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St. Bridget on Celibacy & Masculine Women

End of Priestly Celibacy

Dear TIA,

Recently you posted a news report that Pope Francis is considering ending the priestly vow of celibacy and allowing priests to marry.

I want you and your readers to check what Our Lady told St. Bridget about the Pope who would do this (screenshot below).

I hope these prophetic words have some impact to stop such a crazy decision.

     In Our Mother,


St Brigit apparition on the Pope who ends priestly celibacy


‘All Conciliar Popes Are Saints’


The modernists at the Vatican are moving at great speed to have all the V2 Popes as "Saints", the agenda continues. Check it here.

Viva Cristo Rey y La Virgen de Guadalupe



Meeting Gun & God…


Quite telling this warning I found (below).

Enjoy it.


a picture with a shotgun warning intruders


Madame or Miss


I would like to know how properly to address a woman if it is not known whether she is married or not. It is easy for a man because he is always a "Sir." But if I don't know whether a woman is married or not, should I address her as "Madame" or "Miss"?

     Thank you for your help.


TIA responds:

Hello M.D.,

If a woman is not wearing a wedding ring on her ring finger, then it is appropriate to address her as Miss.

Usually, she will gently correct you if you have made a mistake: "It is Mrs."

The address Madame is not commonly used in the United States.


     TIA correspondence desk


Social Harm Caused by Masculine Women


Your website is a good repository of information albeit depressing at times to see how far from the norm we have come. I have to wonder if it's so far from the norm that it will take some horrible event to restore it.

I know some men close to 60-years-old and as young as 32 who are glad that they never married and that is sad. They find women today revolting. Women just aren't women anymore. We cared not when we allowed the transgendering of women over all back in the 1950s and 1960s with women wearing men's clothing and beginning to act like men.

Today they are men. As such, they have abandoned their wombs for college and career. I am amazed at the number of women I know from my youth who had no children and now they are miserable. …

Some of my male friends report that women no longer have use for husbands as a result of career and college, and, therefore, don't look for them and care not what a man thinks – especially when it comes to their vulgar, pornographic clothing. They are no longer mothers.

It seems that, in the 1980s, women married just for the husband's money and sperm as society was not yet fully conditioned for the cohabitation "friends with benefits" program of today where women dress like street walkers in yoga pants and leggings to attract the lusts of men for more permanent arrangements. She gets a place to live and a continual source of money and he gets his lusts satisfied and abortion is readily available for a child accidentally or inconveniently conceived. Though sometimes the child is welcomed but in an unstable, unhealthy environment. Some elderly people I know see this for what it is – a woman "compensated for serviced rendered," yet the younger generation sees it as normal.

My son, who is in his 30s, pointed out that today's women abhor masculine men which is one reason why he no longer seeks a wife. They will only look for effeminate men as masculinity means male domination and effeminate men will do nothing to protect them (which they don't want, anyway) or comment on their clothing in charity, or care that every other man out there is lusting after their "wife;" as my son pointed out, these woman are always looking for a better offer.

They can brow-beat and dominate the effeminate man who has absolutely no sense of any decency in mind or dress, often looking like a little boy and acting it as well. The subtle transgendering of men into "soft and fuzzy" effeminate creatures began in the 1970s as the women's movement began taking off: Men were scared and confused, marriage was just starting to be undermined, and I nearly fell into it. Women started wanting men "in touch with their feminine side." Now, they want men who are virtually homosexual or at least somewhat gender neutral. …

[The girls at] traditional Mass chapels are of no assurance because many of those girls simply dress and act the part for a few hours on Sundays to please the parents or conform to the norm of that day, then they go back to their vulgar attire Sunday afternoon. It's sad but amusing when I encounter some of these individuals dressed like street walkers outside of the chapel during the week, and they are clearly uncomfortable when they see me and try to hide. I would say that most of the families in my traditional camp are suffering greatly.

It is truly sad. I do not know where this is going to lead us. I hear that the population is in decline from people just not having children as well as abortion and contraception. Marriage is in a shambles; even in my traditional chapel most marriages are inverted with the wife in charge, and it's funny that all of those "in charge" women who treat men in a condescending way are college graduates. I hear these days that the best way to ruin a woman permanently is to send her to college because of the high feminist and pro-LGBT influence there.

I'm glad, though, that you are getting the message out there. Satan is definitely getting his last best shot but we all know that he's going to lose in the end. Seeing people so horribly dressed – men sloppy and dressed like little boys and women dressed like street walkers – is both a cross and penance for many of us.

     God bless and keep up the good work!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 9, 2017

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