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Spotlight, Joan of Arc’s Ring & Psy War

Spotlight & Pedophilia

Dear Friends,

I recently gave an interview on the movie “Spotlight” and “The Homosexual Network in the Catholic Church,” to Cliff Kincaid, President of America’s Survival, Inc.

The informative presentation is available here.

I hope you will take time to view it and comment on the show at the website.

Please circulate to interested persons.

     Thank you and God bless,

     Randy Engel


On the Murdered Missionaries of Charity

Dear TIA,

I am certain you know about the killing of the Missionaries of Charity.

Concerning the murder of four Missionaries of Charity, and others, in Yemen two days ago, the Pope “prays that this pointless slaughter will awaken consciences, lead to a change of heart, and inspire all parties to lay down their arms and take up the path of dialogue.”

1. The slaughter was not "pointless." It was deliberate terror to kill Christians and frighten people.

2. Why would a successful terrorist act cause the terrorists to have a change of heart?

3. "All parties ... lay down their arms"? Did the four murdered Missionaries of Charity have arms? What is this pope talking about? And by this thinking, everyone everywhere who is threatened by an enemy should disarm himself.

4. "Dialogue"? Does he not know that the radical Muslims would gladly kill him?

     Patrick O'Brien


Denzinger & Raccolta


The article exposing the editorial changes to the 1965 Enchiridion Symbolorum, Sources of Catholic Dogma, on religious liberty has something in common with the 1957 Raccolta. The Raccolta had the highest standards of Rome's approval, yet it too underwent many editions. The 1957 version prayer for the establishment of the Reign of Christ the King eliminated the words for conversion of those in the darkness of Islamism.

It seems that Pope Pius' V request for the recitation of the Rosary to defeat the Moslems at Lepanto was based on the need for prayer, of course, but also one that considered the battle and Moslem attack a consequence of the sins of men.

In light of what has gone on for the past 15 years, the editors of the 1957 Raccolta hopefully may have re-appraised their motives for striking these words out of the Raccolta, if they could have foreseen the Moslem invasion of the West. As the old lady fears the artist's brush, so we, at least, should be wary of the editor's pen.

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.



Nice Southern Accent

Dear TIA,

Here is a good example of a legitimately proud Southern accent.

It is very educational, indeed.



Immigrant ‘Families’


In the video below you can find out how Francis' “peaceful immigrant families” are pushing their way in Europe.

Immigrants use battering rams to smash though fences on the Macedonia Greece border...

And how would you like these nice Muslims on your border?

Video available here.



Joan of Arc's Ring

Dear Marian,

I thought you would find this article on the return of the ring of St. Joan of Arc to France interesting, if you have not already seen it.

God bless,


"Act as if every day is the last of your life and each action the last you will perform."--St. Francis de Sales


Eucharistic Miracle

Dear TIA,

Have you ever commented on the 1996 Eucharistic miracle of Buenos Aires?

Thank you and God bless you.

     In Jesu et Maria,


TIA responds:

Dear P.R.,

No, we did not comment because we do not know about this miracle.

Please, send us the material you have available.


     TIA correspondence desk


Psy War of Communism against the U.S.

Dear TIA,

I am forwarding to you [below] a 1985 interview with an actual KGB defector, the propagandist Yuri Bezmenov. He was considered one of the world experts on socialist propaganda and intelligence, and here he talks both about the fate that awaits the “useful idiots” of the American left, and the four steps of psychological warfare necessary to raise a generation that will by itself install a socialist government.

The four stages of this ideological subversion are demoralization, destabilization, crisis and normalization. Yuri points out that all the leftists and ideological socialists in the United States are merely “useful idiots” who are good to destabilize a nation, but who, afterwards, will have to be executed when Socialism actually comes to power. Interestingly, Bezmenov states that we are not in an age of peace, but that the United States is the last battlefield in an all out psychological war with a global socialist system.

The first stage of psy-war, demoralization, involves influencing academia and the media to warp the perception of reality of every American so that nobody is able to come to sensible conclusions to defend themselves or their country. Demoralized individuals will refuse to believe the realities that are put right before them, and will only realize their error when it is too late. Bezmenov states that this phase is already accomplished. Americans no longer understand or heed true information, particularly regarding the dangers of Socialism.

The next phase, destabilization, involves infecting essential areas of defense, communications and the economy with socialist ideas, undermining a nation's abilities to defend itself militarily and socially.

Following this is an engineered “ crisis,” which can then be “normalized” by a radical change of government system that establishes Socialism as the nation’s political structure.

It is disappointing to note that Bezmenov lists homosexuality as one of the “freedoms” we are at risk of losing, but I still believe this interview is a wakeup call, today more than it was even in 1985.

Looking at the reality around us, we see that the United States is suffering from destabilization and crisis. Our own people are pushing more towards Socialism than ever.

“If people will fail to grasp the impending danger of that development, nothing ever can help the United States. You may kiss goodbye to your freedom” – Yuri Bezmenov



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 8, 2016

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