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Loss of Respect & Criteria on Prophecies

Men Lost Respect

Hello All,

Love your material.

Marian is so right about etiquette and dress!

Others are catching on…

Check out this revealing interview regarding the power of attire with Bill Whittle on Bitchute: here.

     God bless,

     Dan O’Connell

Dr. Horvat responds:

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your kind words and sending the video.

I was pleased to see Mr. Whittle admitting that men are losing respect - their own self-respect as well as the respect of others - in the “endless march toward casualness,” and, I would add, vulgarity.

I was sorry to see him casually admit he prefers comfort to the effort demanded to dress well and appropriately in public. His own attire for the interview - an open-neck black shirt vs. jacket and tie - belied his lamentations about the loss of civilized ways of being and dressing.

It is not enough to lament; it is necessary for men to act on resolutions to reassume their dignity and dress according to their state in life. Much more is at stake than just the loss of clothier stores and “power.” It is Christian Civilization itself we see in her death throes, to be replaced with a tribalist and neo-barbarian world and lifestyle.

     In Maria,

     Marian T. Horvat


It Is Beyond Understanding

Re: Why Do Only Women have to Dress Well?

I did not even need to read the entire article on this one. As a former Business Education Teacher, I am very aware of proper dress for work, play and church. I am VERY disappointed in the way I see people, of all ages dressing now!

Men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds wearing sagging pants is my BIGGEST complaint. I see them at work, play and unfortunately at church dressed like this. I just want to interview all of them and ask them why they are doing this. It is really beyond all understanding.

Women: Well, Satan has been slowly undressing women for a very long time now. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was, women no longer wearing pantyhose, even in the winter time! They do give some comfort from the cold air. And the flip flops just ruin your feet, but people wear them everywhere, all times of the year. The newest "thing", seems to be wearing pajama pants outside your home. I usually see this in the grocery store.

It boggles the mind how "laid back," people seem to be. I have even people comment to my husband and I on how nice we always look in church. We always dress for church. We think it is important. The Catholic Church may have shot itself in its own foot when they started scheduling athletic events/games that the children had to participate in, on Sundays. The families, if they even went to Mass, probably were dressing for the game. And so it goes. This game scheduling is probably why Mass became secondary in those children's minds and why they are not in church today. But, that is another story!




Criteria on Prophecies

Hello TIA,

Many thanks for the many excellent articles you present on your site. Every day I find something there to console my soul in the troubles of today.

Today I read with interest Homer Sweeney's article entitled, "The Wine of Wrath Will Pour."

It is an excellent presentation of Fr. Berry's thought in his book, The Apocalypse of St. John.

Father Berry's interpretation does not seem to fully agree with some Private Catholic prophecies, however.

Ven. Holzhauser seems to suggest that we are in the fifth age of the Church and that this age will end with the appearance of the Great Monarch and Angelic Pope. His work says that antichrist will appear at the end of the sixth age, followed by the return of Christ. The sixth age, according to Holzhauser is the age of peace. As well St. Vincent Ferrer says the following: (I have underlined the key thoughts)...

"In the days of peace that are to come after the desolation of revolutions and wars, before the end of the world, the Christians will become so lax in their religion that they will refuse to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, saying 'it is an unnecessary Sacrament'; and when the false prophet, the precursor of Anti-Christ comes, all who are not confirmed will apostatize, while those who are confirmed will stand firm in the faith, and only a few will renounce Christ."

It is hard to see how these two prophecies (and there are others) agree with Fr. Berry. Would you comment?

     God Bless,


TIA responds:

Hello G.D.N.,

Thank you for being a daily reader of our website and for your good words about it. They are encouraging to us.

Regarding the consistency or discrepancy of different prophecies, we adopt the following position.

Many prophecies – especially those regarding the latter times and the end of the world – are similar in their general lines and often contradictory in some details.

We believe that this is due to a problem of perspective. When a person sees a chain of mountains a long distance away, he sees the general lines of the chain and says: "That chain of mountains marks the end of our walk." And he goes on to describe that chain as he see it from then.

However, when he and his walking friends arrive at the chain of mountains, they notice that actually it is not a flat surface as it appeared from the distance, but there are layers of mountains with valleys between them.

Analogously, when in different phases of History saints and seers saw its end, they often pictured the latter times and the end times together – like that flat chain of mountains seen from the distance.

Now that we are entering the latter times and quickly approaching the chastisement, which will end this era and install the Reign of Mary, we can see that there are clear differences between the two ages.

This sort of optical illusion explains why some credible prophecies would place the Antichrist in our times and others would place him at the very end of the world before the Second Coming of Our Lord for the Last Judgment.

It is opportune to consider that prophecies are a means God uses to prepare His faithful for the general lines of what will happen. The details of the prophecies we only know post factum – after they are fulfilled.

We should be prepared for the chastisement that comes – as predicted in Fatima, La Salette and Quito – and then we will see whether the "details" – the Antichrist, the coming of Elias and Enoch, the conversion of the Jews – will be fulfilled now or later.

We believe that the "details" will be fulfilled now, because we cannot imagine that the Catholic Church can fall into an apostasy greater than the one she is experiencing today. But we are entirely open to accept the other hypothesis.

These are our considerations about the two contrasting hypotheses upon which you asked us to comment.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 2, 2021

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