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Fumus Satanae, Flag & Marxist Pope

Bravo to Braving the Enemies of the Church!

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

Regarding this one line of Margaret Galitzin’s, “Guimarães shows that the principal vice of the Jews is their human respect before others and their fear to manifest the true Faith. This was, in fact, their vocation...:”

Is that not also the principal vice of Catholics for the past 60 years? Since the changes of Vatican II, so-called Catholic schooling taught us to be embarrassed by our victorious and glorious Catholic history. We hide our Faith from others, as it was hid from us by our Catholic schoolteachers, out of the same fear of which Mr. Guimarães writes.

And, is not manifesting the true Faith also our vocation?

Your website opens doors of history and knowledge for future generations. I say Bravo! to Mr. Guimarães for braving the enemies of Christ the King and arming His true soldiers through erudite writings.

What does TIA charge for this Collection? Every serious Catholic should own one before our Constitution completely fails to protect our freedoms.

     In Maria,


TIA responds:

Dear C.C.,

Thank you for your kind words on our work and Mr. Guimarães' books.

His Collection on Vatican II is not complete yet. It still has two volumes to be published: one this year and another in 2016, God willing. The price of each volume in English is $20.


     TIA correspondence desk


I Am Blessed to Learn from You

Dear TIA,

Re: The Vice of the Jews

I believe I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to learn from you and the contributors to TIA about so many valuable things of our faith and the problems that have risen in history.

Such a shame it is that so many others do not take the time to learn about the nuances of the faith, the battles won, and way evil has constantly tried to attack it using some of the same methods over and over!!

     Viva Cristo Rey!

     E.S., Ph.D.

Reaction to the Hate Mail


Re: Protestant Ferocity, Sede-Vacantist Offense

The ignorance and arrogance of some people is really baffling. Just like “tolerant” liberals who tell us what is right and wrong, yet they do not have a clue!

Keep up the good work!

     May our Blessed Mother cradle you in Her loving arms,


Info on the Latin Mass in Ecuador

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are planning to move to Ecuador and am wandering what areas would be good to find Latin Masses. Would like to find someone there who would advise as to areas and such. I have ordered a couple of your materials on Our Lady of Good Success.

My mother in law insisted we watch a copy she had. It was real good. We were impressed with Dr. Marian Horvat. We are planning to take a couple of daughters with us. We are moving to get away from the Obama Administration which is evidently planning to take total control soon.


TIA responds:

Dear R.C.,

As far as we know, there is a Latin Mass in Quito only when a pilgrimage comes in and brings a traditionalist priest who says it. In the day-to-day schedules of the churches, no Traditional Mass is allowed by the religious authorities. The same applies to the other cities in Ecuador.

In addition, you should be aware that the government in Ecuador is completely communist. You may purchase a property there that can be confiscated by the government much easier than the Obama administration can do this in the U.S.

So, we advise you to analyze the situation well before burning your bridges here to jump in a sinking boat there.


     TIA correspondence desk


Three Strikes, We're Out !


The SCOTUS [Supreme Court of the United States] made our public schools 'God-free zones' (strike one) Then they made the sanctuary of a Mother's womb, a death chamber (strike two). Now they have declared sodomite unions 'marriage' (strike three).

As a Nation, I think we have been struck out!!


Flag Upside Down! We Are in Extreme Danger


Catholic bishops and priests are warning that there will be a persecution if we do not accept homosexual “marriage.” That persecution has already begun. Just look at the small family businesses that have been targeted and destroyed because of their refusal to cooperate with and service homosexual “marriages”.

Can the attack on Christianity by our leftist government and homosexual groups be considered an extreme danger to our Faith, our Christian values and morals, our lives and our property? That answer can only be a resounding YES!

Flag etiquette states that we should never fly the American flag upside down, “EXCEPT AS A SIGNAL OF DIRE DISTRESS IN INSTANCES OF EXTREME DANGER TO LIFE OR PROPERTY”.

If ever there was a time that American Christians needed to unite and show their refusal to participate in an abomination it is now.

Fly your American flag upside down as a sign that our beloved country and its citizens are under attack and in extreme danger. What better time than to start this Independence Day holiday? Let your loyalty to God and His laws be first and foremost. Do not be afraid.

Let the flag in distress become a national movement.



Marxist Pope


I see the Marxist Pope is at it again. His diatribes against Capitalism and individual liberty become more vitriolic and vehement by the day. These speeches filled with animosity, resentment and blame are all focused on undermining the values of Western Civilization and the underpinning of the Christian tradition. He is essentially fomenting revolution in Latin America.

Never does this man mention the great benefits that entrepreneurial Capitalism has brought to every society in which it has been allowed to flourish: Increased food supply, increased health, longer life expectancy, material comforts and on and on.

His speeches remind me of the reasoning of the Grand Inquisitor in 'The Brothers Karamazov.

A Catholic friend made the following observation:

"If the Pope wants to demonize Capitalism, then he must state what he's FOR, i.e., what system he would recommend instead. He may as well endorse Socialism. The truth is that free-market Capitalism is the best economic system ever devised by man to lift people OUT of poverty. It's designed to lift them up if they want to be lifted up. If they want to lay on their butts, then they won't be lifted up. It's really that simple."

      Gary Morella


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 14, 2015

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fumus satanae

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