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Villainous, Previews of the Papacy & Confession

Kingship of Christ


Please pray for the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ and for Queenship of Mary His Mother Most Holy in our lives and in the world.

In the Most Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.



Disney's Message Today

TIA (from Facebook)

Re: The New Hero: The Villain

Disney has been taken over by the news and they are the purveyors of sexual deviancy. They inject sexual depravity upon our films, literature, art, fashion and music.

The classic Disney films of yesteryear once exemplified wholesomeness and taught children that good always conquers evil. This was highly expressed in one of the few films where Disney injects a Catholic theme in one of their rare animated films. The classic Fantasia.

In the ending of this rarely seen musical compilation of classical music set with the backdrop of animated imagery, the devil is portrayed in the scene: “Night on Ball Mountain.” To the classical music of Majorska. He summons his condemned souls to reek havoc upon the earth during the night and then they retreat back to their eternal abode of darkness. At the sound of Church bells.

Where we hear Schubert’s classic Ave Maria, a parade of monks are seen marching with their lamps in the woods heading to their monastery. Disney would never display such a transcendent message of this sort in any of its pc computer generated animated films today!



Requesting Previews of the New Papacy

Hi Dr. Horvat,

… The book, Previews of the New Papacy looks like a visually great way to show people while explaining, so if you should get that book any time soon, please let me know. I would really like to add this book to the books that I always carry with me, so that I can present a visual presentation of what I am speaking about when it comes to the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success being fulfilled with the crisis in the Church..

I know how badly everything is getting when it comes to Jesus’ Catholic Church in that all Hell has been loosed when it comes to the “pachamama” incident, so please keep me on a list concerning that book. I need as much information as possible to convince others of what is happening in the Catholic Church. …

I truly believe with all my heart that Our Lady of Good Success and Our Lady of La Salette are connected. There are many other approved apparitions that are connected as well, but there are few from as far back as these two that speak specifically about the 19th and 20th century as Our Lady of Good Success and Our Lady of La Salette. I also do believe that we are closer to the “final chastisement” than we are being led to believe.

This final chastisement is probably going to be horrific in terms of what it does to this world, and the faith of many will be lost in that they will envy the dead, instead of thinking of Christ’s miracle of purification for this world.

I know that in my family, the possibility of losing many of them to Hell is very real, because of how they believe. American Indian beliefs are extremely damning to the soul, and it is easy to get distracted by them, and even if some of my relatives are Catholic, they mix in American Indian beliefs with Catholicism, and I know that this is unacceptable to Jesus. I am not, and will never judge, but that type of belief is like having an eye that needs to be plucked out, otherwise it condemns the whole of the soul.

Well, to end this email, I would like to thank you for your videos that are very good presentations of “Our Lady of Good Success”, and you can count me in when it comes to promoting Her going forward. My wife is also promoting Her to her friends. Again, if you do get that one book, Previews of the New Papacy any time soon, please, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know, so that I can purchase it.

God bless you and may He keep you under the protection of Our Lady of Good Success now and forever, AMEN



Dr. Horvat responds:

Hello R.O.,

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions.

I am sorry to say that the book Previews of the New Papacy was sold out. When we have a new edition we will post notice of it online so all our readers are aware.


     Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.


Priests' Zeal for Confessions in the Novus Ordo

Dear TIA,

One Saturday evening several weeks ago, I attempted to go to Confession in a Novus Ordo church close to my place. I had just finished making my preparation for the Sacrament at home. Shortly after seven o’clock I left and walked to the church, only a short distance away. According to the bulletin, Confessions should be heard from 7:00 to 7:30, so, if I only arrived before 7:30 (I assured myself) I would be able to have my Confession heard.

Ten or fifteen minutes’ walk later, I arrived: the church is a building that seems unwelcoming almost by design. Entering the church, the narthex had probably a dozen persons inside: A large family of Indians, I seem to recall; and two beggars, for whom at the time I had no money at hand, and who both refused to accept a Rosary in lieu of silver and gold.

