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Seashell, Via Dolorosa & Picnic Altar

Seashell Legend

Hi Dr. Horvat,

As a theology student in 1980, I read the amazing books Confessions and City of God by St Augustine. One memory I have is of the Sea Shell story you’ve written about. You say it’s from De Trinitate. Over the years I’ve looked for that reference but have never been able to find it again. Wondering if you can help.

Thank you so much for your reminder of the Seashell story and St. Augustine, and thank you in advance if you can send me your reference. Merci!

     God Bless you,


Dr. Horvat responds:

Hello Mr. F.X.,

I am glad to hear you profited by being re-acquainted with this charming story.

This legend was well-known in the Middle Ages, but as far as I know it has no grounding in anything that Augustine himself wrote or preached.

It found its way into the 15th century book of Saints’ lives by Jacobus de Voragine, titled Legenda Aurea (The Golden Legend).

You can read and quote the original here.


     Dr. Marian Horvat


To Be or Not To Be a Conservative

Dear TIA staff,

I just completed yet another blog post, in fact since I last wrote I posted two. If you like them and find them appropriate, please share them with the traditionalist community. That would be great. The two posts are:

1. Are Moscow and Beijing Already Blackmailing the West into "Cooperation" On Their Terms?

2. What Is Conservatism, and What Isn't? - An Examination.

     God bless!

      O.R., Europe


School Uniforms


I'm a bit behind on my TIA reading but saw some things of interest. None of what I read surprises me because I suspect that we are in a Godless society now as part of our Fatima chastisement.

I have to wonder if our diabolically disordered treatment of animals has at least part to do with the hatred for humans that has grown slowly since abortion and contraception became normal and accepted. We can "legally" dispose of any human life that we don't want so long as it's not born; similarly we whisk away the creation of life with contraception. Humans become annoying, inconvenient to us. It's no wonder that school shootings have arisen. Take the guns away and they'll resort to knives, bombs, anything they can find.

I am not entirely impressed with the French uniform story. I am a big proponent of school uniforms for the reasons that Dr. Horvat states but this concept has been manipulated and corrupted like everything else in this Godless world.

I noticed in the article's picture that male and female are wearing the exact same attire – pants, shirt, sweater and, notice, no tie of any kind as that would force a gender distinction. This is right out of George Orwell's "1984" where gender distinctions are eliminated. This point was decades in the making. Catholic high school girls looked like young women in their uniforms, usually a blouse and jumper with flat dress shoes and perhaps a sweater or jacket. They were dressing like young girls starting in the 1970's with knee socks.

By the 1990's they were rolling up their skirts to be more immodest to the point where some schools gave up and let them wear pants. Now pants are optional and you can guess what a young woman today will choose if given a choice – the men's wear option. This is true with both Catholic and secular school uniforms. They are cheering the demise of dresses and skirts in uniforms the same as they are cheering the abortion laws in Ireland. The rebellion has been there for a long time; it's just getting more intense.

The transgender crowd wouldn't have it so easy and been so easily accepted if, fifty years ago, we had kept insisting that women dress as women and men dress as men and stuck to it. But, a society that only wants to do what it wants to do and not be told to do anything, and will certainly want to "marry" an animal.



Holy Church in Her Via Dolorosa

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

Many thanks to you for writing and publishing the Collection: Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? It is not a series I am reading from cover to cover, but as Dr. Remi Amelunxen recommends, slowly and perhaps by subject.

Having been raised during my childhood in the moderate Lutheran church, with Martin Luther portrayed as a kind, fatherly figure, who braved the evil, repressive Catholic Church to give us “freedom,” shows that I had a lot to learn! Gradually, I did learn, and converted. I often wondered why most of my family left the Lutheran church for various aspects of paganism. By looking up Martin Luther in the indexes of all eleven volumes and reading the entries, I found out the clear reasons why. Many errors in Lutheran thought gradually turned many towards agnosticism and more confidence in nature than in God.

I think the main clarification came with the words in Vol. III Animus Injuriandi II - p. 33 n. 41g, where “Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia, Ibi Deus” clarify that where the Pope is, there is the Church."Nevertheless, the Church is in the Pope when he behaves as Pope (as head of the Church); however, should he cease to act as Pope, the Church is not found in him, nor is he in the Church”. And it is true that when we are in mortal sin, we are no longer in the Church, until we repent and go to Confession.

This solves much for me, and helps to stay with Holy Mother Church on Her walk of the Via Dolorosa, still pure and immaculate, despite the disfigurement of Progressivism's persecution.

I believe that every confused or doubtful Catholic should read the Collection: Eli Eli Lamma Sabacthani?, as many things are clarified.

      Thank you,



Picnic Altar


Take a look on this “renovated” church in Austria. The parish priest says it is the new “theology turned to stone.”

A friend sent it to me. It was found by Gloria TV.

     Keep up the good work.


Renovated Austrian Church Shows New ‘Theology Turned To Stone’

The 1693 baroque church of Saint Anthony in Heinfels, Tyrol/Austria, has been subjected to a bizarre transformation.

The pews were removed. They were replaced with a faithful copy of a picnic table put in the center of the nave which is surrounded by curved benches. The altar is left somewhere behind the "presiding priest".

The parish priest, Father Anno Schulte-Herbrüggen, explained to Kleine Zeitung (June 2) that this is “theology turned into stone”.

In reality, it is "secularism turned into wood" transforming a house of God into a place where people, bored by the New Liturgy, may distract themselves by gazing at each other.

Picnic altar Austria


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 19, 2018

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