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Dresses, Martyrs & Babysitters

Nice Dresses, Strange Conditions

Dear TIA,

Thank you for sharing the very nice looking website selling modest dresses.

Strangely, we cannot view the actual dresses and prices without making an account. I have never encountered such a thing on a retail website.




Martyr Prior to Vatican II


I have been in a discussion with someone over pre-Vat2 definition of a martyr. As it would apply to Edith Stein and St. Maximillian Kolbe.

Both of them have been declared martyrs. I remember reading when this happened people objecting, saying that by doing this you are changing the definition of 'martyr'.

My understanding was that to be a martyr one had to die because of professing their Catholic faith.

While under the canonization process prior to Vat2, both would have been able to be declared a saint, just not a martyr. Edith Stein was sent to the camps because she was a Jew and that is why she was executed.

St. Maximillian led a life dedicated to spreading the Catholic Faith and was very dedicated to the Blessed Mother. He died however because he took the place of another prisoner.

The person I have been talking to said that St. Thomas in his defense of calling St. John the Baptist a saint and martyr would apply the same logic to Edith Stein and St. Maximillian Kolbe.


TIA responds:


The word martyr can be used in many ways:

In a general colloquial way: “To have to bear such a terrible husband makes her a martyr.”

In a loose way to refer to those who die defending the faith through the use of arms: “Garcia Moreno, the martyr President of Ecuador” – He actually took out his gun to defend himself and kill his aggressors. This situation disqualifies him as a martyr in the strict sense.

In the exact sense: “St. Marciana was a martyr who died to confess her faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

In this exact sense, we believe you are correct in your points: A martyr is the person who dies in defense of the Faith as the primary condition.

Maximilian Kolbe died to save the life of another person; Edith Stein died because she was a Jew, as you mentioned. John Paul II officially declared them martyrs, breaking the tradition of the Church.

You may read more on this topic in support of your opinion here and here.

We do not understand how the fact of St. John the Baptist being a martyr could apply to Kolbe and Stein.

For the records, we have to say that we do not agree with you when you say that Edith Stein would have been declared a saint in a normal process of canonization previous to Vatican II. She was a partisan of German Idealism, a philosophy that is incompatible with  Catholic doctrine.


     TIA correspondence desk


Emergency Numbers for Babysitters

Hey there, TIA Team!

About a month and a half ago, my long term baby sitter and her family moved out of state, She watched my family for over four years. After complaining at work, one of my work friends put me in contact with her niece, who has been babysitting her whole life. After I met Kathy I knew she was going to be perfect for my family.

Being the crazy safe mom that I am, I wanted to draw up a fire escape, safety/emergency plan, and an emergency bag outside. That's when I came across your Sources to Protect the Family page and it made me feel a ton safer. I wanted Kathy to be prepared especially because she doesn't know the floor plan for my house, in a panic situation I want her to have all the help she can get.

While I was looking for other safety plans, I found a page that made me realize that Kathy should have a list of numbers for emergencies, and it gives you ideas for the best numbers. The bottom part isn't as important for her as a sitter, but is awesome for me in case of any natural disasters or any weather disasters. I thought maybe you would like to add it? The page is https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/emergency-numbers-to-have/ and I think it could be extremely useful and put some moms or homeowners at ease, I know it put my mind at rest and now I know I'll be able to have a great, relaxed time.

Thank you again for all the help,

It's beyond appreciated!

     Thanks again!



The Errors of Russia


This famous phrase from Our Lady's message at Fatima always troubled me - not in the sense that I ever disbelieved it of course - but because the "errors" are not "Russian" in nature at all. They are the errors of Jewish Bolshevism, the heinously murderous socialism they institutionalized upon the Satanic blue-print of what would prove to be always and everywhere "Mega-Death" Marxism.

Marx himself proposed the genocide of the Highland Celts, the Bretons, the Basques, and the Serbs, calling them all undesirable for being backward, unrevolutionary-material, fit only for extinction as "garbage races" ("rassische abfaelle").

Hence I was wondering if the original Portuguese might be clearer than the English phrase I quoted above. Perhaps the phrase could be truer in Portuguese if translated into English differently, not as errors "of Russia" but rather as errors "from Russia."

Solzhenitsyn actually also wrote about the Revolutionaries: "Hence the errors therefrom should not be imputed to Russians - but to those 'Bolshevik revolutionaries who hated Russians.'". Hence the errors therefrom should not be imputed to Russians.


TIA responds:


Our Lady spoke these words in Portuguese: “A Russia espalhará seus erros pelo mundo.” Which literally translates: “Russia will spread its errors throughout the world.”

Given that these worlds were said in July 13, 1917, when Imperial Russia was still in place, there are two ways to interpret these words:
  1. In a direct way with regard to the religious situation at the time she spoke them. In this case, she was referring to the errors of the Russian Schismatic Church, which spreads the same errors of the Greek Schismatics, which are:
    1. The denial of the dogma of Filioque: that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son;

    2. The denial of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception;

    3. The denial of the dogma of Papal Infallibility;

    4. The denial of the dogma of the Petrine Primacy.

  2. In a prophetic way in reference to Communism, which would be installed in Russia after the 1917 October Revolution.
We believe that the two interpretations do not exclude one another, but are complementary.

In our opinion, your concern that those words would be offensive to the national pride of Russians is misplaced. Our Lady expressed great love for Russia and the Russians when she asked the children and the world to pray for the conversion of Russia.


     TIA Correspondence Desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 20, 2019

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