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Orthography, New Sins & Banning Islam

Cardinal of Vienna


The name of the Archbishop of Vienna is not Schonborn, but Schönborn. Please be so kind and respect the exact orthography.

Mgr Stefan Killermann, Germany


TIA responds:

Rev. Msgr. Killermann,

Thank you for your orthographical correction.

We are perfectly aware that the name of the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna has an umlaut over the first o; a name meaning beautiful (schön) fountain or source (born).

However, on the Internet many of the descriptor codes used by our readers’ browsers do not read these accents well. They transform these accents into an ensemble of symbols and letters that often make it impossible to distinguish the original word. So, to make it easier for readers to realize that we are talking about Card. Schonborn and not some unknown person, we purposely omit the umlaut over the first o in his name.

It is not a manifestation of crass ignorance, as you comprehensibly supposed, but a practical way to make his name better known. When the Internet will be more advanced and allow an easy reading of these accents in all servers, we promise you we will replace it.


     TIA correspondence desk


Brexit in Perspective


Thanks for this article which I wholeheartedly agree with.

Let us pray that there will not be a World War III.

God bless,


"Act as if every day is the last of your life and each action the last you will perform."--St. Francis de Sales


Four Sins Promoted by the Government


There are no new sins, just new sinners. U.S citizens have been fairly free to commit personal sins for centuries with little if any punishment meted out by the government. Of course, public sins like killing your neighbor or stealing his car or attacking his dog were all violations that would be dealt with by the authorities.

But these four things have always been considered by a great majority of Americans as detrimental to a vibrant society: Feminism, Abortion, Homosexual behavior and Atheism.

One by one over the last 50 years, these things have been given something that, up until then, only referred to bank deposits and treasury bonds, namely that they are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.

Quite right. The Supreme Court enforced the imaginary law of ‘separation of Church and State’ by expelling God from our schools. Government backed atheism.

Again, the Supreme Court stepped in to give the full protection of the U.S. Government to allow mothers to legally have their preborn babies eliminated.

Sodomy laws of old were struck down and abolished, giving free reign to this 'sin which cries to Heaven for vengeance.' And we see today that the demand goes on for more and more sexual ‘license’ in the name of ‘freedom.’

Lastly, we have witnessed many different new laws coming down regarding the elimination of the Father as head of his family and the Mother as its heart: a main goal of the feminists of the 50’s and 60’s. They have achieved their goal thanks to the ‘full protection of the U.S. Government.’ The family structure created by God has been nearly crushed to death in our country and our world.

Government-backed feminism has given us millions of broken families, millions of confused and misled young men and women and a blended military that will have many problems in its future. Children having to share their Mothers with the workforce is so common that a new name had to be created for the few ‘hearts of the family’ who didn't give in: ’stay-at-home-moms.’

We were once declared to be ‘One Nation under God,’ but we know that this is no longer the truth. Since our government fully supports and protects these four anti-family atrocities, it must have eroded into some form of a socialist oligarchy over the past decades and can no longer claim to be 'One Nation under God.'

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.


Growing Reaction against Islam

Dear TIA,,

I just received the e-mail below. I believe you would like to read it and spread it.



The First Countries to Ban Islam

See how the world is acting fast on the threat posed by Islam and its barbaric Sharia Law.

Japan has always refused Muslims to live permanently in their country and they cannot own any real estate or any type of business, and have banned any worship of Islam. Any Muslim tourist caught spreading the word of Islam will be deported immediately, including all family members.

Cuba rejected plans for first mosque.

The African nation of Angola and several other nations have officially banned Islam.

Record number of Muslims, (over 2,000) were deported from Norway as a way of fighting crime. Since these Muslim criminals have been deported, crime has dropped by a staggering 72%. Prison officials are reporting that nearly half of their jail cells are now vacant, Courtrooms nearly empty, police now free to attend to other matters, mainly traffic offenses to keep their roads and highways safe and assisting the public in as many ways as they can.

In Germany alone, in the last year there were 81 violent attacks targeting mosques.

Austrian police arrested 13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters.

A Chinese court sends 22 Muslim Imams to jail for 16 to 20 years for spreading Islam hatred. And have executed 18 Jihadists; China campaigns against separatism (disallowing Islamist to have their own separate state). Muslim prayers banned in government buildings and schools in Xinjiang (Western China). Hundreds of Muslim families prepared to leave China for their own safety and return back to their own Middle Eastern countries.

Muslim refugees beginning to realize that they are not welcome in Christian countries because of their violent ways and the continuing wars in Syria and Iraq whipped up by the hideous ISIS who are murdering young children and using mothers and daughters as sex slaves.

British Home Secretary prepares to introduce 'Anti-social behavior order' for extremists and strip dual nationals of their citizenship. Deportation laws also being prepared.

The Czech Republic blatantly refuses Islam in their country, regarding it as evil.

Alabama - A new controversial amendment that will ban the recognition of "foreign laws which would include Sharia law".

The Polish Defense League issued a warning to Muslims. 16 States have all introduced legislation to ban Sharia law.

Many Muslims in Northern Ireland have announced plans to leave the country to avoid anti-Islamic violence by Irish locals. The announcement comes after an attack on groups of Muslims in the city of Belfast, groups of Irish locals went berserk and bashed teenage Muslim gangs who were referring to young Irish girls as sluts and should be all gang raped, according to Islam and ''Sharia law''.

Even many hospital staff were reluctant to treat the battered Muslim patients, the majority were given the band-aid treatment and sent home with staff muttering 'good riddance'.

North Carolina bans Islamic "Sharia law" in the State, regarding it now as a criminal offense.

Dutch MP's call for removal of all mosques in the Netherlands. One member of the Dutch Parliament said: "We want to clean Netherlands of Islam". Dutch MP Michael De Graaf spoke on behalf of the Party for Freedom when he said, "All mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down. Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful safe country to live in, as it was before the arrival of Muslim refugees''.

Please share this e-mail with your family and friends if you agree.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 7, 2016

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