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Xi, Danneels & Scala Santa

Xi Shuns Pope

Dear TIA,

So, here is the communist president Xi's response to Francis' concessions to the government-controlled ‘Catholic’ Church in China. After the Pope legitimizes its bishops (some married with children), asks faithful Underground Catholic Bishops to resign their posts, gives up the right to choose the Bishops, and basically turns his back on the Underground Church, which is suffering new persecutions from the government, president Xi comes to Rome and ignores the Vatican's invitation to visit...

It is an incredible affront and a show of arrogance. He doesn't want "any sign of foreign influence in China affairs" - including the Catholic Church, which now seems to belong unofficially to the government.

Everything favors Communism and Beijing with this communist Pope.

Read more here



Russia Confirms Occupation of Crimea

Dear TIA,

Interestingly the Russians commemorated five years of occupation in Crimea. Although five years ago we saw some reactions against that act of violence, which broke all the international accords, today almost no one thinks of it. It shows the tactic of Communism; it also shows the lack of fiber of the West.

We see today Trump interfering in Israel to give the Golan Heights to the Jews. Why didn't the U.S. intervene to expel the Russians from Crimea? Why didn't Europe help Ukraine to do the same?

Please, click on this link to see how the communists are imposing their dominion over the Crimea population. Since the news report is in Portuguese, you can click on 'translate into English.'



Madrid Cathedral Profaned by Cardinal


"Honor of Muhammad" was sung by infidels inside the Madrid Cathedral.

Read the news and watch the video here.

     In the Rays of His Divine Mercy,



Progressivist Card. Godfried Danneels Dies


The Telegraph Obituary says it all.


Telegraph Obituaries - 17 MARCH 2019 - Godfried Danneels, the Cardinal Archbishop of Malines-Brussels, who has died aged 85, presided over the Catholic Church in Belgium for more than 30 years and was one of the international standard bearers of the liberal and progressive wing of the Church.

His period in office saw an unparalleled decline in the Church’s fortunes, with the influence of the once mighty Belgian Church reduced to insignificance. Danneels was also implicated in the cover-up of child abuse, but despite this he enjoyed the confidence of Pope Francis to the end.

Cardinal Danneels


Scala Santa Restored

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I thought your readers would like to know that pilgrims who visit Rome this Lent can have access to the Scala Santa, the Holy Stairs Our Lord Jesus Christ climbed on His way to meet Pontius Pilate during His Passion.

The news report below give you the needed information for those who plan to visit Rome in this period.

     I wish you and yours a Holy Lent.


Holy Stairs in Vatican to be uncovered for public to climb

Carol Glatz

Scala Santa

Mei Wen of Perth, Australia, touches an area of the Holy Stairs where Jesus is believed to have fallen, during restoration work at the Pontifical Sanctuary of the Holy Stairs in Rome March 15, 2019. Wen is one of the major donors who contributed to the restoration of the sanctuary. Pilgrims will have the opportunity to climb the bare marble stairs for at least a month after an April 11 unveiling of the renovated sanctuary. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See HOLY-STAIRS-PILGRIMS March 15, 2019.

VATICAN CITY – March 18, 2019 – For the first time in 300 years, the marble steps of the Holy Stairs will be free from the thick wooden panels installed in 1723 to protect the stairs and left uncovered for the public.

For at least 40 days, people will be able to touch and climb the bare stones that, according to tradition, are the ones Jesus climbed when Pontius Pilate brought him before the crowd and handed him over to be crucified.

The soon-to-be cleaned steps and newly restored frescoed stairway will be unveiled April 11, the week before Holy Week, during a special blessing ceremony at the Sanctuary of the Holy Stairs. The marble steps were going to be left open to the public temporarily before the original and restored wooden panels would be put back on.

The decision was made during one of the final phases of the sanctuary’s restoration – a 20-year-long project overseen by the Vatican Museums and funded with the help of private donors, foundations and the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums.

Paolo Violini, the Vatican Museums’ head fresco restorer, and his team were so astonished and moved when they saw the degree to which the stone steps had been worn away, he felt this hidden testimony of faith had to be seen and experienced – even just temporarily – by today’s faithful.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 26, 2019

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