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Sex Ed Program & Nuncio Homo Scandal

Patron Saints of Students

Hello Tradition in Action staff,

My name is Alessandro and I work on behalf of Holyart. I recently created an infographic about Patron Saints of Students from different countries all over the world. Every year there are hundreds of millions of students round the world: of course, studying hard does not come without its burdens, stress and adversity but perhaps, during difficult times, students might find some comfort in knowing that there is someone watching over them.

This is the infographic: http://www.holyart.com/patron-saints-of-students

I thought since it is informative and educational, you might appreciate it, and wish to share it on your website. Let me know if you share it, thank you in advance.

     Kind regards,

     Alessandro Lerin


The Editor responds:

Hello Alessandro Lerin,

Thank you for letting us know about your work. Your site is very educational.

We are passing on your message to our readers so that they can also benefit from your work.


     Atila S. Guimarães


Vatican’s Pornography

Dear Marian,

Re: The Vatican's Depraved Sex-Ed Program

Good grief! The Vatican is pushing pornography.

There is no hope except in Our Lord and Our Lady. The leadership in the Church has gone over to the other side.

     Patrick O'Brien


Great, I Love It!

Dear TIA,

Re: The Vatican's Depraved Sex-Ed Program

Please send my congratulations to Phillip, not only for his success in getting articles published on the best website on the Internet, but special commendations for this article.

Great, I loved it! Good closing too. It is just my favorite style.

     In Maria,

     Pamela (Dr. Pamela Dettman)


No Longer Catholic


Re: The Vatican's Depraved Sex-Ed Program

This is not Catholic. This is of the Devil and his disciples in Rome led by Jorge Bergoglio!

     Gary Morella


Severe Punishment


Re: The Vatican’s Depraved Sex-Ed Program for Youth

The author asks: “What degree of tragedy can be assigned to the violation of a child’s innocence and the chastity of youth?”

I answer: The degree of tragedy called “putting a mill stone around their necks and throwing them into to sea!” In other words, kill them. This Jesus clearly teaches is mercy, and “better for them,” a merciful act, to help them avoid what will really happen to them otherwise.

Jesus loves us.

     Thank you,



Sex Ed Petition Drive

Mr. Mericle,

Thank you for your excellent analysis of the new sex education program put out by the Vatican.

I thought you and your readers would want to know that there is petition drive sponsored by Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, that is opposing this program as perverse and asking that it be withdrawn.

Judie Brown stated, “It’s bad enough when Planned Parenthood pushes perverse forms of sex education into our schools. For the Vatican to jump on that bandwagon is a nightmare scenario. Someone must be asleep at the wheel, and it’s high time for them to wake up!”

I don't really think it will do much good, but you can sign it here.

It seems to me you are doing the best thing possible by exposing what's in it and the imagery. Also, people should object strenuously to the program to their parish priests - show them the pictures! – and ask them to speak against it from the pulpits. I hope some will have the courage to do it.



Where Are the ‘Puritans’?

Dear TIA,

Re: The Vatican's Depraved Sex-Ed Program

I liked this article very much and I praise the author and the editor for having the good sense to expose the pornographic material the Vatican is spreading under the pretext of sex education.

I believe it is impossible for a reader to realize the gravity of this initiative without posting the photos you did.

I believe that in previous TIA postings along the years in which you did the same thing – showing the Church scandals – you were perfectly correct as well. I remember reading furious “conservative-puritans” who protested violently (here and here) against you for exposing the scandalous actions of the progressivist popes. They accused you of spreading pornography, when you were exposing the moral decadence of the Vatican II popes.

If those conservative were sincere, they should send furious letters now to the Vatican protesting the illustrations in this new sex ed program. I did not hear about any of them doing this. They are happy, sending their daughters to WYDs and praising the theology of the body of Wojtyla.

By this silence they show who they really are.

Keep up the good work.

     In Christ through Mary,



Catholics Go to Mosque to Pray for Slaughtered Priest

Dear TIA,

Interesting, Margaret Galitzin's article on the Church pandering to Muslims despite their announced aim to conquer the West. One side, at least, continues the Crusade.

Then, I read in America (the Jesuit-Judas magazine) that Catholics joined Muslims in prayer in the Normandy town where 85-year-old Fr. Jacques Hamel was slaughtered while saying Mass on July 26. And guess where they met - the Catholics went to the mosque to pray.

There's more. That mosque, which is adjacent to the Catholic Church of Sainte Therese where the priest's throat was slit, was sold by the Church to the Muslims for a few pennies ("a symbolic sum") so they could build their temple to Allah. Can you believe it?

Well, yes. Everything is feasible in the post-Vatican II ecumenical madness that has invaded the Church and made practically a different religion...



Vatican Complicit in Homo Archbishop Scandal

Dear Friends,

I promise you this video will be one of the most important youtube you will ever view in your lifetime.

Homosexual priests, archbishops and cardinals, and yes, even popes, DO MATTER.

Archbishop Nienstedt got away with murder because his victims were not "minors." I thought the crime of sexual assault in the real world applies to anyone, man or woman or child, young or old. It's time the Vatican faced up to this blunt truth.

Don't seminarians and young priests who are used as fresh meat by their archbishop deserve justice. Nienstedt and all those complicit in his crimes including Vatican officials should be defrocked and turned over to secular authorities for punishment.

     Randy Engel


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 30, 2016

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