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Vax Kills 6K+ & Men in Skirts

Only One

Dear TIA,

For the Fourth of July a friend sent me this song: Am I the only One? I liked it. I believe some of your readers will like it too. This song says it all.



Sufferings of Our Lady


In the recently posted article by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on the Precious Blood, he makes the claim that the Blessed Mother "did not endure any physical torment, but Our Lady shed another type of blood, her tears."

I thought that Tradition was clear in that the Blessed Mother physically suffered everything that Our Lord did only without the exterior evidence.

Perhaps I am just confusing the testimony of Maria de Agreda who clearly stated as such.


TIA responds:


As far we know, Catholic Tradition is that Our Lady morally suffered everything that Our Lord did. She did not endure those sufferings physically on her body, but in her soul. The devotions to Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lady of Pity are based on this Tradition.

Since you did not quote the text of Maria de Agreda to which you are referring, we cannot discuss it further here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Excessive Compulsive Controlling


Educators pride themselves on successfully deflecting every effort to reform education.

Army Recruiting Command finds half the students do not graduate today.

Half of the graduates are functionally illiterate.

MAXIM: A job always expands to the allotted time allowed.

So educators take 6-8 years to S-L-O-W school and students learn what a 12-year-old could learn in six months.

This mind numbing pace drives the students - especially boys - nuts; they learn to hate education, to bolt at the first opportunity, to be lifelong anti-intellectuals.

This is a trillion-dollar-a-year fraud. Socialism in action: State-run monopoly, compulsory attendance, no choice.

Christ INFURIATED the Obsessive Compulsive Controlling Sadducees and Pharisees by breaking their rules. Though Christ explained Himself, they were oblivious to his words, His reasoning. They were blinded with rage. They incite a mob to have him murdered.

Such as it is with Educators, when crossed, they seek to put the disturber's head on a pike. The OCCD do not take to correction.

(On the humorous side, it's easy to see the OCCD light up like a Roman candle if you break one of their rules. Just remember playing with fireworks can be dangerous)



Loch Ness Article

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: St. Columba & the Loch Ness Monster

Is this story historical fact? If so does it prove the current or past existence of the Loch Ness monster?


TIA responds:


As you should have noticed, we posted that story on our Legends Page, which means that it is a popular belief that was transmitted through the centuries about St. Columba, without precise historical proof. It has the value that a centuries-old legend written by an esteemed Abbot has.

Without entering the discussion about the existence of that monster, we observe the following:

Although today the story of the Loch Ness monster has been discredited by some likewise discredited "fact checkers" such as Snopes (here and here), the historical fact is that the old paintings / illuminations illustrating the supposed miracle of the Saint were made centuries before the appearance of cameras and the existence of Photoshop. So then, something probably happened similar to what those drawings depict, which stimulated the artists to make them and the legend to spread.


     TIA correspondence desk


A Progressivist ‘Tradition’

Dear TIA,

Re: Francis Moving to Limit Traditional Latin Mass - by Charlie McCarthy

I find it interesting, revealing, that Pope Paul all but destroyed the Latin Mass fifty years ago, and he has been "canonized." Now Francis wants to do the same thing, and he is the bad guy. (Of course, he is.)

Likewise, Francis catches heat from faithful Catholics because of his Pachamama scandal, but the ecumenical antics of John Paul II, also "canonized," hardly differ, such as allowing himself to be blessed by pagan Canadian Indians or receiving the mark of the Shiva worshipper in India, etc.



6K+ Deaths from the Vax


Absolutely Must Listen to All

I advise all to listen to both these reports, (here and here) before they are taken down - especially Tampa Freedom Conference by DR. Carrie Madej - and the next video/report listing "all the adverse effects officially reported and more" - what you know and what you didn't know about the sinister satanic vaxx - and share with others on your email list, family, etc.



Men in Skirts

Dear TIA,

There has been a push for skirts and dresses in men’s “fashion” as part of the “clothing has no gender” agenda. It is the horrifying but logical consequence of allowing women to wear men’s attire – the lines between male and female clothing are being almost completely blurred. Some homosexual and effeminate men are beginning to embrace this emerging trend, as seen below.

Men in skirts in Spain

Man in skirt in the U.S.

From @mattxiv on Instagram
Warning: View his page at your own risk, he makes shocking pro-LGBTQ content.

Men in skirt in U.K.

Vogue, December 2020
British singer Harry Styles has been a leader in the “clothing has no gender” movement

Surprisingly, this trend of men in skirts is not new. While it has never been so widespread as it is today, the revolutionary concept of genderless clothing has been around since at least the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.

See below: In 1967, young German men boldly wearing miniskirts alongside their female companions.

Men in skirts in Germany

“The rage in Germany is skirts on fellas
(don't knock it, girls, the Romans wore 'em and looked quite groovy)”
From 16, November 1967

This demonic trend shows the truly hideous colors of the Revolution — the absolute destruction of the natural order and thus the entire foundation of civil society.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 8, 2021

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