I checked my cell phone: the time was 7:23 P.M., so in theory there was still plenty of time to go to Confession. I made my way to the modernist “roomy” confessional: No line at the door, no lights inside, and sure enough, no priest in sight.

I checked the other Confessional, and it was the same story.

An opportunity

As you can imagine, I was upset that the priests were not keeping to their schedule. Although I tried in vain to excuse them, it seemed to me a large parish in Los Angeles served by three or four priests would surely have priests to spare even if the others were called to an emergency.

And yet, again, there was no priest in sight, even though I waited a few more minutes to be sure.

Where were the priests? I wondered. I resolved to call the parish as soon as possible and inquire, and possibly even complain if I did not receive a satisfactory answer.

The complaint

Two days later I called the parish. A secretary answered, and I told her the story: How none of the priests were present in the Confessional even though it was publicly advertised from such-and-such a time in the bulletin? I mentioned that, on previous occasions, the priests were present at the advertised time. So where had they gone?

The secretary replied: “Father probably just saw there was no one else in line, so decided to leave early.”

A silly excuse!

I told her: “Well, that’s a very bad practice.”

She pledged to me that she would “tell Father,” the truth of which I seriously doubt…

The 5 minute confession time

Three weeks later, I again went to Confession on Saturday at the normal time, arriving just before seven o’ clock.

Once again my reasoning was not working in reality: I thought that arriving early enough would ensure my Confession would be heard, even if the priests fled prematurely back to the rectory. Moreover, the infallible bulletin still advertised: ‘Confessions heard from 7:00 to 7:30…’

I was safe, or so I thought: There were 3 people in line. I could sit for a moment, recollect myself, finish my preparation, and then get in line. Five minutes later I looked at the Confessional: the line was gone, and the priest was walking out of the Church! This must have been a priest in an extraordinary hurry: Confessions should be available for 20 minutes more.

Complaint number two

Days later, on an errand in town, I passed the church and decided to try an “in-person” complaint this time. I thought this would be more effective than just another badgering telephone call.

I rang the bell and the secretary answered, receiving me inside. I told her I wanted to make a complaint, and then related the story of the events of the previous Saturday. I imagine she probably remembered my call from a few weeks ago.

Politely but firmly I said that the priest’s newfound habit of absenting himself from the confessional was seriously injurious to souls. And again, I mentioned that Confessions were advertised from 7:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M., so there was no excuse for the priest to leave early.

This time, she did not try to excuse the priest, either. Whether the line was empty or whether there were 30 people in line, nothing barring an emergency would permit a priest to leave Confession early.

The secretary assured me again she would “tell Father”, but I still doubt her sincerity. My little complaint surely fell on deaf ears.

Nevertheless, on leaving I wished her a good day and thanked her for “offering” to tell the priest.

I believe my little “campaign” here – which is really quite effortless and only took one or two minutes per complaint – will bear good fruits. Let me explain why.

Hot or cold, or lukewarm?

On the off-chance that the priests are sincere, they will renege their abuse of the confessional and return to their posts.

But on the infinitely more likely chance that they really just do not care about the Sacrament of Penance, I hope my complaints, which I intend to make as often as they abandon their duties, will force them to choose one side or the other.

As it stands, it is a contradiction that these progressivist priests, who probably do not believe in Penance anyway, would continue to hear confessions with a regularity that often surpasses that of the “traditionalist” chapels.

So, from my point of view, this contradiction has to be resolved: Either they will become counter-revolutionary or they will abandon the Sacrament of Penance altogether, except by appointment only.

Indeed, I hope my little complaints will crystallize them in one or the other position: either serving God or serving the Conciliar Church. After all, Our Lord says it is better to be hot or cold than lukewarm.

     In Jesu et Maria,

     Mark J. Williams


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 17, 2019

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