way we live. They appeal to Gnostic-Pagan religions (usually variations of Pantheism), invoking false gods (Gaia, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, etc.) in order to create a false morality. If you don’t jump onto this band-wagon morality, you are accused of being immoral, egoistic, self-centered, greedy, and uncaring.

     In Jesus and Mary,


Curé d’Ars Advices


I thought you and your readers would profit from this advice regarding the Blessed Sacrament by St. John Baptist Vianney.


10 Words from St. John Vianney to the 21st Century

Below are 10 words from St. John Vianney to the 21st century on the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.
  1. “How pleasing to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is the short quarter of an hour that we steal from our occupations, from something of no use, to come and pray to Him, to visit Him, to console Him.”
  2. “Do not be afraid of people saying that going to Mass on a weekday is only for those who have nothing to do… Are you ashamed to serve God for fear of being despised?”
  3. “Our Lord is hidden in the Blessed Sacrament, waiting for us to come and visit Him.”
  4. “After the reception of the Sacraments, when we feel the love of God growing cold, let us instantly make a Spiritual Communion.”
  5. “What happiness do we not feel in the Presence of God, when we are alone at His feet before the Sacred Tabernacle!…Redouble your fervor, you are alone to adore your God; His eyes rest upon you alone.”
  6. “When we want to obtain anything of the good God, let us, after Holy Communion, offer Him His well-beloved Son, with all the merits of His Death and Passion; He will be able to refuse us nothing.”
  7. “When a soul has received the Sacrament of the Eucharist worthily, it is humble, mortified, charitable, and is capable of the most sublime sacrifices. In short, it is no longer the same.”
  8. “When we come from our Communions, if anyone said to us: “What are you taking home with you?” we should be able to reply: “I am carrying away Heaven!”
  9. “To what outrages does Our Lord expose Himself in the Blessed Sacrament that He may remain in the midst of us! He is there to console us, and therefore we ought often to visit Him.”
  10. “Happier than those who lived during His mortal life, when He was only in one place, we find Jesus Christ today in every corner of the world, in the Blessed Sacrament.”

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 6, 2013

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