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Birth Control, New Herod & Evolution

Can the Poor Use Birth Control?


Is it right to have more children knowing that you will only be able to support your family by using food stamps and other forms of welfare?

This is, of course, assuming that husband is already working more than a full work week.


TIA responds:


The doctrine of the Church is quite clear about the spouses’ relationship in a Catholic marriage. If they need to have marital relations to preserve their virtue – that is to say, in order to not be tempted to look for sexual relief outside of the marriage – they should not use birth control but trust that God will bless them with the children they should have.

The economic concern – the husband's salary in the case of your question – should suggest more or less abstinence from the “marriage debt.” However, if one of the spouses requires it for the sake of his/her virtue, the couple should have their relations entirely open to life and trust in Divine Providence.

Otherwise, Morals would be conditioned by the economic situation of the family, which is absurd.


     TIA correspondence desk


Francis: ‘Trump Is a New Herod’


In his conversation with his fellow-Jesuits in Thailand, Pope Francis compared Trump with King Herod. Indeed, when he dealt with immigration and the wall separating U.S. from Mexico, he accused Trump of separating children from parents and then made the comment: “Herod comes to mind…”

It is incredible how this Pope intrudes the civil area going beyond the boundaries of the papal area of power. First, he tried to steal Amazonia from 7 countries in South America; second, he played an important role in reelecting socialist Fernandez in Argentina; third, he is trying to restore Communism in Brazil with his support for Lula. Finally, fourth, now he is intruding into our U.S. private political scenario by trying to put Catholics against Trump as we approach the 2020 presidential election.

We see that at present this man is really the best agent Communism has.

I believe it would be good for you and your readers to go through this news report here.

     Keep up the good work.



Agenda of Hate


Today we see a work of hate in the public square. The democrats in the House “Judiciary” committee have an irrational agenda, which seems to have no end goal except to exude hate, which I cannot understand. In talking to an ex-military officer, I get some insight: Obama appointments in the Deep State know their time is short if Trump has a second term. That the small oligarchy of world power who set the domestic liberal agenda, as well as terror organizations abroad, are not in it for the money, but total absolute power.

The Francis Church has caved to this agenda of hate, whose goal seems to be total destruction of Western Civilization, both faith and law, for blind hate and total power. They can no longer tolerate men of peace or men of law who do not bend the knee to the world, flesh and Devil.

I opened the Bible to Esther last night, and God seemed to explain to me the consuming hate of Haman, who had been given all power in the kingdom, but could not abide the Jews who would not worship him. This may be the ultimate goal of the oligarchy of power, which will destroy everything that doesn’t blindly worship them and their agenda.

Our blessed Mother, however, has her own agenda, and this is Her day.

     In His peace,



Where to Find Arguments against Evolution

Dear TIA,

I have heard traditional priests say that evolution is wrong, but I never learned the reasons for it being so. Evolution is taught in every high school, college and seminary, so it is difficult to go against the current without solid arguments. The Popes since Pius XII as far as I know have supported evolution and belittled those who are faithful to the traditional interpretation of Genesis.

I know that this is at complete odds with traditional Catholic doctrine, but I do not know the arguments to defend creationism. I also do not want to be associated with the Protestant Fundamentalists, who seem very childish and unreasonable. As traditional Catholics, there should be a reasonable way to prove the evolution is wrong. I was hoping that you could help me.



TIA responds:

Dear A.S.,

Thank you for your consideration. We have a few articles on our site that explain the errors of evolution (here, here, here and here).

First and foremost, the reason that evolution is wrong is that it is a new religion, and not a science. When Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution, he knew very well that he was overthrowing all the foundations of Christianity. As he himself admitted, "As soon as you realize that one species could evolve into another, the whole structure wobbles and collapses."

Traditional Catholic doctrine on Creation holds that God created the Universe in six days and that Adam was created out of the dust of the Earth, just as the account in Genesis states.

Darwin created a foundation for Atheism and the new modern world obsessed with progress and technology. He did this, not through scientific facts, but by interpreting the world around him. As modern science admits, Darwin’s theory is only a theory, a hypothesis, not a demonstrated fact.

The scientific evidence actually contradicts Darwin’s whole theory, as you can find in the books that we suggest below:

Gerard J. Keane wrote a book titled Creation Rediscovered: Evolution and the Importance of the Origins Debate that explains, in detail, the problems of evolution.

Hugh Owen wrote an article on the Kolbe Center website that is helpful in explaining the basic teaching of the Church on the matter, though it deserves some criticism, because he praises Dietrich von Hildebrand and calls John Paul II a saint. This website, despite their compromise to the Conciliar Church, is committed to defending Creation against evolution from the traditional Catholic perspective and offers helpful resources on this topic,

Kolbe Center has a bookstore with many different books refuting evolution from a Catholic standpoint. The link is here.

It is important to note that even traditional Catholic priests are being led astray by progressivist thinking in regard to evolution. For example, the Kolbe Center exposes the errors of a book defending modern science theories - The Realist Guide to Religion and Science. Sadly, that book was written by Fr. Paul Robinson, an SSPX priest, and, despite the fact that this book was duly refuted, it continues to be advertised on Angelus Press, which claims to be defending traditional Catholic teaching.

We hope that this information will be helpful to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 12, 2019

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