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September 11, Masons & Immigrants

9/11 Have You Forgotten?


A little reminder for all of us about the tragedy of September 11.

Darryl Worley - Have You Forgotten?

     Gary Morella

Fatima Prayer


My question about the rosary is the prayer, Oh my JESUS forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell etc. When was that added, and should we use it?

I’m 64 and we always said that prayer after the Glory be; even the nuns did.



TIA responds:


The Fatima Prayer, as it is commonly called, is a prayer requested by Our Lady of Fatima. During the July 13, 1917, apparition when Our Lady showed the three shepherd children a vision of Hell, she told them, “Pray, pray very much because many souls go to Hell.”

Then, she told them: “Each time you say the Rosary, My children, say after each decade, ‘O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy.”

This prayer was approved by the Church for public use in 1930 and has, since then, became a common part of the rosary. It is only after Vatican II that Bishops and priests began to discourage the praying of the Rosary, along with this prayer, and instead encouraged daily Bible reading and other prayers less 'offensive' to Protestants.

Since Our Lady of Fatima at each of the six apparitions expressly asked that faithful Catholics pray the Rosary every day and that this prayer be inserted after each decade, we should confidently pray it, knowing that it fulfills the wish of the Queen of Heaven for these times.


     TIA correspondence desk


Freemasonry's Official Document on Immigration

Dear TIA,

I received from a friend the photocopy of the press release by the Masonic European Lodges [photo is below] ordering their members and governments to welcome the waves of Muslim immigrants that are invading Europe right now.

There is a lot of talk about this document, but so far, no one translated the French original to English. Could you do us the favor of translating it, so that we don’t have to base our opinions upon second hand data?

     Thank you,


Press Release of Masons on Immigrations

Press Release

Declaration of the European Lodges

September 7, 2015

The Masonic Lodges, alarmed by the tragedy experienced by the migrants who flee war-torn countries and become the prey of misery, appeal to the European governments to adopt the common policies indispensable for a dignified and humane welcome to populations in disgrace and danger. The incapacity of States to overcome national egoisms is a new sign of a sick Europe, where the law of self-interest is greater than the general interest.

The European Masonic Lodges call to mind that respect for the rights of man and the principle of human dignity are part of the founding principles of the building of Europe. It was based upon these principles that solidarity among nations was founded. The spirit of solidarity is even more necessary now in view of the unrest that affects numerous regions of the world.

Without the need to run through the history of a Continent that was forged by numerous migrations, the present day tragedy must generate a new awareness and inspire new policies of welcoming. Otherwise, the European Continent will become a theater of division and conflict, which will cast the peoples into a new misery. And this will cause a new exacerbation of nationalisms.

The present tragedy, therefore, must be the crucible for a renaissance and a renewal of the European dream. The Masonic Lodges that have signed below now await action where the European founding values of solidarity and fraternity find their just expression.

Signing Lodges: Grand Orient de France / Grande Loge Feminine de France / Grande Loge de France / Fédération Française du Droitt Humain / Grande Loge Mixte de France / Grande Loge Mixte Universelle / Centre Initiatique de l’Art Royal / G.L.R.I.S.R.U / Grande Loge Libérale d’Autriche / Grand Orient de Belgique


'Begs the Question'


Regarding the last letter in your Hate Mail.

I know you’re too well-mannered to correct B.B.’s grammar, so I will.

B.B., please look up the correct usage of the phrase “begs the question”.

This is keeping me awake at night. Really.


Rebuttal to Putin Hate Mail

Dear TIA,

Re: Pro-Putin Ire & Pro-Homo Fury / You Are Agents of the Devil

One only has to study history, objective, factual truth history, to see that Stalin built churches in the 1920’s. After gaining support from the Orthodox Church and its adherents for doing so, he then instigated and conducted three purges of the Orthodox, annihilating the churches he had built.

During W.W.II and the Cold War, to gain the favor of the West, Stalin built a thousand churches. Then, when the Iron Curtain fell, Khrushchev annihilated churches and persecuted the Orthodox and Catholics.

This is a Communist tactic, as well as the tactic of despots of old. Gain support from your enemies, then when you have won, annihilate your enemies, who, once seeing that the despot is truly a despot, will turn against that despot. Hitler did this in W.W. II with Catholic Prelates, as Fascism is also a despotic entity.

It is despotism that is the problem - complete dictatorial control with adulation of the personality of the despot. Despots kill anyone who is against them. This is a given. They do not care which ideology or religion they follow. If they do not support the despot, they try to convince them they are good through propaganda and then they kill them after they gain control. It happens over and over again.

All the photos [below] showing how depraved Putin is do not lie. All one has to do is look at the photos.

He is playing the same trick, it is obvious. Putin has also built a thousand Orthodox churches. He is permitting the reclamation of Catholic churches. Hardly any Catholics who have survived are joining these Catholic churches, for they know that if they surface, Putin will eventually kill them. These Catholic churches can only recruit very poor people through food and money. And they are more ecumenical churches rather than Catholic. Sad but true.

However, as of 2015, the newsletters from these Russian Catholic churches are now silent about how poor, alcoholic, aborting and sad the Russian people are. The silence gag has been applied or volunteers and missionaries will loose access to Russia.

Unfortunately, Traditional Catholics are not immune from suffering from the same blindness as the Novus Ordo people. It is a human flaw to think that one is right and not see exactly the same fault in one’s self as in the other person. All facts are tossed to the winds for those who are emotionally convinced that their particular hero is above reproach, or has converted.

One should at least ask, where are the visits to the US of Chernobyl children and why are Russians surfacing in California to protest the mandatory vaccinations (20 in the first 12 months of a child's life) saying "We moved here (to U.S.) to get away from this kind of thing in Russia!" Direct quote heard yesterday at petition signing site in California.

So, here are the photos, hardly the actions of a good Christian!




#1} A sample of Putin's sick actions towards boys. #2} Putin commented that he enjoyed the topless display #3} Olympic Torch bearer new girlfriend after Putin divorces his wife of 30 yrs.--she is a near pornographic, sexually stimulating-scanty dressed gymnast. #4) one of many shirtless photos showing "Putin prowess" which he has recently released.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 15, 2015

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