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Fire & Fury as Never Seen Before

Allies of Pope Francis attack Morality

Dear TIA,

A Vatican publication released a few days ago attacks conservative Catholics who try to stand up in defense of moral issues in the United States. It was written by close allies of Pope Francis, Fr. Antonio Spadaro, and Protestant ‘minister’ Marcelo Figueroa.

The article condemns those who protest against such things as abortion and homosexual ‘marriage,’ calling such people “value voters” and castigating them as letting religion motivate their politics. It goes on to describe them as "those who profess themselves to be Catholic [but] express themselves in ways that until recently were unknown in their tradition and using tones much closer to Evangelicals". Basically anyone who holds a conservative position is now no longer Catholic, comparing them and evangelical Protestants to Islamic Jihadists.

Moving on, the article sings praises of “traditional ecumenism” and derides the “ultra conservatives” who supposedly try to give politics the veneer of religious justification. That conservative Catholics and conservative Protestants both oppose the American democratic left is described as an “ecumenism of hate.” It further attacks the idea of spiritual combat, and derides the belief that the world will someday be approaching the apocalypse.

The Archbishop of Philadelphia, though a false conservative in many ways, responded by stating that the ongoing culture war in the United States was neither wanted nor started by the conservative Catholics. It is a war being forced to the front of American media and politics by the militant left.

This type of article would not have disgraced even the pages of secular journals, yet here we have a Vatican outlet producing such shameful works.

The original article can be found here.

     Best regards,



It Filled Me with Joy


Thank you for your comment regarding the title “Doctor”.

I was writing a paper and introduced myself as “Daniel Roig Ph.D" and I got a correction notice from Word. I, then, “Googled” to see what the problem was. I, then, realized it should be “Ph.D.” with the second period after “D.” Looking down the page of my Google results, I saw your article “How to Address the Holder of a Ph.D. – Tradition in Action” and opened it. It filled me with joy!

By coincidence, I got a note from a reception desk at my doctor's office today. To paraphrase, it started: “Dear Mr. Roig. Dr. So-and-so is not able to help you with your question, but Dr. Other-so-and-so may be able to if you make an appointment.”

I replied with a thank you and other comments and signed off “Dr. Roig.” I was wondering if I was out of turn doing this. My Ph.D. does not relate to their field. But I also knew that “Dr. Roig” was more correct than “Mr. Roig.” I suppose I was feeling a bit competitive, as I could have just ignored it.

I agree that we are in an egalitarian culture where, academically, we must all console mediocrity, as opposed to attempting excellence. We do not hold the same disrespect for those outside of academics, as evidenced by our “worship” of athletes, entertainers, young billionaires and health enthusiasts. This, unfortunately, has driven our culture towards its latest obsessions, and potentially away from our present position as leaders of the free world.

Okay, I digress. But thank you for your words; it was a true pick-me-up!


     Dr. Dan Roig

TIA responds:

Dr. Raig,

You were right on target when you used your title of Doctor when dealing with medical doctors.

It was a service of justice for you and other Ph.D.s who spent so much time, effort and money to earn this title, but it is also a service for the common good of all to show the M.D.s that they are arrogant when they pretend to be the only ones who deserve this title.


     TIA correspondence desk


This Coming October 13

Dear Tradition in Action,

I'm a little familiar with the miracle at Fatima and I've heard some people talk about the possible significance of October 13, 2017. So, I was curious as to the readings for that date in the Church missals.

I catch Mass at several locations, so I checked a few different missals. Specifically, the readings I saw included: "Response: The Lord will judge the world with justice." and "Gospel Verse: The prince of this world will now be cast out..."

With the tensions mounting between North Korea and the rest of the world (and its specific animosity toward the U.S.) and the increasing unease with Russia, it is interesting to say the least.

Has anybody else said anything about October 13, 2017? And has anybody noticed or said anything about the readings?

Thank you. (I'm not one who takes all the warnings that the world will end on a specific date seriously, but Fatima may be in a different class from, say, the Mayan calendar, etc.)

Wanted to know your opinion.

     God bless and thank you, again.


TIA responds:

Dear L.D.,

We praise the connection you made between the increasingly hostile challenges of North Korea against the U.S. and the Miracle of the Sun that took place on October 13, 1917.

Indeed, what seemed to be predicted in that miracle is that a chastisement of cosmic proportions would occur should the world and the Church not heed the admonishments of Our Lady.

Yesterday, referring to the ever-greater threat of North Korea, which is preparing to send an intercontinental missile over Japan to the American territory of Guam, President Trump used these strong words: “They will be met with fire, fury and, frankly, power the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

Now then, very similar words were used by President Truman a few days before the atomic bombs were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These were his words: “If they do not now accept our terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the likes of which has never been seen on this earth.”

So, it does not require one to be a genius to realize that we can be on the eve of an atomic attack over Pyongyang. If this happens, it could well trigger World War III, which in turn could start the predicted cosmic chastisement.

You may find other links between the Miracle of the Sun and chastisements here, here and here.

We hope this assists you in some way.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 10, 2017

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