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Protestant & Progressivist Hatred

You Are the Blind Leading the Blind


Just read the article: "Please, Don’t Call Protestants Christians"

Wow, are you more of the blind leading the blind!

I am so thankful to God for saving me OUT of the Roman religion by true faith in Jesus Christ!

Your use of God's word is incredibly twisted. Indeed the Roman religion reminds me very much of the serpent in Genesis - moving this way and that instead of the straight path of God's word.

The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is that He is The Lord and saves a people for Himself, those with true saving faith in Him.

The false gospel of Romanism is a treadmill of man's religion - and THAT is accursed to which the Apostle Paul described.

I pray that you repent and place your trust in Christ alone.


     B.H. - a true Christian, thanks to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

P.S. I look forward to meeting my sister Mary, earthly mother of Jesus, and others whom the accursed shall never meet.

Please open your eyes and seek teaching of Scripture alone, not 'magisteriams of men'


You Are in Error

Re: Stop calling protestants Christians

Where there is grace, there is Jesus (the church). Check the Catechism of the Catholic Church approved by all bishops.


Indigestion over Francis

Like most conservatives when attempting to make a point, at times you are half right and other times you are all wrong.

I sure the approach of our present Pope Francis is causing great indigestion in your ranks.

Hopefully the rest of us will go into the streets and welcome formally and informally back to the Body of Christ those who have been driven away by strict adherence to tradition.

     Deacon R.M.

Muslin Irony

Re: The Black Flags of Khorasan

Is this video available for sale? Please advise.

Thank you.


Schismatic Outrage

I'm a Greek Orthodox Christian I saw your site and I felt strange to see in what bad condition is Your "Catholic Church". For centuries the so called catholics said about Orthodox christians that they are schismatics and heretics. Now Look in what condition your "Church" exists.

From Its Fruits We Know The Tree, said the Lord Jesus Christ, and the fruits of the "Catholic Church" are bad and rotten, first various heresies and long after corruption and revolt of all kind, how can you explain that condition?

It's obvious that the grace of the HOLY SPIRIT DOES NOT EXIST in your "Church".

Think very well about all these facts and return to the real Church of Jesus Christ the Orthodox Church.

     With Love and respect for the truth.


Presbyterian Resentment

Re: Don't call Protestants Christians

I find the article and video l have watched disturbing.

As a Presbyterian Christian, l found this video offensive. I have a right to tell you why and l believe that out of Christian decency as a value, you should respect my opinion and see if you can understand it, and l would like to hear your response but l think that l will not agree with it.

As l watched, listened to the video, l heard Peter (Disciple and Apostle) being used against me and l am accused of rejecting him. The scriptures that you have, l have also, and l and my Presbyterian Christians have not rejected him. We have not violated the scriptures of the Gospels. Quoting Paul as when he said to keep to the message of the truth about Jesus and don't follow the doctrines of devils and what was not taught. We have those scriptures and we don't believe that Paul was talking about Presbyterian Christians leaving the Roman Catholic Faith.

We have the same message as you have, and we keep to the Commandments of God as given to Moses.

At the beginning of the Christian Church, in its infancy, Christians gathered in small numbers in family homes, there was no pomp or ceremony. Do you care about the truth? It was Rome that created the pomp and ceremony. At the start of Christianity, there were no statues of Mary in those very humble churches.

The Head of the Presbyterian Church is Jesus Christ, not Peter, but Peter is as important to us as to Roman Catholic Christians. Peter established the Roman Catholic Church through the act of converting Romans in Rome to Christianity.

For your source to say that Presbyterians (we are past the protesting now and l resent being forced to return to it), have cut themselves off from the body of the Church or Peter the Head is an odd and unnatural use of words. We have not cut ourselves off from Jesus Christ and we will not be put to outer darkness in eternity.

The message is: Jesus Christ is God, and obey the Commandments as given by Moses and put into your Christian hearts through the free gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the only Savior, not Mary, not the Pope, not The Roman Catholic Church.

My Church creed is styled as part of the Catholic Church, not Roman Catholic. Our ways of worship are plain with intense Biblical teaching.

Our respect for Mary, the mother of Jesus is in terms of accepting that she was a prophetess because she had a close spiritual relationship with God and respect for her mothering of our Lord, and indeed we have admiration but minus worship.

We have Communion, the bread and wine ceremony, in remembrance of our Lord as He requested, not often but several times a year.

I have attended Roman Catholic Church services with friends who are Roman Catholic Christians and my future daughter-in-Law. I find that the services are long and ceremonial led by priests who are not skilled singers.

The odd silly Christian, usually female tends to curtsy to the Mary figure, which to me is bizarre. I have had friend and priest assure me that they don't worship the statue and the figures depicting the stages of the route to the Crucifixion. I accept that to be the case.

There is no teaching of scriptures on the several occasions when l have attended in 3 different Churches. I love the Gospels, so l don't quite think that the focus should be ceremonial and long winded, however, it is not for me to dictate on how Roman Catholic Christians worship. Equally you are judging Presbyterian Christians on matters wholly concerned with style of worship, although l know that my knowledge of the Old Testament and Gospels is thoroughly in place compared to my Roman Catholic Christian friends and l have noted the reason why that is the case.

It may seem as if l am critical of Roman Catholic Church procedures but l am merely saying to show you the differences between Presbyterian Churches and Roman Catholic Churches. I have no disagreement with the scriptures you use, as they are the same as the scriptures l use.

Of course, we use 66 Books and l believe you use 72. I wondered what l was missing in my Bible so l asked to borrow my Roman Catholic friend's Bible. I later informed her that she had the 66 Books not 72, and she said that she had not realized as she had inherited the Bible. That says everything! Why don't you people grow up?

Understand that heretics are people who give a different message and a different Gospel and a different Jesus and even a different God. I rebuke you brothers!




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 27, 2014