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Putin, Trump & Common Core Fraud

WYD Stations of the Cross

Dear TIA,

Did the World Youth Day Stations promote homosexuality?

Yes, yes, yes. Just a glance is enough to convince any honest person that these Stations pictured were designed for just that. I am certain that the perpetrators are homosexual.

     Patrick O'Brien


Satanism for Children

Dear TIA,

Re: Satanism Coming to Public Schools

Thank you for your work in exposing this terrible wave heading for all of us!

     May God have mercy on us!

     E.S., Ph.D.


Confession’s New Style


Look at this photo of the new style of Confession at the WYD 2016.

Thank you

J.J.D., Belgium

Confession at WYD 2016


Truth Is Beauty


Re: Reflection Inspired by Our Hate Mail

“How fortunate that Jesus has chosen TIA to be crucified with Him, so that many of us may rise with TIA and Him on the last day. - Joseph W. Shaara, Ph.D.”

Again beautiful writing in letter today's post 8.17.16 by Mr. Shaara; and true.

'Truth is Beauty. And Beauty is Truth. That's all....' YATES

     Thank you,



End of Celibacy

Dear Marian,

I attend a Latin Mass at a local parish church. About a month ago, forms were handed out for different options to the question, "What should be done if there are less priests in the diocese?" The options were combining more parishes or/and eliminating at least one Mass in some parishes that now have more than one.

Nothing was mentioned about ordaining married men but maybe that was discussed at a meeting that was held but I was unable to attend.

After reading this article, it does make me wonder if some of the options really are what is mentioned in this article - priestless Sundays or married priests.

     God bless,



Strange Politics within the Traditionalist Movement


I am as a traditional Catholic - really confused - and I hope that you would be able to answer this question.

Why do you think that these traditionalist Catholic organizations (that I'm going to list) promoted pro-Putinism or Trumpism (a support for voting for Trump)?

The Remnant: Trumpism in this article and in this video, and Michael Matt has according to sources supported Putin.

The Fatima Center (John Vennari, the late Father Nicholaus Gruner and Chris Ferrara in a quote) seem to promote the standard ''Putin has one of the most Christian politics in the world'' lie in this video

The blog a.k.a catholic writes this.

This surely must be a sign of the times of confusion that we are in.


TIA responds:

Hello E.L.,

We believe these traditionalist leaders are mistaken.

Putin continues to be as bad as the other communist Russian heads of State who preceded him. With his “conservative” attitudes he is playing the same game that has been played by communists since Lenin. They fool the West with the tale that Communism is changing in order to benefit from Western political and economic support as their situation weakens. Those who have played this game include Lenin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin.

Regarding Trump, although he is a political enigma, we believe he has all the potential to become a dictator. If he is elected, the U.S. and the West will probably take a turn toward installing strong regimes and change gears. Instead of having a pacifist-socialist U.S. leading the way toward a One World Order, we will likely have an aggressive nationalist U.S. that sets the model for a new way to reach the same goal by force.

If we compare Trump to Hillary Clinton, who most likely will achieve the complete destruction of the United States after eight years of Obama, surely Trump appears as a lesser evil. We can say that it is a lesser evil to have a Nazi regime that prevents this death from happening than to have our country transformed into a USSA – United Soviet States of America – as it will become if Hillary is elected.

We think that the alternative to vote for Trump can be the only option for Americans to avoid an immediate surrender of the U.S. to Socialism, Communism and Islamic terrorism. But this perspective is no reason for euphoria. It is an option for a lesser evil, which must keep us vigilant and ready to fight new models of National Socialism.

We agree with you, E.L., that many traditionalists and conservatives are sending a message of confusion. We are trying to restrict this confusion to the minimum possible in order to help you see clearly.


      TIA correspondence desk


The Common Core Fraud


I am passing on to you these sound comments by Phyllis Schlafly.


Exposing the Common Core Fraud

Phyllis Schlafly

Dr. Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, has a must-read book entitled Drilling through the Core: Why Common Core Is Bad for American Education. Common Core is the education fad that swept the nation with the deceptive slogan “higher standards.” Everyone is for “higher standards,” right? However, the word “higher” did not mean higher intellectual content of the standards, but a higher percentage of students passing them. Simple math shows that the easiest way to get more students to pass a test is to lower the standards (or the passing score).

This goal was revealed in a famous “white paper” that Common Core architects wrote for the Carnegie Corporation. The education establishment quickly accepted the theory that new standards would help close the “achievement gap” between minority kids from poor families and students from middle-class homes.

Well, the results are now in. Far from closing the gap, Common Core makes the achievement gap even worse. In 2010, Kentucky was the first state to sign up for Common Core’s allegedly “higher standards,” with the help of federal money from the Obama administration. By 2012, Kentucky had fully implemented the standards and was administering statewide assessments aligned to Common Core. The results for the 2015 school year in Kentucky were recently published. Over three-years, the performance gap between black kids and white kids expanded to 27% in reading and to 24% in math. Now that the damage has been done to Kentucky’s lower-performing students, it’s easy to see why. Common Core math is based on the theory that students are expected to discover math principles for themselves, instead of memorizing time-tested math shortcuts that almost everyone can easily learn.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 18, 2016

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