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Pietà, St. Simonito & Armagedon

Nothing Surprises Me Anymore


Re: Homo Pietá

I'm wondering what the Vatican's newspapers and, therefore, their boss, have to do before their outrages are condemned and all are sent packing?

- Erect a golden calf in St.Peter's Square and prostrate themselves before it?
- Celebrate the transsexual transformation of a cardinal?
- Go skinny dipping in the Tiber?

Nothing would surprise me. It would only deepen the sorrow of watching the continued destruction of the Roman Catholic Church.



St. Simon of Trent

Dear TIA,

I hope you are all doing well and spending a holy Advent despite these troubled times.

Recently, I learned from your site the story of St. Simon of Trent (whom I had never heard of until that point) and I was really saddened by what happened to this little boy, even though he is now enjoying his Eternal Reward.

I loved how you didn't rule out the possibility that the Jewish suspects may have actually been guilty.

And I would like if you could suggest me some trustful resources (not anti-Catholic pamphlets) that examine this case a little more in depth, without surrendering to the modern trend of opposing such things people are quick to label as "anti-Semitic."

May God bless you in everything you do, and may you keep up the good work.

     In Jesus Christ,


TIA responds:

Dear R.S.,

The book Bloody Passovers by Ariel Toaff takes as its fundamental source the analysis of St. Simon of Trent's process, which was made soon after the crime by the Inquisition in that same city. In a twisted way, Toaff shows that the process was fair, as the judges and officials could not have falsified the depositions of the Jewish witnesses because they did not know either the dialect spoken by them or the internal liturgy of that Ashkenazy sect of Judaism.

This book was a strong refutation of the continuous accusation by the Jews that the Process of Trent had been adulterated.

You may initiate your studies on St. Simon of Trent by reading the book reviews on that book posted on TIA website: here and here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Hard Evidence of Vax Failure

Dear TIA,

Please see the following article: A Massive Covid Wave in Germany and Central Europe Despite High Vaccination.

The statistics show that in these countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary - where the vaccinated number 60 to 70 percent of the people - the virus is far from under control. To the contrary, the number of Covid cases is out of control, rapidly rising, far, far more than last year’s rate when vaccination numbers were low. If the vaccines were even remotely effective this could never have happened.

In fact the Devil Fauci assured us that once an inoculation rate reached 60 to 70 percent there would be herd immunity. But no,no promised relief, only a worsening situation.

The question should naturally arise in reasoning persons: is it the jabs causing the new sicknesses? But reasoning minds also seem to be on the decline in this crazy mania-demic.



Totalitarian State Must Be Combated

Dear TIA,

This interview of Robert Kennedy by James Corbett is very expressive of the danger we have been facing in this two-year hysteria-generating pandemic and its consequent vaccine mandates. The real goal is not public health, but to establish a universal totalitarian communist regime.

The fraud of the engineered virus, its artificial exaggeration by the media as well the mandatory vaccines becomes clearer every day.

Interviews like this one are bringing the evidence to light. I encourage you to post its essential parts.

     In Christ Jesus,


State: “This Is Armageddon. This is the Final Battle.
We Need to Win This One.”

Jim Hoft

James Corbett interviews Robert Kennedy

James Corbett argued, “We are in the fight for our life. We are in the most profound peril towards human liberty that we have seen in our lifetime.”

Robert Kennedy Jr. responded: “I will go even further than you just went. I think this is historical jeopardy to humanity than we’ve ever seen before. We’ve seen the Black Plague and World War II, arguably rivals for it. I would argue that this is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity because the essential ambition of the totalitarian state is to control not just conduct but self-expression and thought. And for the first time in history because of the technological revolution, the capacity for totalitarian forces to literally control every aspect of human expression and even human thought is now unprecedented… This is Armageddon… This is the final battle. We need to win this one.”

Original here


Solomon Islands Riot against Covid Lockdowns


Please, watch the video below on how the population of the Solomon Islands is reacting against the covid lockdowns.



Suicide Machine Released in Switzerland

Dear TIA,

Read below. No comments.


Switzerland Approves Assisted ‘Suicide Capsule’

Meet the Sarco, a suicide pod that lets patients activate the machine by blinking. It recently passed a legal review in Switzerland.

Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, but this method is new. Sarco is short for “sarcophagus.” The pod releases a gas that puts the occupant into a deep coma within two to five minutes and then lowers oxygen levels so the person dies through hypoxia “relatively” peacefully and painlessly. It is meant to be mobile so it can come to a patients’ home and double as a coffin after the procedure.

Opponents say that it glorifies assisted suicide because it is so futuristic and cool-looking. So far, the Sarco is in prototype.

Read more here.

Suicide machine


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 7, 2021

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