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Quoting, Misquoting & Alabama

St. Thomas, Not Fr. Ripperger


I wanted to respond to this thread you posted on your Daily Mail:

"A reader tries to give us a moral lesson on why we were wrong to assume Fr. Ripperger stated the single vocation is due to 'failed circumstances'; TIA answers:

“Father said that God's will is that people either enter the religious life or marry. And that if they don't marry, it's due to failed circumstances.”

Fr. Ripperger was quoting St. Thomas Aquinas in this section of the video. I listened to it 3 times to understand the message, I don’t see the connection that what he said what was attributed to him by the reader but rather he was reading from St. Thomas’s writings.

The Term: Failed circumstances comes from St. Thomas

What do you think?

     God Bless,


TIA responds:

Hello W.A.,

You say that he is objectively quoting St. Thomas, but you don’t offer the text, the context and the source. So, are you inviting our readers to believe St. Thomas said this or that because this or that priest affirmed that he did? At a time when priests, bishops and cardinals are wrong, confused or lying about many things, we need to respectfully check what they say before taking their assertions for granted.

The bottom line is that this discussion can only go forward if Fr. Ripperger offers the precise excerpt from St. Thomas that he is quoting, along with the source where he found it (book, publishing house, translation, edition etc). Then, we would have conditions to know whether or not St. Thomas actually made this statement – that to be unmarried is due to "failed circumstances" or whether he is being misquoted.

Being an intellectual, we are sure that Fr. Ripperger does not want to appear as if he were imposing his interpretation without allowing people to verify if the statement is correct.


     TIA correspondence desk


Going to Alabama with My Banjo on My Knee

Dear TIA,

I loved that you included the story about the University of Alabama returning funds to a pro-abortion donor.

Just another reason my family is considering moving to Alabama. Abortion voted down, Alabama public television refusing to air same sex marriage episode of Arthur, the children’s TV show, as well as mandatory chemical castration of convicted pedophiles.

Low on liberals, who won’t go there due to their “non-political correctness,” plus low taxes, small government and Kay Ivey, sounds like a recipe for good Catholic living!



Was Bill Clinton a Racist?


Donald Trump should just televise this Bill Clinton speech from 1995 and then simply state " I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message."

Oh, please, please let this go viral.

Not one word of commentary needs to be added.

Very short video - about 84 seconds.



Bones of St. Peter


American Catholics are so subconsciously formed by a Protestant/post-Protestant outlook they fail to appreciate the religious and cultural power of the relics of the saints.

On a recent trip to Romania, I was asked about religious observance in the US – my interlocutor was not very concerned about Liturgy, personal prayer, or fasting. He wanted to know whether American Catholics had access to the bodies of the saints.

While many Americans may not understand the genuine significance of the bestowal of a relic of St. Peter, Pope Francis clearly does.


Bones of St. Peter 1

Bones of St. Peter 2


Beautiful Song!


Re: Le Navire de Bayonne

Thank you. That song was beautiful! I absolutely love to hear and read about such songs.

     God bless,

     JMJ, Gary Morella


Great Spiritual Service


Re: Daily Mail - Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Thank you so much for these daily meditations.

It is a great spiritual service.

     Randy Engel


What Will Be the New Kingdom of God?

Dear TIA and TIA supporters,

I am very grateful for the wonderful readings found on your website and emails, and thank you for placing me on your mailing list.

Below, are some comments on the email containing the song, "God Bless the USA." This is a lovely song, as is obvious.

The good news is that this nation (and all nations), America, the American Flag, even the patriotism will have to be destroyed in order to make way for the Kingdom of God, wherein Christ the King will reign; meaning that the rule of the globe will be done by one rule: The Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church.

The Devil is going out and will be taking his children with him, hence the large amount of death that is starting to happen around us. In fact, if you can believe it, God no longer recognizes the authority/sovereignty of the USA.

The prophecies that come out of the apparitions of OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE prophecy that Our Blessed Lady will renew the Church and that this renewal will take place in the Americas. The Kingdom of God will begin here in our land. Many children of the Blessed Virgin Mary are already on the move from the south, being prompted by God and brought here by Mary, herself. (I'm talking about the migrants.)

So, true lovers of God and true children of Mary can rejoice at the dawning of The Kingdom of God here in this land!

Thank you for your continued work providing information about the Church and Our Lady of Good Success!


TIA responds:

Dear E.S.,

We thank you for your support and for several points we have in common, such as the hope for the Reign of Mary promised by Our Lady in Fatima and in Quito.

This coming new Christendom, however, will not destroy the countries that will integrate it nor absorb all them in an amorphous type of New World Order blessed with Holy Water.

The expected new Christendom should be respectful of the characteristics of the different families, regions and countries and help them to reach their full plenitude. Doing so, both individual countries and the ensemble of Christendom will give glory to God on this Earth as much as societies and nations should do.

To understand well how these future societies should be, we recommend that you read our section on Organic Society.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 16, 2019

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