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A ‘Shocked’ O’Malley, Rosary & Dog’s Kiss

The ‘Shocked’ Shepherd’s Lie


So, the American bishops are just dying to get a clear policy against “evil,” aka clerical homosexuality and pederasty, Cardinal Sean O’Malley tells us. I think he is a little late for that since many members of the U.S. hierarchy share the vice and the crime.

It’s time for the laity to ask the $64,000 question. Where were these “shocked” bishops and cardinals and popes when Bishop Ferrario, Bishop Joseph Symons, Bishop Anthony O’Connell, Bishop Patrick Zirmann, Bishop Daniel Ryan, Archbishop Rembert Weakland, Bishop James Williams, Bishop Joseph Hart, Bishop George Rueger, Bishop Robert H. Brom, etc. etc. etc. – were raping young boys and young men including their own seminarians?

The Catholic hierarchical “overworld” has been protecting the Catholic homosexual and pederast criminal “underworld” for decades.

If there is to be any true reform, it must begin at the top, that is, the Papacy. And unless God gives Francis the same treatment he gave Saul, it ain’t going to happen any time soon.

     Randy Engel


McCarrick Fell from Grace


TIA's coverage of the McCarrick homosexual scandal (here, here and here) is an echo of what the late Fr. John O'Connor said regarding the influx of homosexuals and the sodomy that goes along with it into Catholic seminaries during WWll and shortly after the war.

He proved that sodomites were given the green light to the fast track to advance into the Church Hierarchy.

Additionally, Satanism often is part of their lifestyle. A famous prelate once said: A priest becomes a Bishop in one of two ways – either the push from below or the call from above.

McCarrick seems to have been a "made man" early on in his career as priest, still he needs prayers and penance done on his behalf.

     Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us.

     Our Lady of La Salette, pray for us.



Sinful Secular ‘Sacraments’


Why do we need to pray the Family Rosary every day? Because we live in the Age of Moral Vomit. To 'skip' the Rosary is even more foolish than hiking across Death Valley and leaving your gallon jug of water behind because it was too heavy to carry.

Our Supreme Court has turned 2 sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance (willful murder in abortion and homosexual marriage) into secular sacraments. Our government backs the evil of Marxist Feminism to the hilt and families are being destroyed by the millions. Instead of praying for the conversion of the Jews to Christ, millions of confused 'Christians' support them in continuing their rejection of Our Lord. Delusional insanity at best!!

So, please, the next time you are tempted to 'skip' the Rosary... wake up and smell the coffee... or maybe... the Roses!



Loving Dog’s Kiss

Dear TIA,

The man in this news report paid a terrible price for accepting dog "kisses:" Receiving a grave infection which resulted in him loosing four limbs.

Original Sin is indeed the easiest doctrine to prove!

Keep up the good fight!



The Wild Blue Yonder

Dear TIA,

I always look forward to TIA's Sunday morning music surprises, and today's Air Force anthem was quite a surprise. This song is a staple when I play piano at retirements homes, a 30 year venture now. Among the dozens of songs we sing, I always include this, and the Army, Navy, and Marines marches, as well as the very nice Coast Guard song.

If you aren't familiar with this last, look it up. In addition in teaching music at a couple of Catholic schools, I have made sure the students know and sing all five of these military marches -- a small antidote to the anti-patriotic mentality which the Left (and the Church, but I repeat myself) is encouraging.

     Patrick O'Brien


The Lamb’s Supper


My friend, who still sees nothing wrong with the Novus Ordo Missae despite my trying to warn her about it, has given me the book The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn. She spoke glowingly about it, but I am adverse to reading it as it’s all about the NO mass, which I refuse to attend. I’ve searched the net for a traditional review of it but can’t find anything.

I would be grateful of any assistance.

     With thanks


TIA responds:


To assist you in this situation, we ordered the book by this author and are asking one of our writers to write a book review.


     TIA correspondence desk


Nun ‘Marries’ N.O. Couple


Are they preparing the way for "women Priests" with this stunt? The information here is accurate.

The Novus Ordo Church is quickly turning into a "lay Church" as the valid Sacraments are mostly no longer to be found. We should not be upset by this because this is simply confirmation of the process of "auto-destruction" that Paul VI spoke about after the "smoke of Satan" came into the Church, as he noted back in the 1960's, when he looked around at all the mess and confusion of his Second Vatican Council.

What Paul VI and many of the conservatives in the Novus Ordo have not realized (at that time and in the present) is that smoke is an indicator that something is on fire... They did not put the fire out but let it burn 95% of the Church institutions down... and so, now, thanks be to God, the Faith is yet still preserved by those who cling to holy tradition as opposed to the modernist novelties. The "nun" of course probably looked like a man!

God help them... and God and His Mother help us to stay far away from them.

Let us pray that some conservatives in the Novus Ordo will finally come to Catholic sense.

     Fr. Ronald Brown


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 1, 2018

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