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Rock, Hip Hop & Hosts for Black Masses

Rock Loses Audience

TIA (from Twitter)

Re: Obituary of Rock

Rock had its moment, but is rapidly losing popularity in the eyes of the world. Jazz music had its moment before. In the future, something else.

The spirit of revolution is quick to adapt to the short cultural attention span of pop music listeners.



Gaga Is Worse than Rock

TIA (from Facebook)

Re: Obituary of Rock

Modern pop like Gaga or Hip Hop is worse than metal. Rock is always assumed to be metal or hard rock, but these genres are out of fashion these days for the most part, but yes rock hip hop and dance/pop is bad for the soul generally speaking.



Hip Hop Is Also Bad


TIA (from Facebook)

Re: Obituary of Rock

Heavy metal has always incited elements of satanic gestures and practices. However, unlike hip hop music, it has never attracted the same type of international success. World wide. Hip hop music is now mainstream and consistently used as a backdrop in films, television, animation and even on commercials and advertisement!

It fosters all forms of debauchery. Including sexual pleasure, the glorification of murder, sexual exploitation, disrespect for authority and law enforcement and, like heavy metal, it is immersed in satanic gestures as well!

The Zionist executives who control the music industry, Hollywood, television, the media, sports, fashion, academia, advertising and literature, are determined in poisoning the minds of American youth. By endorsing this poisonous music like a toxic drug!

Sadly, we no longer have a visible pastor or clergyman who would dare renounce this cultist music. Nor discourage society in preventing their children from immersing themselves in the sick, diabolical world of modern music and all of the negative behaviors in which it evokes!



Makeup Sons of Satan

TIA (from Instagram)

Re: Obituary of Rock

Right!!!!! Godless people dressed in makeup sons of Satan and Carnal people.



Rock Is Taken from Satanic Priests

TIA (from Twitter)

Re: Obituary of Rock

John Todd of Sony music was a whistleblower of the satanic music industry. You can find his videos on YouTube where he explains that for all popular songs, the master disc is taken to a satanic priest to infuse with demons so that anyone who listens to it is corded to demons.

It is a good idea to listen to sacred music such as Hildegard von Bingen, Gregorian chants, etc because this sacred music connects us to celestial vibration and lifts up our soul. This is why the sacred Gregorian chants are so much more holy in mass than modern guitar music etc.



Denying 54 Years of Vatican II

TIA (from Facebook),

Re: Accusing the Pope of Heresy

New Church has a couple of neo-con clergy who love to separate the new order pope's who reigned from the period of 1958 until Jorge Bergoglio came to power. They believe that they are going to solve a minor problem by labeling Bergoglio a heretic and then ignore the real tragedy which was the Council of Vatican II.

Until they are find the courage to renounce the 54 year scourge of Modernism in which Angelo Roncalli, AKA Pope John XXIII initiated through the Council of Vatican II, then they are just going to continue to treat the same old symptom.

By raising yet another modernist pope who, like every other reigning pope of Vatican II, has contributed towards the diminishment of the Catholic faith!



Minarro Is a Heretic

TIA (from Instagram),

Re: Bishop Minarro

Well there you go finally a true Modernist!!!!

You know what I see a lot of radical traditionalists and I agree with this post I love this post right here but there's people who like to call all kinds of people modernist, when they see a priest in the church teach that all religions are the same they immediately say Modernism when they hear the priest saying that priests should be married Modernism, Modernism, Modernism.

A place that says all religions are equally the same as not a modernist he's a HERETIC too!

But this priest right here is absolutely a heretic and I agree with you and he's a modernist because you said that he believes that there is no absolute truth that's basically wood Modernism is the denial of divine revelation to the Church and Modernism also consists in Relativism which is a denial of absolute truth so I agree with you brother –



Repulsive in God’s Sight

TIA (from Instagram),

Re: African Dance at Catholic Parish

That “church” looks Protestant (oh, yes, it is...).

Those dancers are repulsive in God’s sight. Anyone who walked in there would assume it was a Protestant church by the appearance and the actions.



I Am Not OK with This

TIA (from Instagram)

Re: African Dance at Catholic Parish

I am an African American Catholic and this is not okay with me.

The Mass is not about us and something worldly like culture. The Mass is about God.



The Antichrist Is Among Us

TIA (from Facebook)

Re: Pius XII on Chastity

We need a Christ like Traditional hierarchy.

Modernism is eating the church from the inside out, because Popes want to adjust with the culture.

There is some evil infiltration in our Holy Church that want to devour her children.

The Antichrist is among us and some of us don’t see it or want to admit it.

Who do we serve, Jesus or Cesar?



Host for Sale for Black Masses


I read this in LifeSiteNews.

For sale on Etsy: Nine ‘consecrated’ communion hosts ‘for abuse.’

“On May 7, Catholics on social media were alerted to an Etsy listing offering what the vendor claimed were “Real Catholic Hosts, consecrated by a priest.”

The seller, calling himself “AL” and his business “Pentagora,” stated that the purpose of the nine hosts was “to abuse for classic black fairs or black magic purposes.”

The hosts, he said, were made and consecrated in Germany, and the listing indicated that they would be shipped from Germany.

LifeSiteNews contacted the vendor for evidence that the hosts were indeed consecrated.

“Maybe you don't know, but to celebrate an authentic black mass, you have to be an ordained Catholic priest,” AL responded.

“There are a handful of priests in Germany who work in the satanic underground. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell you more,” he continued.

“Germany has always been a country of the occult. You don't have to believe me. The right people recognize me, that's all that matters.”



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 14, 2019

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