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Ecuador, Re-discovering America
& Indiana Law

Ecuador against Abortion & Gender Ideology

Dear TIA,

A quite impressive manifestation in Catholic Ecuador: Families went to the streets to protest against the government policies of abortion and teaching the LGBT agenda in schools. Under the motto “Hands off my children” the families demanded the replacement of two state ministers.

The demonstration also warned that parents will choose home-schooling if the government does not listen to their demands.

A good coverage is presented on the blog Eponymous Flower.

     Keep up the good work, TIA is making a difference.



Re-Discovering America


A new study has ended, concluding that there were actually two Sister Lucys.

Here is the link to it, and its title: "Fraud: Facial Recognition Technology With 2,400 Picture Comparisons Shows Sister Lucy I (Pre-1958) and Sister Lucy II (Post-1958) are definitely NOT the Same Person."

What does TIA think of this?


TIA responds:


It is always good to have a confirmation that actually there were two Lucys, as we clearly demonstrated more than 12 years ago. Indeed:
  • Dr. Marian Horvat proved it on April 27, 2006;

  • A precise study of age progression and regression photo comparisons was made by a professional company on October 13, 2013, confirming the two Sister Lucys;

  • A Spanish forensic expert in graphology made a professional analysis of  handwritten texts of the two Lucys and issued a sworn statement that they were written by two different persons on May 2017.
So, it became quite certain that Dr. Horvat was actually correct when she first sustained that difference in 2006.

Now, in August 2018, another person contracted some analysts to re-make the study. Its conclusions were released in these last days. They also prove that there are two Lucys. Even though we already knew this, it is a good confirmation.

However we don't think it is honest is to pretend that this latest study is the one that decided the issue.

Undeniably America had already been discovered…


     TIA correspondence desk


Modest Fashions in Church

Dear TIA,

A friend sent me this photo (below) showing that it has been a continuous practice of the Catholic Church to forbid the access of women inconveniently dressed for Masses and religious ceremonies.

There is actual minor order, ostiarius, that performed the function of guard posted at the entrance of the Church to prevent persons from entering who were improperly dressed.

I wonder when some traditionalist priests will learn this lesson and realize that one cannot be anti-liberal in religion and liberal in customs. We humans are consistent: if we think correctly, we should dress correctly; if we dress incorrectly we will end by thinking incorrectly…

     In Jesus and Mary,


Vintage picture of a man blocking immodest women from entering Church

In Cadix, the Bishop issued an interdict against women whose chests and arms were not entirely covered and who wore short skirts and transparent hosiery from entering the churches


Cursed Be those Who Do Not Fight

Dear TIA,

Thank you for reminding us of the words of St. Bernard on how God chastises the good when they do not fight against His enemies.

Fr. P.A.

St Bernard


Vogue Magazine Promotes Francis


Regarding your comment on Card. McCarrick: Is it not an irony that the moralizing stimulus of the Conciliar Church comes from the indignation of the immoral media?

The litany of endless filth will never end. Lately I have asked in everything I read and do, “What is the applied redeeming value...?” Listing Vatican II N.O. filth for disgusting endlessly head-shaking nauseous events now and in the past, the answer is that there is none.

“What do you do after an altar dog!?” Mrs. T. commented to me long ago.

However; while being abused by monkey music at, 'Whole Foods Will Save You and the Planet' after coffee, I noticed a Vogue Magazine (July-August 2018) with the word Pope on its cover. I bought it. There is an article entitled The Children's Hour about pope Francis and the children's train he met with for an hour. It has text written by two Jews, and ultra famous Annie Libowitz did the photos.

The Children's Hour is a very famous 1950's book by Lillian Hellman about a teacher at a grade school accused of filth with another teacher of the same sex. It turned out to be true. It is a sodomite code word for approval of filth. It was an “ice broker” novel in those days. Almost anyone reading this in the “hip world” would catch it.

Great “hooking” in the marketing of this article… Its text is a real witness to how twisted the world is and also Jorge. They use the pope to market the many causes of the post-modern liberal. Great irony! They succeeded. How many, many millions will read this article, have more espresso, and sigh, “Yeah man...!” and turn the page? I think you will appreciate it.

The “immoral media” in this article are not “indignant” - they are jubilant! They should be: They won. I made copies for a few here and gave the magazine to our priests.

Article has no “redeeming value” at all. But it is a witness for us to read, think about, regarding the depths of how twisted all is in post-post-modern oblivion USA.

And it is available to all cell-phone slaves.

     Thank you,



Indiana's New Law on Sex-Education


Indiana passed a law allowing parents to block sex-education for their children.

Read this article: The new law empowers parents to veto inappropriate sex ed.

This law should be passed in every state.

Below is a copy of the consent form


Indiana parents consent on sex-education Indiana parents consent on sex-education


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 2, 2018

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