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Sede, Protestant & Progressivist Bile

You Hear Lucifer

Re: TIA's position on Sede-Vacantism

It is clear from scripture and the prevatican II laws of the church that heresy separates one from the church ipso facto, immediately and without declaration, yet you describe the institution under Masonic control reigning from the corrupt nonCatholic as the Bride of Christ defaming her.

Stop it! It’s blasphemy! It’s a lie. Its against the Faith!

The church is the guarantee of truth. Do you think our Lord’s words were said in vane! Luke 22:32 and in Matthew 16, the gates of hell (heretics and heresy) will not prevail against it? He that hears you hears me?

Those that hear the Masonic Pederasts hear not God but Lucifer!



You Are Idolaters

Re: It’s Always Dangerous to Dabble in the Occult

You spoke about removing idols like Buda out of our houses.

My question is how does that differ if you have an image of Mary the mother of Jesus and pray to her when Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the farther but through me.”

I like to ask isn’t it the same praying to Mary as it is having an idol of Buda? Mary is not deity, she is not God. That would also be considered idology.



You Should Commit Suicide

Thanks for glorification of the great Mr. Bowie. He gave me and the world more than any catholic hypocrite boy raping priest ever did. The catholic pedophile cult will soon be gone.

Not even the pope believes the jesus [bad word] anymore according to his boyfriend: see here and here

Paul Joseph Goebbels was born on 29 October 1897 in Rheydt, an industrial town south of Mönchengladbach near Düsseldorf. Both of his parents were Roman Catholics with modest family backgrounds. His father Fritz was a German factory clerk; his mother Katharina (née Odenhausen) was born to Dutch and German parents in the Netherlands.

All catholics should follow Goebbels family values: murder/suicide. No one would care.




You Teach False Doctrine

Re: Series on Lay Celibacy

Can you give an example of any saint or popes writings about the so called “singe celibate vocation”? In your article where you list saintly people who lived as single celibates you only prove that it’s possible to live a saintly life as a single celibate.

There is no such vocation, you must repent of your errors and for teaching false doctrine.



You Are Heretics

Re: Francis under a statue of Buddha


I can’t believe that a so called Catholic organisation such as your can say such heresy.

Please don’t send me anymore of your newsletters as of now I’ve unsubscribed.

Not one Pope has erred because it’s impossible.

Jesus promised his Church the Catholic Church that the Gates of Hell would not prevail, your committing blasphemy by saying they have in regards to what you say about some Pope’s.

Please watch on YouTube “three errors of Vatican ll”, and “the Papacy can not be destroyed”.

The Holy Spirit has guided and preserved from err the Papacy down through the centuries and will continue to do so till the last day.

May Jesus and Mary forgive you. God bless.

May, Mary-Mother of God, intercede for you with the Angels especially your guardian Angel.

     Praise Jesus and Mary always!!!



You Do the Work of the Evil One

Hello TIA,

Re: Red and Rotten Lula Blessed by Bergoglio

This is the second time you’ve crossed the line in falsely attacking his Holiness. Both of these attacks have been pathetic and childish.

What the hell is wrong with his Holiness blessing this person. Are we not all children of God.

The other pathetic story you unbelievable told was about where the Pope was sitting, that story is of the evil one.

So his Holiness was sitting where he was sitting-so WHAT! After I’ve sent this message I’ll be unsubscribing.

You attack his Holiness you do the evil one’s work.

Your now worse than protestants/anti Catholic’s.

Shame on you.

Do you pray for the Pope, if you don’t then don’t complain and button it!

I say to his Holiness Pope Francis-you are Peter!

Jesus bless you and forgive you.

     Mary intercede for you.



Confuse Protest

Re: Valid Priest & Bishops

Protestants have valid bishops and orders?

Since when have Protestant bishops been recognized as having valid orders in line with the apostolic succession? They ordain women and practicing homosexuals.

The fact that the novus ordo is reluctant to condemn false religions in modern times is an indication that the church on earth has apostasized and is undergoing trial. We saw that with idol worship by the so called pope. I do not believe what you published below is true. The Council of Trent was definitive regarding false religions as anathema.

"After more than 350 years, Leo XIII declared the Anglican Orders null; nonetheless, the question is still open regarding other Protestant sects that have bishops."



Sede-Vacantists Are Not Guilty

Re: Hate Mail sede vacantist

Yes, Tradition in Action,

I agree with you about the possibility that Count Mastai-Ferretti might have been a Mason. Actually, after intense research, I have concluded that he was, indeed a Mason.

The reason I am writing is that I do not think your sedevacantists are horribly guilty of refusing to consider it.

They are people of average intelligence, and are not able to think outside the box. As it is, the pretty much whole world considers them kooks and paranoids, yourselves, I believe, included.

Be that as it may, it is a fact that these individuals are so heavily invested in the occupants of the throne in the Vatican between 1846 and 1958 that it strikes them with terror to consider the possibility that they may have been illegitimate. They pretend flippancy, but a fear of completely losing their bearings is behind it.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 18, 2020