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Knights of Columbus & Peter Damian

Knights of Columbus Labeled as Extremists


Please read this news report in which senators Kamala Harris and Mazie Irono accuse judicial nominee Brian Buescher of being a extremist on the grounds that he is a member of the Knights of Columbus, which are against abortion, homosexual “marriage” and don't allow women in their boards.

At the moment that the Knights of Columbus, a well-behaved middle-of-the-road association, can be labeled as extremist and this accusation is taken seriously, nobody except a leftist can be considered a normal citizen. It is an aberration that reveals that the Democrats – of which Harris and Irono are good examples – want to destroy our Democracy and establish a dictatorship of the most radical left.


America vs Columbus: Considerations


Greetings, and repeat the sounding Joy of Christmas!

In regard to the article by Lucas Janusckiewicz Coletta, Removing the Statues of Columbus, the same impelled the following gloss:

In these years Ukraine has given a good example to the world by removing thousands of statues of Lenin and other similar revolutionaries. Indeed, in a used theosophy and by historical reckoning, those tumbled and their adherents, are linked to the murder of peoples and suppression of entire populations by and through their planned Communist Regime.

Notably also, last November the city of Los Angeles USA decided to remove the Statue of Christopher Columbus, from its Grand Park. The City councilman and supervisor alleged that Columbus, along with the Catholic Spanish colonizers, practiced genocide of the indigenous peoples. The San Jose council members voted to remove Columbus’s statue from its City Hall in March 2018.

It is questioned whether these politicians are truly concerned about genocide. There appears in recent times a distributed playbook, a coordination of thinking which insists upon its own purity, indeed its own ends, of which the means are to be accepted. The sought to be initiated seemingly have no other option in this, as in regarding their nurturing, training and funding, to inexorably foster that which they may have not truly examined, yet believe because the nurturers, indeed 'world' calls them. Alas, such is the intended result. Meanwhile, there do remain those who recognize both those who have been trained to foster, and those who seemingly acquiesce in direction.

When the Portuguese navigators arrived in Brazil, the Spanish missionaries they brought with them reported how the Indians ceremoniously ate the bodies of their enemies as a manifestation of victory. In such innocuous times the season or weather or crop mandated a child be thrown into the fire; the witchcraft by what says so would be determinative.

How primitive those Indians were. Nonetheless, their lives are presented today as perfect.

These things may be applied to the map-titles of history; oh, name the past war or an embassy of country today which has not adopted a silence in acceding to boiling one's child to survive. By contrast, destroying all 'tribal life' by conflating the same with 'people of the land' and by extension 'family,' condemning the same as anachronistic for purposes of achieving the primacy of the state's role over the family, does not appear to be incidental, merely ironic.

Applying history pre-supposes knowledge of that history and its time and place. Intellectual honesty should be the standard for one who thinks they know about the indigenous or once-conquered of whom they speak (or whom they intend to speak for later). Some speak while not bothering to actually examine the charred bones of importuned children, women, men, slaves, conquered and sacrificed, whether it be an internal tribal ceremony or external ritual, transaction or action, and so their platitudes and overarching intent risks exposure for what it is.

Such convinced zealots of the new order speaking of choices do not see any time or place other than their own, and thus dispense with the wisdom of that which has been gained by history, while nevertheless seeking to anoint and exploit a memory. These seem to have, out of whole cloth, created their own epiphany, and "history," rather than understanding history and its incalculable contribution to that which they disavow in their rush to implement utopia.

Whether lazy or intentional, the danger in doing so is, of course, not without historical precedent; both those not knowing that they have been manipulated, and those who presume to be the manipulators will find their momentary materials will fade away, leaving them and their heirs with nothing that they know. They congratulate themselves with the emoluments of the present. They are grasping at air. All descendants must grapple with the true application of what they hold dear, while realizing they cling to what comes of them. It is discernment of what is to be truly clinged to in the face of intentional destruction which is to provide the happy remnant of the maintained faith.

To be sure, there are those who did not disavow, rather did not know, and yet followed. Beware that, in the engagement of the future, some have and may see the formula of maintenance, destruction or re-discovery in different ways, and that the path continues to be both laid and open for them to decide.

Contrary to the energy and guile directed to suppression of anti-modernism and its intended applications to influence hearts and minds via media; contrary to its chosen narrative or even re-invention of history, (whether by ignorance or manipulated distortion); contrary to a world of ridiculous pretension regarding free expression when one side seeks to define free; the question always remains, "Are you for Me or against Me?"



League of St. Peter Damian


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. I am.

Having pondered the best way to attack FOP – the Forces of Organized Perversion – inside and outside the Catholic Church, I’ve decided to create the international “League of St. Peter Damian.” When push comes to shove, we all know the fact that the war we have been fighting is in essence the eternal war between God, His angels and saints and faithful Catholics, and the Devil and his minions.

I hope that the new League will provide us with the spiritual armour we need to survive, flourish and conquer in His name.

I’ll be in the organizational process from now until February 23, St. Peter Damian’s Feast Day, at which time I will release information on the new League. Right now I’m doing the basics of having stationary made, etc.. I’ve also accumulated all the St. Peter Damian’s written works which includes numerous volumes. I’ll figure out some kind of membership form and other organizational matters trying to keep everything as simple as possible.

The League of St. Peter Damian will be a special project of the U.S. Coalition for Life so I don’t have to waste time and money incorporating a new group, or having new officers etc. It will have the same address of the USCL but have a separate program whose main purpose is to promote the teachings and works of this long forgotten saint who was the hammer of clerical sodomites in the mid-1000 A.D.

The USCL will continuel to handle the practical and political side of the battle.

Somewhere down the road, if the League catches on I’ll have to do more, but for now, I’ll do what is possible which is to propagate the theology and writings of St. Peter Damian especially as they regard the grave sin of sodomy, especially sodomy in the ranks of clerics and religious [male and female orders).

Obviously, St. Peter Damian will be the patron saint of the new League. He wrote many great religious works other than the Book of Gomorrah and certainly he deserves our devotion in the battle that we, as faithful Catholics, are fighting for God, family, and country.

I’m sending this to a select group of friends in order to get your little grey cells moving about the League of St. Peter Damian – any ideas, comments, suggestions, etc. will be appreciated. More later. Please let me hear from you.

     A Blessed New Year,

     Randy Engel


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 1, 2019

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