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Anti-Muslim Europe, Hate Mail & Rosary

Francis to Destroy Contemplative Nuns

Dear Marian,

Re: Contemplatives in Tradition

It is similar to the French Revolution. What next? Martyrdom?

More bad fruit resulting from Vatican II.

It shows that Our Lady of Good Success prophecy is fulfilled.

     In Our Lady,



Awesome Pictures

Dear TIA,

If you have some spare time, do not miss these gorgeous pictures. To watch them will give you some moments of deserved rest.



In Response to Your Pedophilia Comments

Dear Atila S. Guimarães,

Thank you for your answer to my response regarding pedophilia and the Church's reaction.

If we disagree on any detail, I can't find it!

May Tradition in Action continue its fine work.

     Salve Maria!

     Patrick O'Brien


Spiritual Son of Dr. Plinio

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

Thank you for sending me the book Creatio. It is a theology class in itself. The more I read, the more I admire the author for the incredible depth of the book.

Who is going to put all that knowledge together but a spiritual son of Dr. Plinio, who has the grace to do it?

I hope your plans to market the Collection will go forward. They must! Our Lady willing!

     In Maria,



Anti-immigrant Sentiment Grows in Europe


As you can see from this report, things are heating up in Europe over the migrant invasion.

Austria says it may sue Hungary over migrants if it refuses to take back migrants crossing their shared border. This is to a back drop of the coming presidential elections next month and growing pressure from a surge in support for the far-right Freedom Party (FPO), a reaction to the people's clearly disgust with European Union quotas and pro-refugee agenda.

So, now, Austria's government accuses Hungary of letting migrants enter its territory in defiance of European Union rules that asylum seekers must stay in the first country they enter in the bloc.

Then Hungary counters that most refugees enter its territory from other EU states, notably Italy and Greece. BTW, Hungary is preparing for a referendum also in October on whether to accept an EU-wide asylum quota. Budapest has built a fence along its border with non-EU member Serbia to stem the flow of hundreds of thousands of people.

These are good reactions of the people against an EU-planned invasion of Muslims.

Thanks for keeping us up on the topic.



Is the Daily Rosary a Sure Sign of Salvation?

Dear TIA,

I have been wondering about something that perhaps you can help me better understand.

A few of us were talking to our priest. Somehow, the topic of someone that had recently died was being discussed. Among the things said about the person were that he said a daily rosary. Our priest said something like, “Oh good, good, good.” In different conversations, I have gotten the impression that our priest thinks that saying a daily rosary will likely save someone from Hell, even if the person were oblivious to the problems in the Church, was a member of the Newchurch, etc., etc.

So, I must ask: Is it really the case that daily recitation of the Rosary is sufficient to save someone from damnation? It seems a stretch, but I won’t doubt the power of Mary in this time of apostasy.

Thank you for helping me more clearly see the reality of this situation.

     With daily prayers and much appreciation,

     E.S., PhD

TIA responds:

Dear Dr. E.S.,

There is no such a thing as a visa that indisputably allows a person to enter Heaven. No one can be sure about someone else’s salvation until the Church declares it so through an objective process of canonization, which, unfortunately, for a long while has ceased to exist.

Nonetheless, there are many promises by Our Lord and Our Lady that a person who follows this or that devotion will be saved, for example, the practice of the nine first Fridays and the five first Saturdays.

Among the practices that incline God to have an unusual care for the salvation of a person’s soul, the daily recitation of the Rosary stands out. For centuries Our Lady herself, followed by countless Popes, has granted many privileges to those who say the daily Rosary.

The graces earned by the daily recitation of the Rosary should help the person to see the situation of the Church and that he should stop going to the New Mass. However, this person can be in an internal transitory phase, which is not possible for an external viewer to discern. Thus, we cannot say that all persons who do not have a correct position regarding the crisis in the Church and the New Mass have the merits of their Rosaries voided. How each soul appears before God is a mystery that we only will entirely understand at the Last Judgment.

This does not prevent us from considering the habit of saying a daily Rosary a good symptom of salvation.

We hope this helps you to better understand the topic.


     TIA correspondence desk

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An English Gentleman Responds to an English Hate Mail

Dear TIA,

I was delightfully reading some of the Hate Mail that you receive, amusing myself over a cup of tea on some of the ludicrous ideas of people. I found one particularly amusing.

There is one comment titled Ignorant, Disgusting & Depraved. I note the following points:
  1. The commentator had the urge to announce his "orientation" as being "straight". The reason for this is so that he can "virtual-signal" to his peers that he is a "straight ally" of homosexuals. And true Englishmen would never introduce himself as "Hello, my name is John Doe and I am a straight male." This chap is clearly part of what I call "Generation Trendy" - young adults who are caught up in the latest trends.

  2. He also had the urge to announce that he is privileged enough to go to a "£31,000 a year school". Since he is coming to the defense of homosexuals, would he also, perchance, come to the defense of the poor? For example, would he readily part with some of that £31,000 for a good, "respectable" charity? Also, would he so loudly proclaim such a fact with people his own age, knowing he'd likely be denounced for, if he is Caucasian, "white male privilege"?

  3. Whilst proclaiming his privilege, he also assumes that because his reader is American he can judge the level of their intelligence. I expect this is the same person who tells us not to judge other people? While it is a fact that the average American intelligence is below what it should be (because of Common Core and other factors), it also the same fact occurring in the rest of the Western World. Welcome to the Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order)!

  4. In his comment about hoping that "you rot in hell for your crimes against humanity" (read: for your crimes of truth-telling against a minority of the population who also suffer from psychiatric and medical problems), he informs us that he has never had a homosexual try to "sex with me or "convert" me. Clearly, he is blanketing the situation. Just because a homosexual hasn't made advances on him, doesn't mean it hasn't happened. For Catholics, all we have to do is look at the crisis in the Church.

  5. I would point out to him that attending a £31,000 a year school doesn't excuse him for being such an intolerant, bigoted fool!

  6. Lastly, his £31,000 isn't really helping him, is it? He can't have a respectable opposition, or polite disagreement with other people. He immediately judges other people, uses foul language, and denigrates the reader's children as "inbred". He also assumes his intelligence is better because he is a privileged Englishman, whilst portraying quite the opposite.
This young "gentleman" (who actually calls himself a boy which denotes he has not yet reach maturity - well, not in the cranium department anyway) is the result of what is commonly referred to as the "Millennials", young adults of school, college and university age (usually around teenage-hood to about 30) who are so brainwashed by their false education that they cannot think for themselves. They spend all their time on Twitter hash-tagging all over the place and virtual-signaling to their peers, whilst in real life they are the most ignorant, intolerant, bigoted and racist people you will ever meet.

They can name all of the "genders" and "orientations", but not have a clue about real things. They belong to a generation that decries Capitalism whilst using Twitter and a form of ipad, iphone or some such machine - all products of Capitalism!

This is the generation that protested against the United Kingdom leaving the corrupt European Union because it would mean the end of certain free education and other things that the EU fund, and also protesting that the elder generation (such as those who went through the War) should not have the right the vote!

As a young Catholic Englishman, I have to say that this person is an embarrassment to the entire English nation, past and present!

St. Edward the Confessor, noble King of England, restore the Church in England, the Dowry of Mary!

     Kind regards,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 8, 2016

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