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Flash Mob, Pope & Transsexual

Surprise in Sabadell


This video in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain) is a little bit of heaven on earth, music-wise. Put the headset on and enjoy.

To watch click here.

     Happy Easter Season,


Our Lady of Knock Article

Dear TIA,

Good day to you and Happy Easter Season!

I had been eagerly awaiting the next installment for your article "The Message of Our Lady of Knock: The Silence Veils a Secret," which was posted on August 20, 2014.

It's almost 8 months now and there seems to be no more future/concluding article. I know you are all very busy there, but I am praying and looking forward to the next reflection article as I am very interested to know more about the meaning of Our Lady's apparition at Knock.

     Thank you very much and God bless you always.


TIA responds:

Dear R.T.R.

Thank you for your wishes, support and your amiable insistence on publishing the sequence of that article.

We contacted Mr. Gregory Johnson and, unfortunately, he still has not finished the next installment. As soon as he does, you and we will have the pleasure to know more about that important apparition.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Unthinkable!

Dear TIA,

Re: Pope kisses foot of transsexual

Would he kiss the foot of a Traditional Catholic?


Conservative Priest Covering for Papal Scandals

Note: One of our readers, T.H., forwarded to his e-mail list a link to TIA’s last Church Revolution in Pictures: Pope kisses foot of transsexual. He received the indignant-offensive reply below from a conservative priest. We reproduce it along with the response by T.H., who sent both pieces to us.

As it is known and clearly stated in bold on our Home Page, the editor of the TIA website is Atila S. Guimarães. He stands behind the unsigned articles and comments on our site. If, therefore, Fr. G.O. is not satisfied with T.H.'s good response, he may write straight to the TIA editor, who certainly will be glad to substantiate the objectivity of the comments of that Revolution in Pictures post. - TIA



A sinner is a sinner, no? Should the pope screen which sins one has before washing the feet? Perhaps one of the priests in prior years was a pedophile. Likewise, the individual who is the point of controversy may be mentally ill and thus not as culpable or culpable at all.

Jesus earned condemnation for associating with sinners.

It appears that the author of the article is condemning the Holy Father.

By the way, I was unable to find any name for the author of the diatribe. When one engages in calumny, defamation of character, detraction, libel or slander, does one not at least have a moral obligation to sign the document? It strikes me as cowardice to neglect to own up to the criticism by not leaving a name. Perhaps everything on that web page is by the same author, and frequent visitors know that. If such is the case, please pardon me.

Our Faith teaches to hate the sin and love the sinner. Too many liberals stress loving the sinner and don't mention that we should hate the sin. Is the converse that conservatives hate the sin, but forget to love the sinner? It hardly seems just that if one does not approve of everything Pope Francis does that one can slander all he does, either directly or by forwarding the slander.

I suspect that the writer would claim that he is a good Catholic himself.

Jesus did not give any permission to the woman caught in adultery; in fact he told her to go and sin no more.

Might not the author be guilty of the sin of omission?

Pope Francis has repeatedly criticized the notion of transgender and gender identity. Yet, the author seems to imply that because Pope Francis washed this man's feet that he agrees with the man trying to appear to be a woman. To me, such an implication is extremely uncharitable and such a deduction is disrespectful of any human being, let alone the Vicar of Christ.

Too frequently any of us who disagree with 1 or more things that another person says, does or fails to do will attack something else about that person to further denigrate them. I am not saying that I agree with everything Pope Francis has said and done. However, this attack strikes me as more the approach of the devil than that of Almighty God. If in showing disapproval of some possible theological errors that Pope Francis has made requires one to criticize something that is neither implicitly immoral nor contrary to something Jesus would have done, than it seems to me the that attacker has sunken to the level or the one attacked, or maybe even lower than the level of the one being attacked.

Also, might he not be guilty of intentional misrepresentation?

The media took the case of a singular, hypothetical priest (or seminarian) about whom Pope Francis suggested that the man was struggling with homosexuality. In this one case, he says: "Who am I to judge? (to me, the implicit rest of the question would be "...the one who is trying to follow God's teaching and who fails once or more times."

To say: "Who am I to judge?" in no way, shape or form explicitly indicates approval of that which one is not judging.

Sorry that this is rambling and disjointed, as I started and stopped many times.

     God bless and Happy Easter!

     Fr. G.O.

T.H. responds:

Hi Father!

And a very Happy Easter to you, too! Thank you very much for taking what must have been a considerable amount of your valuable time to respond to the posting re the Pope kissing the foot of the transsexual.

Without writing a scholarly dissertation, permit me to relate a few thoughts on this event with as much respect as I can muster for this disastrous pope.

Your response seems to me to be a classic case of the tendency many post-Vatican II Catholics have to desperately try to put a Catholic "spin" on words and deeds of the contemporary hierarchy that are OBJECTIVELY condemned by the perennial Magisterium of the Church, both Sacred Scripture & Tradition.

I hasten to stipulate that it also remains true that nobody but God Himself knows the SUBJECTIVE disposition of anyone, be he pope or prostitute. Therefore, while we cannot rightfully condemn anyone's soul, we continue to have the DUTY to condemn OBJECTIVE mortal sin, wherever it exists. It seems to me that is grossly lacking these days and that was the point of the photographic posting and accompanying article "Pope Kisses Foot of Transsexual."

In this so-called "media age," if there is anyone on earth that must consider what message is conveyed to the entire world by his every action and utterance, it is the pope. Based on what seems like the daily bizarre actions and utterances of this pope, I can only conclude he is either ignorant of this fact, dangerously naive, does not care about consequences of what he says and does, or is gleefully continuing the "auto-demolition" of the Church his predecessor Pope Paul VI bemoaned shortly after the catastrophe of Vatican II.

Why else would the likes of the pervert Elton John publicly applaud this pope and tell the world how much he likes him? Has he ever said anything similar about Our Lord or the perennial teachings of His Church that condemn his living as a sodomite?

My bottom line here is that this event and some of this pope's previous actions/stunts continue to send the wrong message: that the Church has now come to tolerate, if not celebrate, certain OBJECTIVE mortal sins - in this case rejection of what God has made and ordained, by way of genital mutilation. If you still doubt this, consider how both the media and many "Catholics" giddily look forward to a dramatic change in Church doctrines during this pontificate.

Regarding your question about who posted or wrote the article in question, it is my understanding that Mr. Atila S. Guimarães is the editor of TraditioninAction.org. He is a highly respected author, with a collection of 11 volumes on Vatican II. You may certainly contact him anytime via that website.

Thanks again, especially for your courageous pro-life work.

     Onward Christian soldiers!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 16, 2015

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