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Unknown Photo of Lucy II

Hello dear friends,

I hope you are all doing fine, and keeping your spirits high despite everything.

I'd like to share a photo of the sister Lucy n°2 (in a postcard format) I ordered a few months ago from Portugal, bearing a 3rd class relic. I think it should be of great interest to you, as I haven't seen this photograph elsewhere on the internet, at least when doing a rapid search on Google now.

small depiction of the postcard showing sister Lucy II

A larger photo is available at the end of this message

I am completely flabbergasted by everything I've been reading on your website lately, and I highly appreciate your work, dedication, precision and seriousness – so this will be a small contribution to thank you in a very humble way...

As you can see, on the back of the card, beneath the seal, are the words "Fotografia: Carmelo de Fátima, em Agosto de 1980." - translate Photograph: Carmel of Fatima, in August of 1980 (See second photo at the end of this message)

Apart from the photograph, which shows a definitely different person from the sister Lucy known before 1960, how can anyone in his right mind believe this sister is 73 years old, which would be the case if the picture was really taken in 1980, and the person standing there actually was the real seer of Fatima?

Either it is the right person (which you have shown to be highly doubtful) and the date must be mistaken, or it isn't the real Lucy and then the date could be right. But if it IS the real Lucy, the picture can't possibly have been taken in 1980 – unless sister Lucy had an incredible health and appearance... which we know is very unlikely, considering what Fr. Fuentes, for example, said ("she was very sad, very pale and emaciated").

Surely, the real seer must have continued a life of mortification after entering the Carmel: Even if she could have been forbidden to mortify herself excessively, there would have been some physical sign of her inner, spiritual suffering for the salvation of souls.

Isn't this chubby nun, showing a relaxed and almost neglectful demeanor far from what we would expect (as you have also shown in some of your posts) ?!

Furthermore, this sister seems to be only about 10-15 (max. 20) years older than the pictures you have displayed of sister Lucy n°1, when she was a Dorothian (Dorothean?) nun – whose age you estimated between 30-39 (and I agree).

Face of Sister Lucy 2 as depicted in the postcard
I'm beginning to wonder, considering all these approximations or blatant discrepancies, if the Carmelite nuns in Coimbra haven't been trying all the while (?!) to warn the world/Church that something suspicious is (was) taking place? I mean, they could have been a bit inattentive on one or two occasions, not realizing that some details didn't fit the overall "picture" and "show" given to the media... but to the point of being so careless and so naïve as to make such and so many mistakes?! To the point, i.e., of issuing such an absurd relic-card?

I'm sincerely starting to doubt it, knowing to what great pains contemplative nuns usually go, trying to be faithful to the Lord in the least and every detail of their ordinary lives! Or else they are/were overly confident, knowing they were supported/backed by the ecclesial authorities, which is also possible.

The only thing that should perhaps be checked, is if this relic-card was really made by the sisters of the Carmel of Coimbra, but comparing with other "relic-images" I have, coming directly from convents, everything seems to have been done following the rules, with the official seal of the Convent etc.

If it's a fake – and there's no serious reason to question its authenticity – I suppose those who made it would at least have tried to be as faithful as they could to the facts "publicly known" about this picture, i.e. the date it was taken, wouldn't they? Otherwise, why even mention it? In any case, I also send you a screen copy of the address on Ebay where I ordered the picture-relic. (See third row below)

Thanks for everything you do...

     May the Lord bless you and Our Lady always keep you in her loving Care,

     A.R., Switzerland

large postcard depicting Sister Lucy 2 smiling at Fatima

back of the Sr. Lucy post card

Ebay listing of the Post card seller


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 21, 2017

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