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Lay Celibates, Katechon & St. Christopher

Our Lady of Mount Carmel


I received your message for today on Our Lady of Mount Carmel from Mrs. Randy Engel.

This presentation is over the top excellent.


Daily Mail

Dear TIA,

I appreciate your Daily Mail post on Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and suggest that you forward it to Team EMSD — Ecclesia Militans San Diego.

I also received a great blessing at mass today. Very unexpected. I was enrolled in the third order Carmelites — the brown scapular. I am Hers!



Your Answer Gladdened My Heart

Dear Editors,

I’m so sorry that my honest question about Father Ripperger’s statement on failed circumstances has embroiled you in the need to now twice defend your answer, which was so thorough, intelligent, and which gladdened my heart.

It was astounding to see the irrational leap that people made from someone asking a question on what the Church teaches (possibly) and your thoughts on it to being an attack on Father personally. Father was quite public about what he said. How is it damaging his reputation to merely refer to what he said?

Whether he was quoting Aquinas, some second-class theologian, or came up with the concept of “failed circumstances” himself was completely irrelevant to me at the time I asked the question, although I didn’t hear him disagree with the concept on the video. But it was never about Father. It was about the concept itself, no matter who came up with it.

Thank you for fighting the good fight in all that you do.



Keep Defending Celibacy for Lay People

Hello TIA,

I am watching the thread with great interest on the vocations - where priests are presenting only two of the vocations – religious or married states – as the only options. It makes me sad and mad.

I'm a single man who took care of my parents (35 years of care-giving, had a serious professional career as a university professor) and always lived as a serious Catholic (tried to go to Mass daily, helped at the parish, helped many parishioners, etc.) I offered my life to Our Lord and the Blessed Mother, living chastely and doing my daily duty.

Many persons used to do this, help the family or community vs. marry. There is a single vocation that is being ignored today and those who have it are made to feel unfilled or like they don't really belong. That is wrong.

I know this is happening and that many traditional priests are being badly formed in this particular subject. One day when I was entering our church to make a holy hour, I found the parish priest giving a talk to the youth (high-schoolers) on vocations. He told them they should be 'discerning' their vocations now, and that they could choose the highest one, religious life, but if that was not for them, they should start preparing for the married life. That was it. Period. I was too furious to speak then.

Later, I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't even listen to my argument for the single state as a vocation, higher than marriage although less than the religious state.

I was really glad to find that TIA was supporting the single state as a vocation, and became a daily reader for that reason.

Please don't stop defending the traditional teaching of the Church.

     In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,



Katechon – The Restrainer

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your recent article regarding the exclusion of St. Michael the Archangel from the Novus Ordo liturgy. Although I have devoted years to studying the subjects treated on your website, every article you publish provides me with new insights and data; your work is greatly appreciated.

I wrote a book several years ago (as a personal exercise) in which I outlined my reasons for believing that this nefarious effort to marginalize St. Michael is, in part, a fulfillment of Second Thessalonians in which St. Paul warned that "removing the restrainer" would be a sign of the advent of "the man of lawlessness."

I thought some of your readers may be interested in considering this thesis and have attached the link.

In no way is this site monetized; as I appreciate the insights I receive from the work of others, I just hope in some small part to be able to return the favor and contribute to the conversation and the struggle on behalf of true Roman Catholicism.

Again, your work is greatly appreciated and has been a tremendous source of knowledge and inspiration; may God continue to bless you and your efforts.

     In Christ,

     Fr. T.F.


Did Saint Christopher Exist?


Many historians are saying that this saint never really existed but was just a pious myth.

I have an emotional attachment to this saint because one of my beloved cousins has his name. And the abbreviation "Kris" means a weapon (search Google) so it has a double-meaning.

Should I listen to these historians?


TIA responds:

Dear T.O.,

In order to please Protestants, Pope Paul VI “cut” from the Liturgical Calendar many Saints who were traditionally venerated in the Catholic Church, but whose proofs of historical existence were not indisputable. The list of these Saints includes St. Philomena, St. George and St. Christopher.

Paul VI made a great mistake, because the Protestants are against the Saints not because their lives are not historical, but because their pride does not admit any intermediary between each Protestant and God. So, the argument of a lack of historical evidence made against those Saints was just a pretext. The Protestants will never be satisfied with the concessions made to them.

Moreover, the Catholic Church is essentially composed of three parts: the Church Militant on this earth, the Church Suffering in Purgatory and the Church Triumphant in Heaven. Now then, several of the Saints “dismissed” by Paul VI have a very active life in the Church Triumphant, helping us, the Catholic faithful who are still fighting here on earth.

Any person with faith – we are not sure Paul VI could be included in this number – would look at the proofs that those Saints are in Heaven to confirm their earthly existence. Indeed, anyone who were to do this would find his hands full of examples of miracles and celestial helps given by these Saints. This confirms both that they are in Heaven and, consequently, that they actually existed, as Catholic Tradition tells us.

The history of protection given by St. Christopher to all types of drivers and passengers could not be richer; likewise, the many miracles and services of St. Philomena and St. George, Patron Saint of England.

The conclusion is that the historians – and progressivist Popes – who deny the existence of these Saints prove themselves to be myopic or nearsighted. Do not follow them.

Besides, to please the Jews, Paul VI also “abolished” other Saints whose lives or deaths revealed the Jewish perfidy, such as St. Simon of Trent, who was a child immolated by Jews in a murder ritual for their Passover. The historical existence of St. Simon has been proved ad nauseam. Today, even Jewish historians, such as Arial Toaff, have given public testimony of the accuracy of the Trent Tribunal that condemned those Jewish criminals. Nonetheless, Paul VI also alleged that there was no historical proof of his existence…

We see that these Saints have not only existed historically, but after Vatican II they suffered a second death, being sacrificed as martyrs on the altar of Ecumenism and Interfaith dialogue.

Indeed, they should be venerated for their historical lives and celestial existence, but also for their second martyrdom. They became the Saints of Counter-Ecumenism, of the Counter-Revolution.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 23, 2019

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