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Snowflakes, Fundamentalism & Tactical Arms


Dear Members of Tradition in Action,

My condolences to you for the loss of your dear friend and collaborator, Lyle J. Arnold., Jr.

When seeing his name under the title of a piece, I always looked forward to reading the article. I hope you can amass his articles in one particular section someday.

I will keep him, his family, and you in my prayers.

     Most sincerely, through the Precious Blood,




I would like to request permission to post this message on Snowflakes Reflect the Diversity of God to Facebook. I found this message about God's creation of the snow flake fascinating! I would very much like to share this with my Facebook friends. It is truly amazing!!



The Editor responds:

Hello S.D.,

Yes, you have permission to post it on your Facebook.


     A.S. Guimarães, editor of TIA website


King of Sweden

Dear Sirs,

I found the ‘hate mail’ interesting and I must wonder why these individuals would subject themselves to words that traditional Catholics utter if they so upset them.

The ‘Dos and Don’ts’ piece puzzled me. What was the need to illustrate the King picking up the Queen’s necklace? What gentleman would not do the same thing and without fanfare? Most of us open doors, stand when they enter the room, inquire as to their health, carry their packages and many other tasks too numerous to mention.

I am not perturbed by this piece but I still question the need for such an illustration. Maybe I am from a different generation. My students still address me as Mr. and Sir and I make them stand when a woman enters the classroom. I will stop now and go look for a necklace to retrieve.


Know Nothing Protestants


I thank you for posting "Please don't call Protestants Christians" feedback. Maybe in the future you could post a few words by Orestes Brownson, who about a 150 years ago had the courage to let Protestants know, especially the Know-Nothings, that their so-called churches were against the will of Christ and of themselves. They had no salvific power nor were pleasing to Our Lord. They cannot be found in the Bible, but the Catholic Church can, and how.

Additionally, not one of them has ever claimed to be the one true church. How can they, since they preach a different gospel, saying here is the Christ or there is the Christ? They are, in fact, of the Anti-Christ. Sanctification and salvation was to be found only in the One Church that Jesus, Himself, established: the Roman Catholic Church.

As for myself and some others I've encountered, at the present time and for some years now, I we have to say that the apostate Church of Vatican II and of the Novus Ordo etc.etc. is not the Church of Christ, ...

     Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.


Changing Thanksgiving


I noticed more than ever this year that Thanksgiving has become a day to thank all of the people, places and things in our lives. It used to be a day set aside to offer thanks to Almighty God and to remember Him.

Steve Sanborn, Sr.


Desecration of Our Faith

God bless you, TIA!

Re: En Masse Desecration of Churches in Italy

What a tragedy to see the destruction of so many churches!

We are certainly a tiny remnant, selected out of grace. I can never fathom why Our Lord has given me this totally-undeserved opportunity to strive for Eternal Life, when multitudes will be lost.

     Joseph Shaara, Ph.D.


Our Sorrowful Mother


Greetings to all.

I recently obtained the little book from Tan Publishing entitled Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother.

In the book, I came across the following paragraph on pages 23-24:

“Those who implore her aid in virtue of her sufferings may confidently expect her assistance. It seems that this devotion (to our Sorrowful Mother) is destined by Heaven to avert God’s punishment from sinful mankind, or at least to mitigate it.”

We should all, then, strive to honor the Blessed Virgin under this title, Our Sorrowful Mother, and attempt as best we can to spread this devotion.

      God Bless,


College Student Responses


These answers are unbelievable!

I’m glad we ended up homeschooling our children!

It takes just three minutes, check them here.




Dear TIA,

I recently read the excellent life story of Fr. Luigi Villa (“who is fr luigi villa?”) and saw many similarities between TIA today and his excellent defense of the faith through the Italian magazine he founded in the 1960’s, Chiesa Viva. Instructed by Padre Pio to expose masonry in the Church, he came under frequent and sometimes very violent personal attacks by the modernists.

To this I say, keep up the good work and make sure at TIA you always make your own coffee!



Tactical Firearms


Tactical Firearms in Texas is no stranger.

For the past year, the gun range based in Houston has displayed some hilarious messages posted to their marquee outside the store.

Below are some of them sent to me by a friend.


Tactical Firearms sign boards with sarcastic advertisements


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 4, 2014

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