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Surgeons of Souls & Disabled Children

Surgeons of Souls


I have noticed an increase on certain sites of posts claiming the ending of celibacy being an answer to the homosexual predator problem in the modern church. It is a ridiculous opinion, to say the least.

So, I have sent this out to some and I hope it helps a little, but I doubt it.

Explaining how a seemingly negative situation (celibacy) is actually a very spiritually positive situation is indeed difficult to explain ...even to some Catholics who don't view celibacy as they should. Certainly priests have brothers and sisters and family members to be concerned with but to have complete responsibility for a wife and children would make it impossible for him to give his entire self to Christ and His Church.

If a priest was married he would basically have two masters, Holy Orders and Matrimony and that is why celibacy enhances the priesthood. So, a married priest would end up being only part time and that simply is not good enough for the seriousness of administering the Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Faith.

After all, doesn't every patient want the surgeon's undivided attention? Can you imagine how you would feel if you were the patient and the surgeon answered his cell phone while operating on you? Aren't our 'spiritual' surgeons more important than our 'bodily' surgeons?



Swimming & Lifting Weights

Dear TIA,

Re: Under Angel Wings: Protection at the Beach

This has to be one of the most profound articles I have read anywhere. The more I reflect, the more it seems that I have been very much misled by the world as to what I think is acceptable dress and what is permissible for viewing as entertainment.

I was going to join a health club this fall to swim and lift weights. I have put that idea out of my mind now.

     Thank you.



Approach on Disabled Children


I have been wondering about how people with disabilities were viewed before the Progressivist Movement gained in strength. I didn’t realize that the fields of speech/language, occupational, and physical therapy, likely among others, all stem from this movement, which holds that the needs of the marginalized, etc., must be addressed on a societal level.

This is somewhat sickening to me, given one is my line of work.

What is the Catholic orientation regarding people with disabilities? I presume they should be viewed as consequences of bad parental issues, and provided meaningful work by their families, but it is likely I am missing something somewhere along the line.

Thank you for your help with this question, as well as so many others I have asked.

Trust in our continued prayer for you & all who tirelessly work for Our Lady & Lord.

     E.S. Ph.D.

TIA responds:

Hello Dr. E.S.,

We believe people with disabilities deserve all our charity and efforts to help them bear their crosses and save their souls.

The impairments are consequence of Original Sin and are present in the world to remind us all that in this life we always have a cross to bear, whether we have a disability or we are helping someone who has one.

As you mentioned, some bad behavior of the parents – such as the use of contraceptives – can be the cause of disabilities but this is not always the case. Disabilities have always existed in the world, and often in virtuous families.

The existence of disabled persons can be focused on in two different ways:
  • Before Progressivism, the Church showed them all the attention and charity she could and encouraged parents and relatives to be good and patient with them. However, she never considered them to be equal to normal people. They were considered as mentality or physically disabled.

  • After Progressivism – and with the spread of Egalitarianism and Feminism everywhere – an erroneous and sentimental approach became dominant, which demanded that disabled persons should not be treated as not-normal since this could harm them and cause discrimination. Thus, instead of stressing charity in caring for them, Progressivism and the Revolution are making the imposition that they be treated as equal to everybody else under the pretext that they have equal rights.
The difference is in the focus: One considered them as unequal and not normal, and treated them with charity; the other considered them as equal with the right to be treated as equal; otherwise they would be discriminated against.

Since the reality is that they are not normal, those movements – the Revolution and Progressivism – are dictating that everyone must accept every disability as normal and pretend that there is nothing objectively wrong with persons with disabilities, which is a lie.

Now then, even if the entire world says that they are normal, the reality does not change. They are not. It is another myth of the Revolution that sooner or later will dissipate. The present day spell will dissolve and things will be seen again in the full light of reality.

Further, something similar to what happens with disabled children is also being applied in the school system with regard to less gifted children. Sentimentalism added to Feminism are imposing that the unintelligent or disruptive students cannot be left behind. Consequently, they cannot fail their tests or be sent from the classroom or the parents will complain that the teacher is discriminating against them. This is causing a tremendous damage to the learning progress, because without rewarding the better students and punishing the worse ones, there is no stimulus for the intelligent and diligent ones to progress. It also discourages the good teachers, who are left with no means to maintain the proper discipline for learning in the classroom.

These are only two fields in which children are being harmed as a fruit of Egalitarianism and Feminism, which are fully endorsed by Progressivism.

We hope these general lines may answer your request.

Thank you for your prayers and be assured of ours for you and your family.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 28, 2018

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