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No Miserabilism, Notre Dame & ‘Father’ Title

Holy Week Liturgy

Dear TIA,

Here is a beautiful video of the traditional (pre-1955) rite of Holy Week. I was so pleased with it I wanted to share it with you. It is also a great example of how to resist Miserabilism in our Catholic liturgies.

Of course, there is one caveat: This beauty is a kind of hypocrisy if it isn't paired with militancy against the Revolution. Without a parallel resistance to the entire system of Vatican II, the traditional celebration of Catholic rites becomes more of a museum display. This is a major flaw of the indult groups.


     In Iesu et Maria,

     Mark J. Williams

Smoke of Satan

Dear TIA,

I’ve been reading through your articles on “The Third Secret of Fatima” vs “the Vatican’s Forgery” and articles on “the two Sister Lucy’s” when I read in your article: “Diabolical Disorientation & the Bogus Lucy” the following:

“In principle it is very good to alert people about a diabolical disorientation. However, it becomes suspicious when this alert is given to deviate attention from much more important things, to wit: the secret message Our Lady told the Pope to reveal in 1960, the consecration of Russia and the spread of the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

So, we cannot exclude the idea that this warning was an initiative to divert the attention of the faithful from the nucleus of the Fatima message…

It reminded me of the following article at akaCatholic: Was the “Smoke of Satan” sermon aimed at Abp. Lefebvre?

I think it ties in with the evidence you are uncovering that indicates the extent the Conciliar Popes have gone to impose Modernism in place of Traditional Catholicism

I found the connection helpful in seeing more clearly what has been going on in the Church.

Just wanted to share.

     Keep the Faith



Notre Dame Cathedral Walk Through


In this link there is an interesting exposé on the fire of Notre Dame and some clues on what the French government is planning to do “to restore” that historic monument of the Catholic Faith.

If you have about 10 minutes, you will not regret watching/reading it.



Vive la France - Deutschland uber Alles

Dear TIA,

I found this cartoon which I'm sending to you. It is self-explanatory. The European Union, whose main protagonists are France and Germany, has been used as a haven for Muslim terrorism.

     L.J.C., Brazil

Macron and Angela Merkel


Francis Reforms the Roman Curia


The Pope is slowly continuing with his reforms of the Roman Curia according to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

Last Friday, Francis appointed the first ever women consultors to the general secretariat of the Synod of Bishops. The four female advisers, three of them religious sisters, will help set the direction of a body which, under this pontificate, has become a crucial vehicle for setting the Church’s pastoral agenda

The next day, Francis named Bishop Miguel Ayuso Guixot as the new president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Perhaps the most far-reaching of all Vatican II’s reforms was in transforming the Church’s relationship with other religions, Judaism in particular. The new president is a 66-year-old progressivist Spanish prelate who speaks Arabic and is an expert on Islam, having served as a missionary in Egypt and Sudan.



No More ‘Father’


This is a “sign of the times,” to use John XXIII’s verbiage. According to New Zealand Cardinal Dew, the title of “father,” given to priests for about 2,000 years, should disappear because “it is an usurpation”…

When you go to a progressivist pope, he tells you to call him “Bishop of Rome.” When we go a progressivist bishop, he tells you: “Don’t call me Your Excellency, call me father.” It is to destroy the episcopal dignity. Now, we reach the point that even the title of “father” is ready to disappear…

So, in the end we should call them all citizens, comrades or 'guys' depending on how revolutionary we are – partisans of the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution or the Cultural Revolution.

Please, read the news report below.

     Fr. P.A.N.
Stop calling priests ‘Father’, says cardinal

( Catholic Herald ) - New Zealand Cardinal John Dew has said it is time to stop calling the priests "father." In the April newsletter, Dew said ending the use of the title of "father" could be "the beginning of reform in the Church" in relation to the scandal of sexual abuse.

Dew told the New Zealander Stuff that he would no longer like him to be referred to with that title and encouraged the priests to do the same.

Dew suggested that this could be a way to respond to Pope Francis' call to fight clericalism in the Church. He said that his effort "is part of a package of change of all clerical attitude" In his letter, Dew summarized three main points of an article written for La Croix International by the French priest Jean-Pierre Roche, entitled "Stop being called Father."

Roche first points out the Gospel, in which Jesus says "And do not call anyone 'Father' on earth, because you have only one Father who is in heaven" (Matthew 23: 9). Although Dew admits that the passage is "difficult to interpret and understand," he said, "the meaning is clear. Jean-Pierre Roche says that to be called "Father" is to usurp the place of God ".

Second, Dew drew attention to the power dynamic of referring to priests as "father." Dew said: "It is not possible to have equal relationships between adults who are brothers and sisters if we call one of them" Father."

Finally, he affirmed that the practice of calling priests «father» «may be insane, because it becomes an expression of dependence that is based on a false and unreal idea of obedience».

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 6, 2019

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