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Earthquakes, Violent Hilary & Nigeria’s Clergy

An Orthodox Battleship

My brethren and sisters at TIA,

I'm immensely grateful for your work. Many of your articles were an eye-opener for me.

This is one of the most useful sites for any Catholic in these disturbed and disturbing times. Articles are simple enough. Brevity, sharpness, quotes with sources, sober analysis, limited irony, jokes, etc., are reasons why I like you.

I hope to see this orthodox battleship operating in the future, continuing to battle against modernism and other rot.

     God keep all of you safe.

     F.M., Europe


Earthquakes in Italy: Divine Punishment for Sins

Dear TIA,

Thank you for this article.

The earthquakes are truly a warning from God for the sins of mankind. as Father Cavalcoil states. It is too bad the Vatican has to persecute him by contradiction. Maybe those in the Vatican who do not agree with Father Cavalcoil should read the Six Discourses on Natural Calamities, Divine Threats and the Four Gates of Hell by Saint Alphonsus Liguori.

     God bless,



We Dodged a Devil…


What is reported here about Hillary Clinton’s reactions to her defeat must never be forgotten.

Something else that must never be forgotten is that the Almighty God evinced in this election support for our country on the issues of life.

It is also evident that the demonic George Soros – who, if there is any justice left in the world, must be reined in for his sedition against all those who won't worship him as the god he claims to be – was dealt a crushing blow by the destruction of one of Soros' hand-picked criminal agents.

We dodged a devil BIG TIME on November 8, 2016, A.D.

     Gary Morella


Paedophilia & Homosexuality in Nigeria’s Clergy

Greetings from Nigeria,

May God bless you for the good work you are doing. I must confess that my journey to traditional Catholicism was hastened by the information I saw on your website, where I found answers to questions that have plagued me for quite a while.

My main aim of writing this email is to bring to the notice of well-meaning Catholics who frequent your website that the horrors in the Church have found their way into Africa, Nigeria to be specific. By horrors I mean pedophilia and homosexuality amongst the clergy.

I am a victim. I was sexually abused by my assistant parish priest, later turned parish priest, for two years, from ages 15 to 17. This priest happens to be a family friend whom my family loves so much and respects. But little did they know that their well-raised daughter was being made imperfect by their favorite priest.

I am 20 years old now but my family is still ignorant of the great misfortune that befell me. By God's grace I have started healing for I no longer hate him anymore.

Catholic priests taking advantage of decent church girls is very common in Nigeria where almost all the lay faithful believe a priest can do no wrong and his actions can always be excused. For this reason, one cannot hear abuse cases in the law courts or in the media because no one is going to take you seriously. In fact the victim will be blamed.

Homosexuality also has come to stay. Every now and then my male friends tell me stories about how they almost got trapped by homosexual priests.

The other day a friend of mine told me he got kicked out of the seminary because he refused to have sex with his homosexual superior. In fact, to the young folks, homosexuality amongst the clergy is now seen as a normal thing like sleeping and waking up.

We need to be even more fervent in our prayers for Holy Mother Church than ever before because even conservative Africa has embraced the spirit of the conciliar Church where crimes such as pedophilia, homosexuality, scandalous lifestyles amongst priests are covered up. Erring priests are simply transferred by their bishops to another parish and that's all. Nothing more. And then much energy will be put in to cover up their crimes.

Please post this email on your website.

     May our blessed Mother continue to intercede for you all.

     C.E., Nigeria


Ridiculous Novus Ordo Watch Attack - Pius IX Was a Liberal

Dear TIA,

I read the Novus Ordo Watch article written against you.

This recent attack is ridiculous. Its editorial says: “It is OUTRAGEOUS! for TIA to present a photo document from a masonic website concerning the open question that Pope Pius IX might have been a mason. Novus Ordo Watch can scream OUTRAGEOUS! because the Masons lie and plot against the Church.”

But it is NOT OUTRAGEOUS for Novus Ordo Watch to present a document from the Liberal, Modernist, Progressivist Catholic Encyclopedia to ‘prove’ that Pius IX was not a Liberal.

Does Novus Ordo Watch think that the Liberals, Modernists and Progressivists don’t lie and plot against the Church?

Which organs of mass media does the editor of Novus Ordo Watch consider guaranteed to be Mason-free? Which are good for reference without the danger of lies?

And why does Mario Dirksen of Novus Ordo Watch quote only a part of the first paragraph, and avoid the next paragraph, in this article in the Catholic Encyclopedia on Pius IX? It would be a less slanted presentation if he would have quoted the second as well. Indeed, Dirksen deliberately omitted that the Catholic Encyclopedia considers Pius IX a Liberal, which is against his thesis that Pius IX is not to be blamed in anything.

Here is what the Catholic Encyclopedia says (second paragraph), using the word ‘Liberal’ twice and in a non-disputable meaning:

“On 14 June, 1846, two weeks after the death of Gregory XVI, 50 cardinals assembled in the Quirinal for the conclave. They were divided into two factions, the conservatives, who favored a continuance of absolutism in the temporal government of the Church, and the liberals, who were desirous of moderate political reforms. At the fourth scrutiny, 16 June, Cardinal Mastai-Ferretti [Pius IX], the liberal candidate, received three votes beyond the required majority. Cardinal Archbishop Gaysruck of Milan had arrived too late to make use of the right of exclusion against his election, given him by the Austrian Government. “

Pius IX was a Liberal in his early years. There is no doubt about that. The more you read, the more that becomes clear. He changed somewhere while fleeing from the Italian revolutionaries, and became a Saint.

So, the arbiter of honesty Dirksen now is caught in two actions that show his dishonesty:
  1. He quotes the progressivist Catholic Encyclopedia as a source of indisputable truth, although progressivists often lie about history;

  2. He cuts off the quote of Catholic Encyclopedia the part that is contrary of his thesis.
In other words, this behavior confirms what you said - that sede-vacantists are tailoring history to present it this way to their rank-and-file so that their theories look plausible.

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 17, 2016

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