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Abortion in Ireland & the Dictator Pope

Prayers for Ireland

Dear TIA,

Ireland will be voting on May 25th on whether to vote down the 8th amendment which bans most abortions in Ireland. While the law itself is evil as it allows women to travel outside of Ireland to receive abortions, striking down the law will pave the way for much more evil.

Here is a link to a Life Site article featuring a you tube video in which an Irish priest calls for Catholics worldwide to aid Ireland through the Rosary and the Mass.

     May Our Lady of Guadalupe Protect and Save the Preborn,



Great, Clear, Rare

Dear TIA,

Re: Feel-Good Saccharine Heresy

You wrote: "Protestants constructed a different spiritual reality that you call Jesus, which has nothing to do with the real Jesus Christ whose sole Mystical Body is the Catholic Church."

Great! Clear. Rare.

     Thank you,



Taking Him Out to the Wood Shed


Re: Feel-Good Saccharine Heresy

I loved TIA's reply to BH...

You really took him out to the wood shed...



SPLC Is a Hate-Mongering Scam


Since you also were attacked by SPLC as a hate group, you may be interested in passing to your readers a new article showing that SPLC is a scam.

You may read it here.



The Dictator Pope

Dear TIA,

I haven’t seen you addressing the topic of the book The Dictator Pope by Henry Sire, a member of the Order of Malta and historian.

I pass on to you and your readers a video of the interview Sire granted to National Catholic Register last April.

It is a rare opportunity to see a scholar speaking clearly what all of us know, but only a few like TIA have the courage to say.

It’s a brilliant confirmation of what you have been saying for years.

Keep up the good work,

     In Christ Jesus,




Good morning,

Do you have an article on the New SSPX?

I am V.H.. I heard you have a new article on the “New False Right Crowd.”

I have been with the SSPX for 10 years now, because I researched Arch Bishop Lefebvre. I feel in love w/ his carrying forward all the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church. Now, I have sensed a slight transition from him. We have a newly ordained priest who is 30 or something. We have invited him over to discuss TFP.

He of course was completely against it. We have been with them for several years. He then chastised me for complaining about a lady who openly brings her children to a Novus Ordo co-op. He told me I should go to confession and get that poison out of me.

I am a convert for 16 years now. I have never been ridiculed by a priest this way since I have been in the Church. I mean when I first came to the sacraments I was in way worse shape than what I presume I am now. This priest degraded me to nothing.

I had to go to another SSPX Church to confession. That Priest told me he experienced the same thing from that priest. Father also said he wished he was in another district away from him. He felt he wanted to go back to England or Scotland in a more quiet place.

Do you know something I do not know with the SSPX?

     St. Rose of Venerini, pray for us.


TIA responds:


We are sorry the priest you mentioned treated you badly. He should not do that since he should be a representative of Our Lord Jesus Christ for his parishioners.

The article about False Right is here. Other articles showing a change in the principles SSPX seemed to stand for - of being against Vatican II and the New Mass - can be read in the post below. For more on the topic of False Right, please visit this page.


     TIA correspondence desk


Strangled Cats

To whom it may concern.

Good afternoon from Brisbane Australia.

I attend the SSPX Mass here and am quite annoyed by the congregation singing the responses during Mass because frankly it sounds like cats being strangled as the majority of the laity have no training in the chant.

Can you please advise what if anything Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre said on the subject of Dialog Mass?



TIA responds:


It is sad to see that the SSPX entered the slippery sloop of assimilating many aspects of the New Mass.

Arch. Lefebvre himself declared that he accepted Vatican II insofar as it is interpreted in the light of Tradition, as you may read in this magazine. He also wrote to the Pope suggesting that SSPX be incorporated into the Conciliar Church, as you may verify in this document.

Besides, all of SSPX priests say their Masses according to the Missal of 1962, which was the first step leading to the liturgical reform later approved by the Council in 1963 and the Novus Ordo Mass imposed to the Church by Paul VI in 1969.

Giving these precedents, it does not surprise that many of the priests of SSPX are already encouraging their congregations to apply the dialogue Masses in their chapels.

We would invite you to read the Dr. Carol Byrne's excellent well-researched series on the Liturgical Movement that was promoting active participation in the liturgy even before Vatican II. Here she responds to a question about the role of congregational singing in the Mass.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 15, 2018

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