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Deserted Vineyard & Protecting the Family

Reflections Inspired by Our Hate Mail

Dear TIA,

The anti-Christ Modernists had lost the “sensus catholicus” long before Vatican II. The heretics and apostates who conducted the Council no longer believed in the Roman Catholic Church. In their apostasy, they conceived of a different Church; an ambiguous, gnostic and anti-Christ Church dedicated to the worship of Self.

The apostates reasoned that the line of least resistance is much more comfortable for materialist sensibilities, while spiritual ascendance is much too difficult to achieve.

In Our Lord’s deserted vineyard, few are instructed any more, except within the scattered and shining beacon of Truth such as TIA. The many ignorant and lost souls who send hate mail to TIA know nothing. They have never been instructed. More importantly, few of the “authorities” in the Church have done anything to help the Faithful develop informed consciences.

How fortunate that Jesus has chosen TIA to be crucified with Him, so that many of us may rise with TIA and Him on the last day.

     Joseph W. Shaara, Ph.D.


Revisiting a Challenge

Dear TIA,

Several years (or more) ago, a young man "challenged" the Editor by stating that he would "prove" the editor wrong on some various issues involving the post-conciliar Church.

The young man was courteous but, manifestly, out of his element.

The Editor (I believe) responded to him very charitably and suggested, first, that the young man research and respond to a list of statements and/or questions regarding Vatican2 and/or the crises in the Church as presented by the Editor for further analysis.

We never did hear from that young man again but I suspect the young (but now older and hopefully wiser) man may find most of the answers in the Editor's eleven volume magnum opus.

I would like a link to the Editor's response from many years ago, if possible. It was an excellent and extended summary of the problems created during the last fifty years by those who ought to know better but, obviously, do not.

     Thank you for your attention and consideration.


TIA responds:

Dear M.V.S.,

Thank you for your amiable words regarding the work of our Editor. We are passing your message on to him. We are sure he will be very pleased.

That young man never wrote again, although he sent a verbal message by a common friend saying that he could not prove that prior to Vatican II the Popes visited synagogues.

The link to that challenge is here; for the summary you referred to, it can be found following the link in that response.


     TIA correspondence desk


4 Billion Expended in the Pedophilia Crisis


Regarding your recent article on the Church pay-outs for child molestation cases, here are the recent figures:

"According to Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, who decided to research this particular topic, since 1950, the Vatican has spent a disgusting $3,994,797,060.10. That’s nearly $4 billion to keep things hush hush. That number may even be a bit conservative, as we cannot know for sure the agreed upon “under the table” amount. (More here)

What was eye-opening for me was your analysis - that there are two sides of this problem, but the one who started the big payouts to protect himself - and thus set the precedent for all the other payouts - was Card. Mahony of Los Angeles. So you can blame these payouts ultimately on the Church, who keep protecting their bishops instead of letting them pay the piper for their crimes.

Thanks for the article and good work. I look forward to the Birds Eye View each month - can you start writing more often?


The Editor responds:


Thank you for your encouraging words about my last column. Perhaps in the future I may write more often. At this moment I am struggling to finish my collection on Vatican II and I only have time to offer an overview of the religious-international events once a month.

Regarding the estimate of about $4 billion expended by the Catholic Church in the pedophilia crisis, I believe that the amount is credible. Perhaps, it will be even more than that. Indeed, in a book I wrote 12 years ago on this topic, the estimate for the expenses of the American Episcopate alone of was already $3.19 billion.

Changing subjects, allow me to make an observation on one of the sources you quote in your message.

When one news report says that the Vatican paid four billion, it assumes that the finances of the entire Church are centralized in just one headquarters, which is not precise. In the Church each Diocese is an independent economic unit, as is the Vatican itself. For this reason, that amount was not paid by the Vatican alone, but the ensemble of the different units of the Catholic Church. As far as I know, the Vatican’s budget would never be able to pay that amount of money. It does not have sufficient funds for that.


     Atila S. Guimarães


Sources to Protect the Family

Hi there,

I’ve been staying up worrying about my family’s welfare almost every night, so I finally decided to take some control over my fears. I researched how to keep my family safe and healthy, no matter the situation. I found some really great resources, and I was hoping you’d share them with your audience (I thought maybe here) — they’re listed below.

If a list of resources isn’t a good fit for your site and you’d prefer a research-based article on this topic, please let me know. This is a topic I feel is important, so I’d be happy to write an article for you free of charge! I look forward to seeing these on your site or writing an article for you — or both!



TIA responds:

Hello P.S.,

We are posting your list, as you requested. An article on the topic would be very welcome, if you will agree to some editing, which is our policy with almost all the articles we post.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 16, 2016

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