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Red Nose, Dog’s Rights & Feminist Nuns

Papal Red Nose


I just wanted to share my reaction about the article posted this evening about the papal red nose.

I experienced a kind of sick feeling seeing the sister and the care workers of the hospital donning their red noses. I have to wonder if they don’t somehow see the idiocy of their behavior, in the face of such serious diseases they must encounter. Is there no shame in their lack of respect for those who suffer? Oh, how the Devil must laugh when he sees such “Catholics” acting as if there were no care in the world, no reason for, nor merit in, the suffering.

I often think of the story of Pinocchio, who was tempted by Lampwick to enter into Neverland, with all of its “fun” and “funny” - only to be turned into a bunch of jackasses – appropriately so – for staying too long. In a similar way, the caretakers of our bodies in our last moments, are slowly, but surely, being turned into clowns of death – of both body and soul, where the bells for prayer never ring, and the recognition of Our Savior is lost in the laughter and quest to find “happiness” by forgetting our creator and our final destination.

Such a sad time it is… how Our Lord must cry and Our Lady become repulsed by the lack of knowledge of her loving Son and the teachings of the Faith!

     E.S.. Ph.D.

Love Your Dog as Yourself


I've been enjoying the series of Dr. Plinio on the UNESCO Declaration on the rights of animals. He showed a lot of foresight to warn what was coming, and certainly the animal rights movements are growing stronger by the year.

It struck me extra hard when I received an e-mail from a vitamin company - the "Pet Edition" for Valentine's Day.

"With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what better time to show our dogs a little extra well-deserved lovin’?" the vet asks.

Then she makes these suggestions among others, Take an extra long walk; Give a Belly Rub; Bake doggy snacks; Make time for cuddle time; Gift a new toy; Take a car ride; Go on a trip to the dog park to make new friends; Bake a delectable velvet hearts dog treat with real chick liver frosted with yogurt and carob; Create more playtime; Read to him.

This is better than many people treat their spouses or children...

Dogs’ Rights March is probably just around the corner.

Best to all your staff.

     In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,



Your Opinion on the SSPX Agreement

Dear Sir,

Over many years you have shown, both in words and in pictures, the revolutionary nature of the Vatican II Conciliar Church. Yet, over an equal span of time, the leader of the largest Traditional Catholic organization in the world, the SSPX, has been relentlessly trying to come to a deal with these same revolutionaries and progressivists. The excuses this man and his inner circle make grow ever more astounding with each new Roman pontiff. Now, they have lots of good words to say about Bergoglio.

But you are silent on this issue.



The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. J.M.,

Thank you for being a regular reader of our website. Thank you also for the amiable words on our work.

Regarding the merger of SSPX with the Vatican our website has published so many things in times past, that I believed TIA was excused from commenting on the final phases of the process being played out today.

Your message, however, shows I am mistaken. So, I will list below for you and other readers who may think like you some of the many items TIA has posted on the topic: I believe that what I affirmed in the past remains valid today and applies at the present to the last steps of the SSPX agreement that Bishop Fellay is arranging with Rome.

In a nutshell: He is doing now what he was meant to do when Archbishop Lefebvre chose him to be his worthy successor. Both had/have the mission to bring back to the progressivist Rome the largest part possible of the reaction against Progressivism.

I hope that after reading these articles you will retract your ill-informed accusation that I have been omissive in speaking on this issue.


     A.S. Guimarães


Feminist Ursuline Nuns


I just read your article about the feminist sisters marching in the Women’s March.

My daughter attends an all girl Catholic high school and I am becoming more and more aware of the feminist and liberal agenda.

I am wondering if you could confirm if any sisters from the Ursuline Order participated?

Also, I’d like to point out a fb site that was started to help parents discern Catholic high schools for their children in the St. Louis area and to vent about their concerns. https://www.facebook.com/Keep-our-St-Louis-Catholic-Schools-Catholic-284643085226215/

     Thank you for your help and God Bless!


Margaret Galitzin responds:

Hello Mrs. J.C.,

I cannot affirm with certainty that the Ursuline sisters were involved in the various marches, but if I were to make an assumption, I would say that their representatives were there, because as a teaching Order it is well known for its progressivist stands, especially regarding women's issues.

For example, a friend in Dallas removed her daughter some years ago from the Ursuline Academy there because the sisters and teachers were openly promoting feminism and tolerance for male and female homosexuality. You need only to go to their site to see that the progressivist stance continues. In their present day mission statement, for example, they announce the "spirit of Angela today" (this is how they refer to St. Angela Merici, their founder)

“The Ursuline Sisters are modern women who carry on Angela's tradition of progressive ministry in their communities. We dare each day to confront the oppression of women and to stand in solidarity with the poor. As women who profess vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, we are committed to education and action for social justice. We bring the Gospel of Jesus to all while acting as agents of peace through justice in all our relationships, towards all peoples and cultures, towards the earth and all creation.”

These goals fit perfectly with the 'Unity Principles' set out on the Women's March website.

Also, the Ursulines have joined a number of other progressivist women's religious Orders in participating at the United Nation's sessions on the Commission on the Status of Women, which is another venue to indoctrinate girls in radical feminism. You can see their promotion of the event on the Ursuline website, where they announce future plans: “Looking toward March – consider sending students to the UN Conference on Commission on Status of Women. March 11-15, 2017.”

I do not have a Facebook account, so I could not visit the page you mentioned. However, I do not think it is enough for parents to "vent" their concerns on the progressivist Catholic high schools run with the approval of the Dioceses.

It is better to look into private traditional Catholic schools or home-schooling programs in order to properly form their children and counter the revolutionary indoctrination called education that is being provided today, following the spirit of Vatican II.

Parents are responsible before God as the first educators and formers of their children, a responsibility that must be taken very seriously. This important precept of the Church will not – and cannot – change.

I hope this will be of some help to you.

     Best regards,

     Margaret Galitzin


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 7, 2017

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