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Fatima, Petrus Romanus & Lourdes

Is this the Third Secret?


Is this the Third Secret? I would appreciate your thoughts.

In our Mother,


Envope Fatima


TIA responds:


This is an envelope with the following words written in Portuguese:

Por ordem expressa de Nossa
Senhora êste envelope só pode ser
aberto em 1960 por sua Ema. o
Senhor Cardeal Patriarca de Lisboa
ou por sua Excia Rvma o Senhor
Bispo de Leiria

This text translates to English literally as follow:

By the express order of Our
Lady this envelope can only be
opened in 1960 by His Eminence the
Lord Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon
or by His Reverend Excellence the Lord
Bishop of Leiria

This is all we can do to help you. You may arrive at your own conclusions.

We do not know whether or not this is the original envelope that contained the Third Secret of Fatima.

If you have any further information about this envelope, please send it to us. It would be welcome.


     TIA correspondence desk


A Communist Vatican?


In the late 1940's William Thomas Walsh wrote the book Our Lady of Fatima which included one famous question to Sister Lucy, "Does this mean in your opinion that every country without exception will be over come by Communism?" Sister Lucy answered, "Yes".

Then Walsh continued , "Does this mean the United States of America too?" The answer was again, "Yes".

In retrospect it would have been more appropriate if William Walsh had asked Sister Lucy, "Does that mean the Vatican too?"

     Homer Sweeney

Francis' Entrustment

Dear TIA,

It is discouraging that some Catholics are forgetting the purpose of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It isn't about peace at all costs.

Before the last entrustment of the world to Mary [by Francis], prominent Traditionalists were busy encouraging other Catholics to pray for the consecration of Russia for October 13, 2013. Incredibly, they saw nothing wrong with the possibility of a pope consecrating a nation for the purpose of that nation's conversion while he was simultaneously scandalizing Christians and embracing the errors of Modernism himself.

 "This pope loves Our Lady; it's heaven's mandate!" they cried. This makes no sense whatsoever; it flies in the face of everything that is Catholic. Sorry to say these once trustworthy Traditionalists have lost much credibility.



Testimony on Role of TIA in the R-CR Fight

Dear TIA,

Regarding the article History, TIA & Our Lady of Good Success - The fight between the Lion and the Serpent by Manoel Ricardo Fiuza, Brazil:

BRAVO!!!! Well done!!!!


Petrus Romanus

To the editor,

The perplexing anomalies of the Francis Papacy may be explained by examining the ancient Prophecy of St. Malachy. As the Irish Bishop Malachy was departing Rome for his home, he was given this message: the 111th pope from his time would be the Last Pope. He would be identified as Petrus Romanus, Peter the Roman. He would oversee the destruction of the spiritual and physical elements of the Roman Catholic Apostolic church.

When it was thought that Benedict XVI might be the 111th pope of the Prophecy, it became evident that a mistake in the count had occurred: he, a German, did not fit the bill. So the search for a replacement pope went to the end of the earth: the next stop after Argentina is the Antarctic.

It was revealed that Pope-elect Jorge Bergoglio had defied Pope Benedict’s order to allow the Latin Mass without any restriction. Archbishop Bergoglio refused to allow it anywhere in his Archdiocese. For those of us who will not attend any but the Tridentine Latin Mass, Francis is our worst nightmare.

Now that he has forbidden the Franciscans of the Immaculate to say the Latin Mass without express permission, we can expect the Society of St. Pius X to be anathematized. And because Francis clearly hates the Latin Mass, he will eventually outlaw it worldwide, in the name of “unity.”

Incidentally, regarding the fixation he claims Catholics have with contraception, abortion and homosexuality: When is the last time you heard a homily on one of these issues? It’s okay to plead amnesia, I can’t remember either.

Seemingly every time Francis opens his mouth he confirms that he is in fact the Last Pope. One wonders how he ever escaped being assigned to a parish in the Pampas…

I was an apostate for 40 years, am a returned Prodigal son of eight years, and I’m mad as hell about what happened to the Catholic Church of my youth and what is happening to the Church in my late eighties. Semper Tridentine Missae!


Celebrating Birthdays


In your article on the Nativity of Our Lady you mention that only two birthdays are celebrated: Jesus on 12/25 and Mary on 9/8.

There is also the celebration of the birth of John the Baptist on 6/24.


TIA responds:


Thank you for the observation. Our text will be corrected accordingly.


     TIA correspondence desk


Divine Mercy Conference in Dublin

Dear TIA,

Regarding the Divine Mercy conference which took place at the r.d.s., Dublin this weekend:

Thank you to Mr. Simon Galloway and Tradition in Action, Los Angeles, California, for making us aware of this (here and here) and so many other Catholic issues every day!

God reward and bless you in abundance.

     Sincerely and cordially,

     Mary M. Wrenne, Ireland


At the Replica Grotto of Lourdes

Dear TIA,

In your daily postings of Saints, regarding Our Lady of Lourdes – February 11 by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, I wanted to tell you my recent experience in receiving sanctifying graces from our Heavenly Mother.

There is a replica of the Grotto of Lourdes at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland; they even used Lourdes stones to recreate the Grotto. I went there the Saturday before Christmas and as I kneeled and faced the replica Grotto, I prayed a heart-felt prayer to Mary about my unemployment situation. On Monday before Christmas, a person contacted me about a job opening!

Within a month of my visit and prayer to our Heavenly Mother at the replica Grotto, I had a job offer and am now once again employed. So, I went back to the Grotto Cave area and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to Mary for giving me a job, and also asked for Her intervention for others.

I’m including a photo, below, that I took at the Grotto Cave area with a statue of St. Bernadette toward the left. I took the photo before I began praying.

What struck me as I visited and prayed at the replica Grotto was that - even though this is a replica and Progressivism and the Conciliar Church has taken hold over Mount St Mary’s University and the Grotto area - I could feel our Lady’s presence and sanctifying grace.

As I walked towards the Grotto there was a spirit of Our Lady over the area, it’s difficult to explain, I’ve never had an opportunity to be on a pilgrimage to shrines of Our Lady or any Saints. But there is a spirit of peace there, and I felt I was coming into the presence of Our Lady. I felt I was walking on Holy Ground.

I never experienced this feeling in one of the new Conciliar Church buildings, or a remodeled traditional Catholic Church with a table that replaced the Altar. I was struck that even when the Conciliar Church takes over an area, one that’s been dedicated to Our Lady no-less, one could still experience her graces and her presence is still there.

I was encouraged by my two visits – the true Catholic faith as taught by Jesus to the Apostles handed down to us until Vatican II and by all evidence almost extinguished by the Conciliar Church and its minions – has not been destroyed. Our Lady is still here and cares for Her children. Now when I drive by Mount St Mary’s University I perform the sign of the cross and say to myself “thank you my Mother.”

     Dominus vobiscum (the Lord be with you),


Grotto of Lourdes replica


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 27, 2014

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