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Pronouns, Dog Mask & New Abortion Clinic

New Pronouns

Hi Atila,

I’m sure you are aware that the LGBT (…) agenda is really moving forward with their intention to confuse/obliterate pronouns.

One of my colleagues today received an email from a professor at another university, who had the following in his signature line: Pronouns: he, him, his. He later explained how he had a young woman in his class, to whom he had referred to as she. The student went on to “correct” his error, as she wishes to be known as: they, them, he, his, him.

I have to wonder how long this inversion of God’s order can go on…

     E.S., Ph.D.


Vatican Official Linked to LGBT World


From ChurchMilitant.com comes this interesting report, that the overhaul behind Vatican media is being led by a company heavily into LGBT activism, and the Vatican official in charge of the redesign of communications has strong links to the LGBT community. This sector is directly responsible for nominating pro-homosexual Fr. James Martin as a Vatican communications consultant.

Read more here.



Catholic Dance


I appreciated your thoughts on dance in a recent post.



Seven Cities of Gold

Good morning Marian,


As I am reading the book, Discovering Our Lady of Bethlehem. I noticed that the story was already familiar to me.

I now realize that the movie “Seven Cities of Gold” is based on this story. If you have not yet seen that movie, I do recommend it.

God bless you,

     In Maria,



Deacon Wears Dog Mask


During Mass at St. Rose of Lima Eddystone, Deacon Anthony Dilenno donned his own underdog mask to support Eagles.

Check the photo below; read more here.


Deacon wearing a dog mask


Celebrating One Year of TIA's Event

Dear TIA,

In celebration of your event's one-year anniversary, and in honor of Dr. Remi and his love for piano, I present you with “Happy Birthday” in the style of Chopin.


Video here.



Two Full Moons in the Month of May


Custos quid de nocte? [Sentinel, what is going on in the night?]

Laudetur Jesus Christus! [Praised be Jesus Christ]

In his own manuscript of the 5th January 1870, deposited in the archives of the Salesians, St. Don Bosco prophesies the return of a pope from his exile to Rome and the following revival of the church in an era of peace for a year with two full moons within a month of blossom (mese dei fiori - month of the flowers).

Between 1969 and 2045 only the years 1988 and 2026 have two full moons within the month of blossom MAY.....(between March 2018 and May 2045 no March, no April, no June!).

     In Christo Rege et Matre Ejus [In Jesus and His Mother]

     M.T., Germany


Francis Honors Pro-Abortion Promoter

God bless TIA,

Re: Francis Awards Architect of Safe-Abortion Fund with Pontifical Honor

The Pope does not condemn homosexuality (which cries to Heaven for vengeance), abortion (which is premeditated first-degree murder), adultery and other sins of the flesh (which condemn more souls to Hell than any other sin), and Syncretism, inter alia.

The Vineyard is deserted. Rome contains many anti-Catholics and enemies of Christ, but the system of the anti-Catholics in Rome is crumbling. These enemies of Our Lord tried to destroy the Church, but they have failed.

Thank God that TIA and others are replanting the Vineyard, and are in the forefront of re-converting the world. The Gates of Hell will not prevail over the remnant led by Tradition in Action.

Please stay well.

     In Maria,

     J.S., Ph.D.


Two Sr. Lucia Theory

Dear sir,

I find this theory very interesting and plausible.

There is one hanging objection: Was Sr. Lucia so isolated that no family or friends were permitted to see her or notice the change in her status or appearance? Can it be verified that no one she knew could uncover the plot?

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Dear Mr. J.P.,

Thank you for your message.

A similar objection to the one you present was answered by Mr. Guimarães in a discussion on the topic with another person. You may find his answer here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Take Action against New Abortionist Clinic


I want you and your readers to know about the content of this email.

I believe it is very important for Catholics to take action on this issue ASAP.


Planned Parenthood Has Brought an Abortion Mill to Flossmoor

As very few receiving this e-mail are already aware Planned Parenthood has opened a new, large (10,000 sq. ft.) abortion mill on Governors Highway in Flossmoor. After a concerned area business owner was stonewalled by the law firm representing the corporation that did Planned Parenthood's bidding through the planning and renovation project, this business owner's fears were confirmed the day of a ribbon cutting and the clinic opened at the beginning of last week. There was no sign erected until after the ribbon cutting.

Additional Freedom of Information Act requests regarding details of the approval of the project by the village and the construction process have been fulfilled and public efforts are underway as of late last evening to counter this mill.

Pro-life individuals, pro-life groups, and pro-life churches throughout the Southland need to be made aware of this clinic's existence IMMEDIATELY. This is a whole lot closer and "convenient" to 65% of those receiving this e-mail as well as your neighbors than Aurora, Merrillville, Woodridge, Downers Grove, downtown Chicago, or Englewood.

Needs will be many! Anyone who is willing to assist in opposing this clinic in any way, please respond to this e-mail with a simple one or two word response. (We'll read more; but that will get you on a shorter list as we move forward.)

More info will be coming to everyone late this week as strategies and specific plans are put in place. There will definitely be information on setting up a group to work on this and similar challenges while networking with local groups, churches, and individuals throughout the Southland to bring more resources to this battle and meet future challenges.

     In prayer & respect for all human lives,


John L. Ryan
708-945-8247 (cell)


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 25, 2018

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