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Wife’s Role & Trust in Clergy Plunges

Pray for My Conversion


I was born and raised a Jew. I have come to believe in the teachings and beliefs of the traditional Roman Catholic Faith. I desire with all my heart to become a Catholic.

Please pray for me.

     Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me.



You Are Not Fanatical Zionists


Your recent letter saying you are fanatical Zionists is off the mark. With the countless number of posts exposing Zionism; it would be a waste of time to try and convince some of TIA's understanding of Zionism, and to explain it to others already predisposed against your work.

I consider, though, that 911 and those who planned it intended to turn the U.S. into a Communist Police State and have done so with just more tweaking needed to be complete.

The tragedy of it is that the Great Conspirators tie it all altogether at the top to get the masses to not only ask but to demand safety and protection at the expense of their liberty. Hello Homeland Insecurity!

The neo-cons were Trotskyites, skilled at getting Americans to ask for new chains and to love their new chains.

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.



Is TIA Sede-Vacantist?


It seems that most (if not all) the sedevacantist Catholic groups shun the John XXIII Missal because it references St. Joseph in the canon.

Should I interpret from this and the latest article in the TIA newsletter that TIA is a sedevacantist organization?



TIA responds:


You could also have added to your question this other reasoning: “All sede-vacantists wear shoes; now then, all the members of TIA also wear shoes, so, should I interpret this to mean that TIA is a sede-vacantist organization?”

We would answer: Not necessarily. To wear shoes is a common practice of civilized people and the fact that we and many other persons have this practice is not conclusive of a political or doctrinal identity.

If you had understood Dr. Carol Byrne’s arguments in the article where she dealt with this topic, you would had seen that she stressed that St. Joseph, although one of the greatest Saints and the Patron of the Church, was not placed into the Canon for almost two millennia. She gave sufficient evidence that to introduce St. Joseph in the Canon was a pretext chosen by the progressivists as a precedent to start to break a millennial tradition of the Liturgy of the Mass.

If the sede-vacantists say the same, then, good for them, because this is the truth. But, this is not conclusive of our position regarding the papacy being vacant.

You may benefit reading this page of answers to questions on this topic.


     TIA correspondence desk


Wife & Husband Roles


I enjoyed reading that article by Marian on balancing work of men and women.

Could I add my two cents?

I am a French Catholic. I wanted to mention that women worked before Marx. All the women in my family worked, my grandmothers etc. On the farm etc. They were always equal to their husbands with different tasks.

It interesting to research the occupations of women. I found that out by researching my genealogy. Every marriage entry mentioned the women's occupation. Even the higher class: St. Therese de Lisieux's mother... she was a lace maker.

The difference these days is that Marxism, the father of feminism, convinced women it was a better deal for them to work for a boss than working as an equal with their husbands. Small entrepreneurship is frowned upon. Breaking the family starts by getting the women out of the home. So they made having your own salary a must. Before, the profit would go to raise the kids.

The husband/wife team has been broken. Some trads think the women must reduce herself to raising kids and cleaning the house. My females ancestors would have been appalled and thought us as quite selfish and lazy.

One of my aunt farmers told me to sell my knitting to help my husband. My great grandmother was a lace maker for Breton headwear. They all did something on the side and were quite good at it.

This is the true Catholic woman. Re-read the old testament about the ideal wife!

I thought that an article on this would benefit many. I can't write properly in English but thought if you could explore the role of small entrepreneurs who were Catholic women, that would be great.

Catholic women are not nannies, they provide help for their husbands. I would rather work for and with the man I love than for a stranger.


TIA responds:


Thank you for your praise of Dr. Horvat’s article on the role of the husband in the house. We are passing your letter on to her.

You make several interesting points. There is one position, however, that differs from ours. We do not believe that the roles of husband and wife are equal, as you state.

According to Catholic doctrine the wife must be subordinate to the husband as St. Paul teaches very clearly (cf. Eph 5:22-33; Col 3:18).

There is no equality in the family: The husband is its head and the wife is its heart. To say that head and heart are equal is nonsensical. Both have important functions, but are clearly different.


     TIA correspondence desk


Trust in the Clergy Plunges


Please, pass on to your readers the article below on a recent poll on the credibility Catholics have in the clergy.

I don’t need to comment anything. I just recommend that they read it. It speaks very eloquently about the present day situation.

U.S. Catholics losing trust in clergy, survey finds

Washington D.C., Jan 11, 2019 - Trust in the clergy has declined sharply over the last year, a new Gallup poll shows. Only 31 percent of American Catholics now rate the honesty or ethical standards of the clergy as “high” or “very high.”

The figures, released Friday, show a drop of 18 points since 2017. Among American Protestants, the same question produced a relatively stable number of 48 percent, a drop of only one point since 2017.

The survey was conducted between December 3-12 and surveyed 1,025 adults.

Americans previously registered a drop in confidence with the Church itself. A similar poll, conducted last summer, reported that confidence in the Church dropped from 52 percent in June 2017 to 44 percent in June 2018.

Since that poll was taken, the Church in the United States has suffered a number of abuse-related scandals, including the resignation of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick from the college of cardinals following multiple allegations of sexual abuse, and the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report that reported allegations of widespread clerical sexual abuse in that state over a period of several decades.

Read more here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 15, 2019

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