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Saints, ‘Racist’ Bell & Viri Probati

Wonderful Commentaries


On account of Plinio's absolutely wonderful commentaries on the saints, which I read every day, I am sending you this donation.

Thank God, for the Catholic faith... its becoming rare!!!


Beneficial Info

Hello TIA,

Thank you for the emails with the SSPX info. It is very informative and very beneficial.

I just want to thank you for what you are doing.




Dear Mr. Patrick M. Odou, Secretary of TIA

Wonderful article in response to the Sion issue! Concise, detailed, and cogent.

Thank you.

The truth will be revealed one way or another... for this we pray and work.

     Very respectfully,



Honest Intellectual Discussion

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your hard work, and honest intellectual discussions around Archbishop Lefebvre. I really appreciate it and hope that someone has concrete evidence to contradict the possibility he was a freemason.

These are tough, confusing times and I just wanted to thank you. I very much value your hard work and trust your site the most for Catholic teachings and advice on what I can do in this world.

     In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,



TIA Daily Mail

Dear TIA,

God bless you and thank you so very much for this email! I read the article immediately using its embedded links. This is the best news yet that Our Lady's Triumph could be so near!

As we await to see what happens, my heart soared the brilliant deduction in deciphering the Fatima Secret; it was truly logical, inspiring, gratifying and made complete sense!

I had the joy as a child of visiting La Salette on pilgrimage and treasure the memories. Most unfortunately my financial situation is such that I cannot send donations anywhere but, in my Rosaries, I promise to include you.

I have shared today's mailing by email with a number of close friends.

Interesting that this article [Will Rome Be Destroyed- Part 1] should arrive in my Inbox today when yesterday I spent hours listening to your 3 Videos all about Vatican II (here, here and here) which I only discovered on YouTube yesterday.

Thank you and God bless you for educating Catholic faithful in this manner.

As I am Hungarian, of course, loved your choice of music in the videos.

The best is yet to come! Let us persevere in prayer and penance!



Mission Bell Considered a ‘Racist’ Symbol

Dear TIA,

It is difficult to believe the degree of boldness the communists are reaching in our country. After infiltrating the American Indians, they are behind their “demands” to promote class-struggle of the Indians against the whites. Btw, to be against the whites is not a racist crime…

So, those holy monks who abandoned all their comfortable life in Europe to bring the Catholic Faith and Civilization to our primitive Indians, are now consider to be criminals by communists.

Their missionary great work, which we learned to venerate, now is presented as a work of exploitation of the “poor Indians.” On the wake of this propaganda, now the “Indians,” i.e., the communists who are speaking on their behalf, demand that the bell of the Missions in Santa Clara be removed because it is a “racist symbol”…

Come on, folks… Wake up! There are no genuine American Indians behind this claim; it is made in Russia and China!


Historic Catholic Marker Deemed ‘Racist Symbol’
Removed by University of California Santa Cruz

Paulina Dedaj

A university in California removed a historical symbol from its campus Friday in an effort to be “more inclusive” after a years-long campaign by Native American community members argued the marker highlighted a period of racism in the state.

The El Camino Real Bell was removed from the University of California Santa Cruz after administrators had several discussions with members of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and other community members who felt that the bell marker glorified a period of time when Spanish missionaries dehumanized their ancestors and culture and enslaved those who converted to Christianity.

Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services Sarah Latham said the school moved forward with the removal "in support of efforts to be more inclusive.”

The cast-iron bell, named after the route connecting 21 Franciscan missions, was one of hundreds of displays placed across highways in California in 1906 as a way to honor the state’s “Hispanic past” and “expand tourism,” UCSC said in a press release.

“The bell marker, which memorializes the California Missions and an imagined route of travel that once connected them, is viewed by the Amah Mutsun and many other California indigenous people as a racist symbol that glorifies the domination and dehumanization of their ancestors,” the release continued.

Read more here.


Married Priests Coming Soon

Dear TIA,

Well, it seems that the viri probati, elderly men, who you had predicted that would become priests (here, here, here and here) are at the door. The Vatican itself is announcing them.

The report below is self-explanatory.


Vatican Opens Door to Limited Ordination of Married Men as Priests

Jason Horowitz

In a potentially groundbreaking move, the Roman Catholic Church on Monday cracked open the door to ordaining married, elderly men to the priesthood to meet the pastoral needs of Catholics in remote areas of the Amazon.

The proposal would respond to the dearth of priests in the region by ordaining “viri probati,” or men of proven character, as they are known in Latin. It is the kind of exception to the celibacy requirement that church experts say — and church traditionalists worry — could be a step toward the ordination of married men in other areas of the world.

While affirming that “celibacy is a gift for the Church,” the Vatican document notes that there have been requests to consider, for the most remote areas of the Amazon, “the possibility of conferring priestly ordination on elderly men, preferably indigenous, respected and accepted members of their community.” Such men, the document said, could be ordained “even if they already have an established and stable family.”

Pope Francis has said in the past that he would entertain the possibility of ordaining “viri probati” in remote areas that are deprived of the sacraments. But he has also made clear that the church’s broader commitment to celibacy for priests remains intact.

The Vatican proposal was drawn up after consultations with Catholics in the Amazon region. If it is accepted, these married men would not be the first to serve as Catholic priests. Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVI, permitted the ordination of some married Anglican priests who converted to Catholicism to serve as Catholic priests. And some Eastern Catholic churches that are in communion with Rome, like the Melkites and Maronites, have long allowed married men to become priests.

But an exception for remote areas of South America would be different, addressing an extreme version of the shortage of priests that plagues the church in many parts of the world.

Read more here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 25, 2019

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