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More Data on the Original ‘Third Secret’

Third Secret of Fatima

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

I have been reading with a great deal of interest all of your writing on the Third Secret of Fatima which finally came out back in 2010 when you first posted it here. I know that you recently unscrambled it using photoshop. My question is did you use photoshop on it before you posted it on April 27, 2010 or did you post it in its original format sent to you by the Portuguese reader?

Then my second question was what sort of format did this anonymous Portuguese reader send it to you as? I think that your web site was one of the first ones that this anonymous person trusted because of your integrity in upholding tradition.

     Keep up the good work.


The Editor responds:

Dear J.B.,

Thank you for your interest in my comments on the “Third Secret” and for your kind words.

I go on to answer your questions:
  1. I did not touch that original photo; I posted it on April 2010 as I received it.

  2. I would need to double check my archives from 7 years ago – I have no time at this moment for this task – but I believe it was a simple attached file with a photo, the same that I posted.
Now, I offer you some other data:
  1. I do not believe the sender had TIA or me especially in sight. During that period of time he sent the same photo to many other American websites and blogs. In a search I made before posting the document, I remember reading many comments about it on different websites, blogs and online forums.

  2. Another curiosity: On those Internet forums, persons started to track the sender to find out who he was and see from where he was coming. To avoid being discovered, the sender changed names and internet addresses for each new message he sent.

  3. This led me to realize that he was a very well-trained and agile internet user.

  4. I also reached the conclusion – I could be wrong – that his e-mails to those American sites and to TIA were coming from Galicia. Galicia is a region that encompasses North Portugal and Northwest Spain.

  5. Because of some characteristics of that man’s e-mails, I raised the hypothesis that he probably was from North Portugal. This is why I mentioned the possibility that the sender was from there.

  6. Since at the time TIA posted that document almost everyone was commenting on it, I presented this origin of the document as a personal opinion, without making all this explanation.

  7. As the time went by, almost all the data of those sites and blogs disappeared from the Internet, but TIA’s information remained, because our website was designed to maintain past documents in a way that is easy to access.

  8. So, here you have the background you seemed to be looking for.
Some time ago, I offered other data/hypotheses on this document that may interest you. You may found them in this article and in the answer to this question.


     A.S. Guimarães


Fatima Secret

Dear TIA or Mr. Guimarães,

A group of friends from Church said that your site had been given the Third Secret of Fatima back in April of 2010. So, I started reading up on it. It was hard to stop; it was so fascinating. When I read more of Mr. Guimarães articles it seems like he believed that someone - a falsifier - changed it somewhat. When TIA first got it from that guy from Portugal, did you correct the falsification right away or did you just put it on your site as this person sent it?

I think that knowing anything we can about this Third Secret of Fatima will only help to get the Vatican to admit that you have the real third secret, then maybe they will Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It could even stop World War III.

When you see what is going on in Korea and the Middle East, things don't look good.

Traditional Catholics know the consecration under Pope John Paul II wasn't done right.

This Third Secret shows us how much John Paul II messed up. TIA shows how badly the Vatican has been running the Church. It's been a real eye opener looking at your site.

Thanks and be assured I am going to tell more people about it.

I hope you can answer my question.

     God bless you.


The Editor responds:

Dear M.K.S.,

Thank you for the consideration you show for us in your message. I am really glad that our work is helping to shed light on the whole picture of the crisis in the Church.

Regarding your question, my answer is  that I did not touch that document. I posted it as I received it.

I believe that the sender made some alterations on it to scramble its full meaning, but I did not touch the photo I received.

Sometime ago, I wrote an article showing how easy it would be to change that document and, more recently, I suggested a new presentation of it, which you can read here.

I invite you to read the answer I gave to the reader above. Most likely you will find the data of interest.


     A.S. Guimarães


Fatima Movement

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

I was wondering if you`ve seen this article that posts Tradition in Action`s article about Lucy I and Lucy II? I thought it was very interesting. It includes information that seems credible to suggest that Sister Lucia was murdered by the Illuminati. I think it is very possible.

The person who wrote this article, the owner of this website, seems to be sede-vacantist and even seems to have lost his/her mind with regard to the Faith - saying that Mary is God, posting what is supposedly the real Third Secret, etc. and other crazy things - an all too common occurrence in these last days. It is sad, but, this person is intelligent (perhaps too much so for his/her own good). This article about Sister Lucia seems to complement that of Tradition in Action.

I would be interested in your thoughts about it if you so care to share.

     In Christ,


The Editor responds:

Dear M.G.M.,

TIA does not have any link with this website.

Using good technical resources, it mixes interesting information with stupid statements.

It seems to me it is a website made to spread the false idea that the traditionalist movement is composed of crazy people. I would not be surprised if it would prove to be inspired by progressivists to achieve this goal.

When the “third secret” spoke about a “cathedral” in Fatima, this site – which was one of the many sites that posted it, as stated in the first posting on this page – started to ask for money to build a cathedral in Fatima. This was, in my opinion, a scam to cast a shadow on the traditionalist movement.

Also the prank that Our Lady is God seems to follow the same path.

Again, neither TIA nor I have any link with this site.


     A.S. Guimarães


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 20, 2017

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