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Bravo, Reopen Our Parks & WWII

Bravo on Book Review

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Re: 'Our Lady's Wardrobe': Banal Approach to Our Lady's Apparitions

Bravo on your "review" of "Our Lady's Wardrobe."

Thank you and God bless you for all you do for our Holy Church.

     Mother M., O.S.B.


Semper Fi

Aloha Salwa,

Re: Honoring our Heroes fallen in battle

Just dropping by to say Semper Fi.

Thank you for the beautiful tribute to your brother. It was very moving.

To all who have served honorably, God bless them all.




Secure Guide in Stormy Waters

Greetings from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada,

Re: Our Lady of Good Success

I received my first 10 copies of Our Lady of Good Success on May 29, 2020. Today May 30, I felt the need to walk downtown even though on the way my new shoes gave me a blister but I kept on walking approx.. 4 KM. I had placed a copy of the book in my bag and considered going home when I spotted john manly, a friend from church and like everyone in the covid world without Mass for months.

A little bit about John. John is 60 and is a devoted Catholic. He can be seen at every Mass rain or shine. John is a high functioning autistic on the spectrum. Like the rain-man he is a genius and has spent his life at our university and on his knees. I have known him 25 years and have tried to communicate with him many times but he just walked away. I tried to give him a Rosary from Fatima but he just pushed my hand away.

But today on a bus stop bench Our Lady Blessed me and john and he accepted a copy of the Book.

During the Pandemic I rented a sign by our local Grocery store for 1 month which read: “Our Lady of Good Success. Pray for Us.“

Nobody knew who put it there and now her voice will be heard through the Book by Dr. Horvat.

I would like to order 10 more copies as I feel these will not last long.

May God Bless you, and may Our Lady Of Good Success guide us through these troubled waters.

     G.M., Canada


Inter-Relations among Readers

To whom it may concern,

I was wondering if it may be possible to allow commenting on your stories that I receive in daily e-mails? It would be great to be able to communicate with others who are of a Traditional Church mindset, on these crazy things that are going on within our Church.

     Thank you, and God Bless in J+M+J

     W.J.T., Australia


TIA responds:


Thank you for your good wishes.

Given the small number of TIA staff and the many tasks we have to do, we don’t have the ability of maintaining a forum for debates in which readers could comment and discuss.

We are very sorry to not be able to fulfill your request at this moment.


     TIA correspondence desk


Reopen Our Parks


This was reported on May 29, 2020. NC parents have had enough of arbitrary and unconstitutional orders of Gov. Roy Cooper.

A mother removed the Caution Tape at a local playground for her toddler to play freely... She received citation, court date, banned for a year from the park.

She calls out to  everyone: "Take back your parks, and take back your lives."

Watch here a 2 min clip



War Veteran: ‘I Will Not Submit’


The Coronavirus & the Moral Decline of Modern Man

I will not submit to the now proven insane rants of totalitarianism entirely devoid of any real science from doctors who treat patients whom they care about, as opposed to Globalist Ivory Tower types who couldn't care less. The latter have a very different agenda whose priority is making a mint on the misery of their serfs who must obey!

That there are those in the Church who speak to a loss of the Faith as I see it.

I'm a Roman Catholic American, a Vietnam War Navy Veteran of the Security Group Command. Neither I nor any member of my family who served in the Army in the Aleutian Islands, Marines on Saipan and Iwo Jima, and Army in the Philippines during WWII, in the Navy on a Carrier, and Air Force during Korea, and as a Flight Officer in a Navy Jet Squadron in the Persian Gulf, served Overseas to come Home to see our Unalienable God-Given Rights, which no man can take away, trampled by despots.

I will never go to a Church where I'm treated like chattel, i.e., unrecognizable as Catholic. I go to worship God Almighty in HIS HOUSE, not a despotic State that I will NOT OBEY making a mockery of the sacrifices of the Fallen in all of America's Wars since the Revolution. We owe them that, that their sacrifices will not be rendered in vain!

     Gary Morella


Inexplicable Things in WWII

Dear TIA,

Re: Holocaust & Holodomor

I want to comment on irregularities regarding WWII.

Since my Father fought in WWII in Europe I’ve read and researched into the war extensively.

With my research, like your posting, I’ve found many anomalies, and with these anomalies, I’ve called WWII, in Europe, a Political War. I call it a Political War for these reasons, and I have not listed all of them:

On September 17, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east without a formal declaration of war. Both Britain and France did nothing, yet both Britain and France guaranteed Polish sovereignty, but they only declared war on Germany not the Soviet Union.

The Red Army were accused of several war crimes, including systematic mass rape, killing tens of thousands of Polish prisoners of war, including 22,000 Polish military personnel and civilians in the Katyn massacre. Yet the Soviet Union sat in judgment at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.

The Yalta Conference permitted the Soviet Union to annex almost all the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact from August 1939, and partition of Poland which the Soviet Union invaded in September 1939 helping begin WWII in Europe.

Historians still debate why Hitler ordered, others say General von Rundstedt ordered the Panzers stoppage and Hitler agreed, whoever gave the order, the Panzer units stopped for about 3 days near Dunkirk. However, if they continued their attack, they probably would have destroyed the entire British professional army and the French forces surrounded at Dunkirk.

France signed an Armistice, not a peace treaty with Germany on 22 June 1940 near Compiègne, France, by officials of Nazi Germany and the French Third Republic in the same railway carriage in which the November 1918 Armistice was signed. The Armistice provides for the occupation of France, north and west but not the South and the French colonies. The French navy is to be disarmed but not surrendered. Yet when the British ask/demand the French navy to join the British, for the most part the French navy refuses. Why? Japan never really was held accountable for war crimes like Germany.

There are numerous other unexplained things about World War II, I only listed a few.

     Dominus vobiscum – the Lord be with you


Posted June 2, 2020

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