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Pectoral Cross, Shining Sheen & 2000 ‘Secret’

Papal Pectoral Cross

Dear Tradition in Action,

Look closely at the papal pectoral cross, maybe you’ll see what looks like a corpse, with arms folded across the chest, not outstretched. “A picture says a thousand words…”

And I don’t like what I see either in way of his [Francis’] face, too strident on having a good time.

I worked in a Novus Ordo convent for seven years. What bothered me the most was the forced and phony cheerfulness.

The Titanic is sinking; has sunk…

     Don’t tell me to have another nice day!


Papal pectoral cross


Advertising on Your Site


I came across your site and I’d like to find out about the possibility of purchasing some advertising space.

Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in and we can discuss things a little further.

Thanks for your time.

     Best regards,


TIA responds:

Hello H.J.,

TIA does not post paid or gratis ads. We only advertise our own books/CDs.


      TIA correspondence desk


Was Sheen a Freemason?


I was watching a video on youtube the other day about 3 days of darkness and such. In it they played a video of Bishop Sheen during the ‘50s or there about, talking about the Fatima message and he got some information wrong. I didn't think much about it, just figured the information during his time was inaccurate. Until I noticed the masonic hand signals.

I went out online to see if I could find some information on it when I came across something that was said on your website. I knew I could trust you, you are my 'go to' for truth and I was not disappointed.

Anyway, after reading your articles (here, here, here, here and here) and viewing a video that you have where he praises John XIII, I noticed he flashed the signals even more. I am now more convinced.

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. His role was to get good Catholic people to accept the Council and the New Mass and all that followed. Of course to do that he had to get them to trust him first.

I was wondering what your thought on it was. The only thing that doesn't make sense is the supposed miracle of the baby. Do you think that any of that information about the miracle could be made up? I know you can't know that but how can it be explained otherwise if what I observed was true? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

Also, I read your articles on Rock'n roll. Fortunately, I wasn't an avid listener of the music, but my husband, who used to be in a band, has about 400 CDs of all kinds including many rock. He wasn't really an avid listener either and the CDs are stored in the shed waiting to be disposed of somehow.

Anyway, I wanted to get rid of them ASAP because of the demons that came with them. I was wondering what was the best way to do it to ensure the demons go away. Burning them in a fire? Burying them? Target practice? Any suggestions?

     Thank you.


TIA responds:

Hello L.L.,

Thank you for the trust you have in us. We appreciate it.

We don’t know about the miracle attributed to Archbishopp Sheen that you are referring to. But, generally speaking, we have seen many fake miracles be attributed to those whom the Conciliar Popes want to be beatified and canonized. The cases of Newman and Mother Teresa stand out. We can no longer trust the commission of doctors at the Vatican. The doctors approve any “miracle” the Pope wants.

Regarding the CDs, there are shredders for papers that also destroy CDs. You may buy or borrow one of them. It is an easier and cleaner way than to burn many CDs. If you want to use some as target practice, it is a good idea, but, unless you have a private shooting range, it will take a long time to get rid of all of them.


     TIA correspondence desk


The 2000 ‘Secret’ Is a Scam

Dear TIA,

I often check your site to keep up with what is going on in the world of Tradition. I have recently been revisiting Fatima to clarify things in my own mind. This involved reading the book of William Walsh, which is excellent. Also, I have read many of the articles on your website and these are very helpful, especially the "Two Lucy's" articles which were exceptional.

I have been struck, however, by an uneasy sense that things are not as they are portrayed by some Traditional sources regarding Fatima. It seem that over time the message has been "redirected." not just by the Vatican authorities, as Homer Sweeney points out (here and here), but by others who position themselves in the Pro Fatima camp.

Particularly I refer to the document released by the Vatican in 2000. This happened before I came to Tradition, so I had no knowledge of the controversy until about 2003. Recently hearing an audio made of Fr. Hesse addressing the "alleged" Third Secret released in 2000, I realized for the first time that the whole document was a complete scam, not just that a part was missing.

I was taken aback because I had followed all the Fatima Conferences etc and often read articles on this subject since 2003. I asked a good friend of mine her view and she also had always assumed that the Third Secret released in 2000 was a true document, but that there was a "missing part." It turns out we were not alone. It is a very important matter, because, if we accept that the document released by the Vatican is a true document, we will have this idea of the Pope being killed by enemies of the Church.

It's a beautiful red herring, is it not? Give a completely false account of the Third Secret, then a patently ridiculous explanation (Pope John Paul ii being shot in 1981) and everyone will be absorbed in talking about that instead of observing the reality of what is happening to the Church around us. Other matters occur to me also, but are too long to go into in this letter.

Further, in a book by Mr. John Salsa on Fatima he states, as a fact, that the Vatican released part of the Third Secret in 2000, therefore stating that the vision was the truth as written down by Lucy. He does not mention the deep criticisms of this Vatican document made by Fr. Hesse. (Criticisms which were, at the time, published by the Fatima Crusader issue 64) Also at the end of this book Salza publishes a copy of the Fr. Fuentes interview with Lucy. Comparing this with the other copies of this interview published, including on your site, one notices many differences.

Another issue that I have encountered is the apparent suppression of the numerous books and writings by Fr. de Marchi. This priest was a close friend of Lucy and his work is described by the historian William Walsh as an "historical" document regarding Fatima. Try getting hold of his books now.

I enclose below one of the pictures I found on my hunt through the Fatima maze. Jacinta being carried by her father after the Miracle of the Sun. Is this not beautiful?

I should be delighted to hear your observations on the matters I have raised, if any.

     Yours faithfully,


TIA responds:

Dear J.H.,

We agree with you that the 2000 “secret” is a fake to try to bury Fatima’s message. It is also a pity that so many so-called Fatima experts are actually playing into the hands of the enemy, the Progressivism that has infiltrated the Church to silence Our Lady’s warnings.

Besides the articles of Mr. Sweeney you mentioned, there are several articles on our website that coincide with your observations on this bogus secret, you may read them here, here and here.

Thank you for your observations and for the interesting photo.


     TIA correspondence desk

Jacinta carried


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 1, 2017

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