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Hate Mail, Sexy Bishop & Modern Mothers

Hatred Growing in Leaps & Bounds


Re: Sede, Protestant & Progressivist Bile

Wow! Such hateful comments!

I have had to deal with this with people on Facebook. And I belong to a lot of Catholic and non Catholic groups!

The hated towards the Catholic Church and the True Faith is growing in leaps and bounds!!!! God Bless you and Our Lady of Good Success for all you do for the True Faith!!!

I appreciate it! If not for Marian's books on Our Lady of Good Success I would have never known about Her and Mother Mariana.

     Thank you!



Why the Hate Mail?

TIA (from Facebook),


I don’t know your motive for showing the “hate mail”, but for me, I wouldn’t have this theme.

I wasted time reading it, only to suffer pity for these wretched souls with limited intelligence.

We know they are out there. These poor souls are in our work places, sometimes families etc.

I think the “hate mail” series harms the TIA reputation. We are bombarded with these types of unfortunate and wretched souls being exposed for ridicule. Maybe they deserve it, yet I suspect they already suffer by just being themselves. Sad.

It lends to pride. Already, most of us battle pride. To gaze upon unfortunate souls in this manner is not conducive to humility. I’m open to the fact that perhaps it is only me who needs to work on humility, but I’m guessing I’m not.

I hope I don’t get categorized in the hate mail. I truly appreciate every resource on your site, except this one.


TIA responds:


Thank you for your frankness.

The reason we post our Hate Mail is because we normally post comments of readers praising us. We believe that it would be not fair to only post eulogies and hide the criticisms, even those violent criticisms that we receive. Normal objections we answer. Violent tirades that cannot be answered we send to Hate Mail.

Many organizations are afraid to post their hate mail to not damage their public image. We are not afraid.

Our Hate Mail section has produced mixed reactions:
  • Some readers understand it as it is: a manifestation of anger and a desire to offend us insofar as those opposers cannot destroy us. These readers evaluate well that our work is making a difference. They sense what this maxim expresses: “No one throws stones at trees that do not hold fruit.”

  • Others avoid reading the Hate Mail because their nerves cannot bear such explosions of ire.

  • Yet others, like you, consider it to be ridiculous and unbalanced; so much so that they question our charity in exposing these offenders and their offenses.
We hope that knowing our real reason for publishing these hateful messages and knowing that many people think it is necessary, you may be less severe with us.


     TIA correspondence desk


Tinder Favoring Easy Prostitution

TIA (from Instagran),

Re: Sexy Bishop on Tinder

J.C.S. - Imagine acknowledging (in a positive or neutral tone) the app that is causing the loss of thousands of souls a day.

C.A.T. - Amen and Snapchat too.

L.O. - The app isn't causing it. People are unfortunately going to be part of the hook up culture with or without apps like Tinder.

J.C.S. - True and untrue, in my opinion. Hook up culture is the aggregate of apps, societal pressure, and moral decay. Apps like tinder make it absurdly easy to meet with people, close to your location, for the explicit purpose of sex. If you remove this ease of access such behavior would have a natural social limit. People inherently find the behavior of "shopping" for sex repulsive when it occurs face to face. But when it's behind the mask of an app people find it more agreeable. A bishop normalizing this is beyond comprehension.


Modern Mothers…

Dear TIA,

I received this photo below from a friend and I am passing it on to you. It reflects our modern families quite well. The girl is kept close to her mother by means of a leash like a dog, but the dog is carefully taken out in a stroller to keep it from harm's way, like a child…

The photo was taken in the Iguatemi Shopping Center in Brasilia by Jonathan Vieira.

It is just a single shot, with only a circle covering a woman's face as Photoshop addition.

     Keep up the good work,

     P.H., Brazil

Contrast between two modern mothers


New League of St. Peter Damian Website

Dear Friends of St. Peter Damian,

February 23, 2020 - In honor of the Feast Day of our patron Saint Peter Damian on February 23rd of the old calendar, I am happy to announce that the League’s new website is up and running.

Please visit us here.

By March 2020, we will be back on track with our regular mailings. Every new as well as founding member will have our monthly St. Peter Damian discourse sent to his email address on the 23rd of the month. Members without computers will receive their usual printed edition by regular mail. Hopefully, having our membership form on our website will encourage new members from around the world.

Starting in March, our monthly mailings will include a “From the Mail” column highlighting comments and letters from our members as well as a monthly financial report and some other new features that do not appear on the League’s website.

If you are not a member, please consider joining us this year.

With God’s blessings, we’ll meet again in March, and continue our journey with St. Peter Damian.

     Happy Feast Day

     Randy Engel, Director

     League of Saint Peter Damian


Ties vs Chastisement

Dear TIA,

Re: Do wear a suit & tie often

I understand the point of your recent article and decadent actors know to dress well. Yet, that was the precise reason of the "1960's modern day Revolution! Much of the charge of the rebellion of the 1960s was about Hypocrisy in society. The Hypocrisy in the Church, the Hypocrisy among people that gave the appearance, or the illusion, that they were moral and upright, only to discover they were very decadent and promoted subversion.

I grew up during the 1960's and it was a Rebellion Against Tradition Everywhere! My World War II parents had 8 children during the Babyboom Era, and were totally unprepared for the next War, inside their homes!

Since roaring 20's, as you mentioned, changes began to be obvious, eg. Marlene Dietrich and tuxedo clothing under the Jewish Hollywood control. The demoralization of Western Society began. The evil infiltration had deep roots under JD Rockefeller, his Freemason Jewish European cohort, Rothschild, and other elites that took control worldwide, today, called the Deep State. Every aspect of life from the Economy, Oil, Education, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural and News media. Wars would be brought under their easily bribed politicians and judges to this day, to change, Nations, genocide and enslave men. The Zionist agenda, re-create state of Israel, their U.N. headquarters, that was another extension of America, with their constant Wars to ultimately return a Pre-Christian, Pagan World.

The broad stroke of Social Engineering, Indoctrination from the early 20th century, led to "Consumerism", that ultimately led to the fall of Christian Society.

No longer could Catholics find help by their local parishes under modern effeminate Bishops and religious, that stroked the fires of rebellion toward Tradition.

Unfortunately, neckties and dresses will not change society at this point. I see, more and more common stores employ obvious sodomites, some are transvestites and transgenders. Most of these males like fashion, and imitate celebrities, they will be well dressed with their suits and nice short hair cuts even in the Latin Mass. Superficial changes will not change the fact, the World is less Catholic!

A Catholic Church with Popes that have been cooperating with the return of paganism for the last 55 years has not helped. Chastisement seems the only possible end.

     Respectfully and prayerfully yours in Jesus and Mary,


TIA responds:

Dear E.D.,

We do not agree with everything you said, but we are glad to verify that we have many points in common.

You are right when you say that we will not win the Revolution just by wearing suits and ties. A Divine Chastisement is necessary. But, one must consider that, after the chastisement, those who will rebuild Civilization must have solid principles. The way to form these people now is to encourage them to have the courage to face the waves of vulgarity and egalitarianism affirming themselves by means of good customs and dignified dress.

The generals do not win the war by asking the soldiers to shine their shoes, but this small demand reflects the soldiers' will to win, discipline, self-dignity and love for their country. It makes a difference on the field of battle.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 25, 2020

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